Those who dream Politics Part 1

In light of the recent events and heck much with all the drama happening around the globe that has “Power” and “Politics”, I decided to go serious on this idea… for those who may comment on this entry, well, this is my opinion and to those who share my insights, we must all hope and pray something or someone shows us the way to correct these things without bloodshed.

(Disclaimer to Kumori visitors: This is part of my experiment on what I should be writing here)

For someone who took something related to politics for his/her dream to pursue something close to what he studied for, one may see that theres a lot of things going on which can pretty much upset you or even make you think twice. Controversies, scandals, unexplainable crimes and disappearances of funding, sudden upset in power and position, people’s requests and pleas and all that can turn into a big mind-boggling headache… or maybe migraine… whichever is worst. Personally, these things can either make it or break it for those who took the forte dealing with these kinds of things. But if there was a bad side to this, there’s also a good side.

Good side to those who took the goal to be in politics, you can try and find your way up in making a difference… Difference in a sense you can somewhat lessen the adverse effects of those power hungry idiots who call themselves far powerful than you. Second, it allows one to understand the tools of the trade, how everything works and how it is redirected into their proper sectors. Third, it allows one to realize and analyze how small a mistake can do to the entire populace. Lastly, one can use their leverage to create those dreams and requests people have been desiring for to make their lives easier.

Seems good so far isnt it? But no, it may be good to see that there are those good things to being in power… but there’s more on the bad things for those who cannot take the dirty business that is politics.

<Part 2 in the next issue>

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