incoming opening

Hi everyone! It is I and although this place is already 70% open, I am still not satisfied.

I have not made the official arrangement yet in Kumori as I am still working on the gallery back up but I just might finish the whole back up by tomorrow. Hihihi! I really just need to double check if I lost any of the photos or so and i dont have copies or so. But it wont be long… tomorrow would be a good time to do it… but tomorrow is my niece’s birthday :)) It will wait in the afternoon!

I might open this next Wednesday long with the opening of my pet project. I still lack a couple of pages here and there and I need to make my assessment. But its not that hard… what is hard are the mini-details I need to write. Lol, plus I need to start reviewing too.

For now, hope you guys wait for the official opening :)

By the way, most of the pages from Kumori are already here so you just need to recheck it out from there.

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