Hi everyone, now that my problem with the Civil Service Exams are done (Will be writing about it soon) I will be able to do some bad assed updating in all my major and minor accounts. That of course includes this place, my dearest hub.

At the moment I am reviewing the whole site and the pages I lack in this place… I am a little behind schedule but now that I am partly free from the monotony that is the preparation of the exams… I can do some overhaul. My small pet project Meio is currently on suspended status somehow and I still can’t get Shu-chan for answers. But anywho, I have tons of things to do here!

What to expect? None yet at the moment as I need to look at the attack I need to do here. Hihihi! Once I egg my brother in picking up the pace for the laptop of mine… I need it badly!!!

For now, working on the place slowly XD Ja!

Yay for Comments!

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