Hi everyone! Woah! Its been a while since my last update and I must say I am owing my site a lot of attention! Hahaha! Been busy here and there because the other week I was supposed to update, I was in the middle region of the archipelago for a 6 day trip with my mum and a relative. Then this past few weeks, been working like crazy! Hahaha! Yes I am finally a working person and despite the fact its burning me at home, the money I am trying to rake can pay off some project I accepted with my new team. Lol, Daisuke has finally managed to make me pay for a cosplay project and unlike my other projects in the past… I am totally spending cash for this! Details are in Meikkyou and Meio, seriously, that man better pay me back! But of course I am excited to play as a Youkai.

Anyway, lets see… I did some small updates in this place as I am still trying my best to condense my time in juggling some updates. My blog seriously needs some make-over, Meio’s slowly picking up some updates, my dA updates are still scarce until  I buy a new laptop next month (yes, my laptop Carmine slowly succumbed to malfunctioning monitor and now the webcam is disconnected), and many others. Tumblr has already experienced some updates and I will start on the rest soon… yare yare for work!

So here are just some of the new things here…

  • Revised the whole place, content and so on
  • Special : DLSU @ 100
  • Travel: Bohol and Cebu (still uploading the pics for Bohol in Flickr but that would be done in a while)
  • Page: The Series and Beyond

I am trying to wait for my new laptop before making a grand bang on Kumo Times, with my current laptop not working and it being freaking slow… I just have to get a faster one. But I already know what to do with it.

Anyway, I like to greet Frail-Frivolity a happy 4th birthday, I will hunt you down soon Food. Hahaha!


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