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Rainy August

Hi everyone! Yes I am alive and pretty much juggling time to doing everything I could! So far its my websites who is getting my attention, both this site and Meio are currently on a lot of updating stints… haha, work has been slow again so I need to juggle some time to keep me occupied. Planning has also been well so its only but a matter of time before we make some final arrangements like wigs, costumes and so on.

Anyway… its been a rainy first day of August, bored to death and work has been slow… Hahaha, I actually have 2 pending articles on the works but I might work on it tomorrow. I also have another exam again… yare yare. I didnt pass the government exams… stupid math! Hahaha! It keeps on haunting me. It always has been the subject that brings me down… I never know why. I guess I was just really bad with numbers.

Trying to earn a lot of money to buy something nice for my niece and for my birthday as well. Hopefully I can do something about it soon.

Updates… will come in waves. Damn computer is so slow. Hahaha, I will get a replacement next month so I am just striving to make it work. I do hope I get the assignments I applied for. I could really use the money..

See you all again! Time to update!!!

Yay for Comments!

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