Hiatus Announcements Updates


Hi everyone! I am finally free to do some updating! But this post is not about that!

As I have opened Kouryou again thanks to my dear Misaki, I have decided to review what is in this site and what is in that site. I have to make sure this site does not have the same content as with the one in Kouryou, which should be my formal site. I will be sticking to the layout I am currently using in this site and with Kouryou for a while. I still have yet to receive the image for the next two layouts. But I think I have not done enough justice for this layout yet so I will be sticking with this. Plus I like Nurarihyon Rikuo! Hahaha!

Updates… it will happen soon. I will just check and check and check! Primarily because most of the photos I need to put are on my mobile phones. Hahaha! They are handy items :)) Talk to you all soon!

PS. some links are not working, they are on review like I said

Yay for Comments!

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