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[Photo Heavy] Hobonichi 2014 Planner

ahs5Hello hello hello! Finally, some time to blog and have some backlogs done… I have plenty of those so right now i can start it! YARE YAREEEEE! As I promised, I will be posting a review on my new planner.

Using planners have been a habit of mine since I was in uni/college. When I was a froshie, we were provided planners that double as our homework notebook and scheduler so we wont get lost with our things to do. I do love my planner back from college (which now reminds me to look for one when I go back and visit) and since then, I’ved tried getting a new one each year. From Starbucks’ planner, moleskine (this year I am using a Le Petit Prince one), to the freebies I got from college, 2014 is something way different! The Hobonichi 2014 Planner!

I came across Hobonichi by accident when I was browsing a particular website that writes about Japanese news and unique items. They made a review about it and as I got interested, I found the main store online. The planner is not really something new for Japan, which is offered in a Japanese version. As I browsed their site, I found that they are offering the English version and I contacted my local seller to get me a copy!

Since I got the planner with my monthly goodie batch, I got it just a few days ago and kyaaa for it!!! Now a photo tour of the entire planner!

How you get your Hobonichi Planner
Hobonichi X Mina Perhonen Skyful Blue Cover
Hobonichi X Mina Perhonen Skyful Blue Cover

The Hobonichi Planner is shipped in a cool yellow box, with its logo and a monkey sticker on top (see first photo) and you have an option to get a cover for your planner. In my case, I gotten the Mina Perhonen Skyful Blue cover (Price= 4,000 yen) so the planner would be protected. As far the planner is concerned (Price = 2,500 yen), you can’t help but find it unique on its own because of its somewhat leathery cover and the gold logo of Hobonichi. Its like Japan’s very own moleskine.

Size Comparison

For those who want to know how big the planner is, its smaller than the usual Moleskine Large Planner (I used my Evernote Moleskine). I was not able to take a photo of the planner with a pocket version, but if you compare it with it, it has the same height. However, Hobonichi is slightly wider and thicker than moleskine.

Once inside, you will see a small info guide on Drinking Tea, Japanese Sake, and Chopsticks (see photo below)

Drinking Tea Around the World
Guide to Japanese Sake
A Guide to Chopsticks

Like other planners, the Hobonichi Planner has an updated guide of Holidays and Country Codes.

International Country Codes
National Holidays (Philippines isn’t included :( )

Now, let us look inside the main planner! Hobonichi has pages allotted for 2013-2015 Calendars, a Year Guide, Monthly, Weekly (for December 2013 only), and Daily entries. If you checked the site of Hobonichi, and their Facebook Page, you can customize the pages as how you see fit. I have begun doing mine and its fun! They also provide a free notes area for those random cheerios

Year in a Glance/ December 2013 section
December 2013 Weekly Pages
Daily Pages/ January 1, 2014
Free Notes

Wow so much photos! Lol, a very detailed entry. Unfortunately I can show you guys the current doodles I already started in my planner but I have to admit it is super cool! If you want to get your own Hobonichi, visit their website and have fun in picking your own cover and planner!

Visit Hobonichi Now!

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