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[Photo Heavy] Hobonichi Accessories

Hallo hallo hallo! Another photo heavy entry for everyone :)

Last time, I showed you guys the inner workings of Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun’s Hobonichi Planner 2014 English Version in the last Photo Heavy spread. I have to admit I enjoyed editing my journal entries because the planner allows you to reinvent as to how you use the pages.

Sample sketches for my hobonichi featuring Naruto

However, I decided to order some of the accessories offered by Hobonichi to make your experience more colorful!

Some of my Hobonichi merch!

For the individual entries, just read below!

mt x mina perhonen washi tapes

shiritori blue and hana hane blue from MT x mina perhonen

First off are the washi tapes from MT X mina perhonen. mina perhonen is the same one who designed my hobonichi cover, which I love so much. They then collaborated with MT, a known maker of washi tapes in Japan to give users a variety of styles and colors. These two are shiritori (the smaller one) and hana hane blue (see second photo)

(From L-R) Tools & Toys Pencil Board, Hobonichi Paper and Tools & Toys Plastic Cover

Next are these three are Hobonichi’s original accessories to match with the Hobonichi Planner line. The first one is a Pencil Board so you can prevent pen indents when you write in pages. Very useful for those heavy writers so you wont make an indent on the next page. You can also use it as a ruler.

The next one is Hobonichi Paper. I haven’t opened mine yet but it is at the same size with the planner but instead with the dates, it is just blank paper for your scratch notes and the like. You can also tear the paper if you need some scratch :) Like a moleskine!

The last one is a plastic cover to protect both your hobonichi themed cover and the planner. Since mine is embroidered, it is prone to dirt so this is very useful!

My Hobonichi Planner with Tools & Toys Plastic Cover

Deco Rush Story Pack (Paris Version) and laccio cord

Next in the list is this three point Deco Rush Decoration Tape (Paris Version). The orange one is the main tape dispenser while the other two are the refill. There are other versions to this but I liked the Paris version because it has the Eiffel Tower, some pastries and a stamp set. The small pack is the laccio cord so you can close your hobonichi.

Tsukineko’s Memento 4 Dual Tip Markers and Stamp Cleaner

Finally, I also gotten this marker set from Tsukineko. I picked the violet version because… haha, Hibari-ness! But going back to the pens, these pens have two sides. The first side is for journal writing and sketching, while the other side is for your stamps. They also have other blends so if you are after all the colors, you either have to look for the other sets in their website or search other sellers for the entire set. The stamp cleaner is available also so you can switch the colors of your rubber stamps if needed.


You can purchase these accessories in the Japanese site . I recommend using Google Chrome if you were to visit this place if you dont know how to read Japanese. Just add your purchase to the cart and in the checkout page, click the language to English and follow the instructions.

If you are to buy the items that has “Cousin”, “Original” and “Weeks” like for the plastic cover and the pencil board, make sure you get “Original” if you are using the English version of the planner. “Cousin” is for the Japanese Techno planner while ‘Weeks” is for the thinner/weekly planner.

Tip: If you are a new user to the Hobonichi web store, you can use credit cards of your parents or your own. If you have debit cards, they also can work.

Hope you have fun picking your own sets for hobonichi!

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