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Hello everyone, been a while since I blogged. Not only was I distracted by other things, I was also doing some reading for my work and I can’t say school coz I actually still haven’t been able to touch it yet. Net has also been a big pain in my end coz my local provider (Globe Telecom) cut off the average data you can use (1 GB per day), they also always have net stability issues. Unfortunately, I can’t change my networks as the other possible broadband I can pick doesn’t have a line here still in where I am so I have to endure. Woes of being somewhere far beyond the city.

Anyway, today, I shall be posting on time because I just got them today!

As you all know, I do keep a journal and it is a very cute hobonichi with a cool cover from mina perhonen. I haven’t gotten a new one yet due to a variety of reasons which I may blog about soon. I try my best to be artsy on the pages but I always find it difficult to mark properly specific dates and things I did specially for the day like what kind of tea i drank, what I mostly did and so on. While I could write it instead, it wouldn’t work well with my beloved journal as it does make you want to maximize the spaces.

I already did buy some stamps and some other accessories to fit my hobonichi but the stamps I got lacked a few things so I did some searching. After a while, I recalled a conversation with my new pal Paper Cat about Hobby Depot – a craft store here in the country – so I decided to check it out. Finding their webpages ( and, I decided to check it out.

Service is very good. They answered all my questions and even if I suddenly had to pay a different method, they were very fast in replying :) You can pay through bank deposit and Gcash (Globe Cash for those who don’t know).

Goods selection is quite extensive. They have offer an extensive list of washi tapes (mostly Chinese made), decorative stickers, stamps, craft items (eyeing the make your own stamper one for my niece) and other stationery. They also have wallets and bags for sale. For me, here are the items I got from them ^^

Mei’s items!

Shinzi Katoh Yotsuba Washi Tape (75 pesos) and free Chugoku washis

Tip to everyone: Chugoku washis are China’s version of Japan’s washi tapes (like MT).

Stamptopia Activity/To & From Stamp Set (260 pesos per set)


Crystal Schedule Stamp (Weather) = 300 php

Note to all those who own journals: You should get one of these or something similar because this will look great when marking important dates and all. You can also use them for letters and many other things.

Wrapping Paper Book = 130 php

Note: to anyone who wishes to have one of these, these books have a lot of designs to choose from and you don’t have to worry of using one because you get 2 A4 size wrappers per design.

Shipping wise: I got them two days after I paid (provincial time) through Xend and I have to admit I have gotten it safely.

I am definitely going to buy from them again XD I am not so sure if they accept international orders but you can ask them through their official sites ( or their FB and IG as listed above). For now, Mei will have tons of fun with her new toys for her Hobonichi! Till the next review guys!


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