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November Throw Back

classicgirl1325_reborn105Hi everyone, its Mei again and yes, I am going to do a quick throwback of what technically happened for the past couple of weeks. Its been a busy busy few months for me but it was quite memorable in some points. I will be doing a similar post in Kouryou again. Mostly on the collection front. I still need an inspiration on the content there!

Anyway, to the post!

For the past couple of weeks, aside from work, I had been out most of the time because my Uncle and my Godmum/Aunt came home and we played host so that was one. Some throwback snapshots below!

In one of the trips I did with my family, finally managed to go to Bizu again! I do recommend their sinfully delicious truffles and cakes!

I also managed to try out La Fiesta. I have to admit it is quite cool experience coz the place is very lively and you do get your “cultural” immersion in it. Food is great as well. I think this is the first buffet I tried that had mami, the usual Filipino street food and more Filipino specialties.

Also gotten this… hihihi! Mei’s Tea Chronicles features Fauchon Paris!

This is the flavor I gotten. Macaron Framboise. Smell, quite good actually coz it smelt perfumish, rich raspberry and macaron. Taste is also quite well. Though a bit pricy coz I got it via proxy but its worth it! Next to the list is Pierre Herme!

Will be posting more details about my other backlogs soon :) Cheerios!

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