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Post before Year-Ender!

702eml-aabypanefekyHello everyone! It has been a while… seriously couldn’t make a very regular update here. Must change that next year… hopefully. Hahahaha! Its been a busy busy year and it has only been now that I get to do stuff. I have to do tons of writing for my hobonichi for this year as I missed quite a lot and I mean a lot! Right now I am doing my best in filling them up as I am intending on getting a new laptop by next year. Its been an odd ride with this current one I am using but it is becoming slightly slow and some of the keys are no longer working due to the overuse. Hehehe, it has been 4 years and more. This is my first investment alongside my glasses… which is now reminding me to change as well. So much bills to do.

Anyway, before I do a year ender in the next few days, here are some stuff I did recently!

Well aside from work, I was able to do some trips out. X-mas shopping again at the last minute but unlike last year, it was quite enjoyable to shop given that the longer mall hours allows people to do their shopping at their leisure. I did not buy much of the gifts this year considering my sister and I always share the expenses for our gifts to our parents. I also gotten my gift to my younger brother months ago (Yes, can tell him now I gotten us the rare cover Murakami’s Colorless. I might get him the other books for the next holiday). My mom also told me to just give monetary gifts instead to my niece. I also sent over a part of my gifts to my niece in the US. Post office issue blues.

I also managed to taste another of Hanamaruken’s signature ramen flavors. This time, its their spare ribs ramen… I seriously am looking forward to another visit to get the Happiness Ramen. Now, if only I can find a ramen house that sells beef ramen… Ippudo is next in my list and that specialised ramen house my dear friend Jayne has posted in Facebook. Any suggestions from my Filipino readers? Lol!

Hanamaruken’s Pork Spare Rib Ramen

I am also busy with the updates for Spira. Yes, currently working on a small shop with Jayne (Momoryuji) and Kei (Ren). So far I am the only one doing some major work since Jayne is still doing Dia-beat! (might do a review for it when I crash into her place next year) and Kei is still also doing some other stuff. I am happy to report that Spira is doing well. Right now we are experiencing some delays due to the holidays but hopefully I can make shipments after the new year. We are delayed with our November and Late December shipments. First time. Will just think of something for our customers. Spira now has a second shop but right now, we still have the main home active. You can read more of the updates in or in (but I have yet to post something here on the blog).

Ah, I never really posted it but I was mostly preoccupied with playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I havent played the first few games. Though my brother keeps telling me to play the PC version (maybe when I get a new PC). Me buying a PS4 has its ups and downs but I have to admit the game is good. I had to repeat though because my other game was slightly rushed but I will get to that part eventually. My current character is a mage and i am making sure I dont miss on everything.

Anyway, will do a review before I post for the year ender. Hopefully that would come soon! See ya!

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