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on top gear, ff and food

100Hello everyone, its been a while. I have been quite busy for the past few weeks because I am doing mostly my mum’s work as she takes her vacation (of sorts LOL). I haven’t been home most of the time and if I was, I am exhausted! But I will make some time now because work is in its slow season. Hopefully that does change soon.

Anyway, tons of things have occurred since I last blogged so I shall do that now.

Just a few days ago, BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson had been pretty much kicked out of the hit show after a fracas with one of the producers. Story is, he threatened the said producer because of the lack of a hot meal after a shoot and threatened him both physically and mentally. There were even reports of injuries. Many called for his resignation but quite a lot called for his reinstatement. I guess practically the British population and the fans of the series around the globe had been divided over the case. In my end, I love Top Gear. I don’t get BBC on my cable so I usually check the online streams of it. The camaraderie of the trio is amusing to say the lease and as they say, they are three blokes with a big love for cars even if their friendship is somewhat strained due to some harebrained scheme done by one of them (usually it is Clarkson). They also curse and pretty much comment on everything without restraint. Clarkson mostly did all of that and he had been sanctioned many times. In this instance, he got the boot. I think the BBC should have allowed the series to continue and done the investigation in secret because it blew out of proportion. With Top Gear as the BBC’s top series, if one is removed from the trio, it is likely to fall into pieces. Its sad to say the least that the show will be waaay different now that Clarkson is out of the picture. According to the reports, the other two – James May and Richard Hammond – will follow Clarkson out of the BBC due to the incident. I personally would want to see them again on another project and who knows, they may remake Top Gear on another format. Must download the entire series from 1 to 20 (I already have 21 and 22).

On other news, I have been finally able to get this :)

Mei’s copy with the limited SteelBook print

Yes! Mei finally has a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and (insert heavy squealing here) the demo version of the much anticipated Final Fantasy XV, the long awaited demo of the longest produced game ever! It’s been almost 5 to 7 years I think since they first introduced it as Versus XIII (i remember knowing about it since the time of Asterisk as one member had used Noctis’ photo and that was 2007 I believe). Thankfully they shifted producers so some progress is expected. However, final release date is still uncertain… 2016 on one of my reads. Sigh, just one more push!

KYAAAA! Noctis overloadddd!!!!

Note: The Demo coupon is available (if my reading is correct) in every copy sold since it was released to the 17th of May, 2 months after it was released. (Will do a separate entry of this demo soon)

As for Final Fantasy Type-O, it is pretty good. I have to admit the last Final Fantasy I played was IX (hope they remake it too as well as VII to look like Advent Children!). The usual theme and the complete sequence! Gaaah! I already finished the first playthrough so I am now in the second. I’d probably do the Agito and Finis once I make sure my squad is very good. I do like the hidden ending though (spoiler for the next sequel, Type-Next). Next FF target is the remake of X and X-2 since they will release one on May (Mei must get more jobs to pay for all these bills!)

I have also been traveling around new places! One is in UP Town Center close to Ateneo, Miriam and UP. The mall is owned by the Ayala Group and still continuously being finished. Most of the stores there are still not done but the restaurants are open. Jayne, my friend, had been asking me to visit her when this place opened (Shout out to her for graduating! I am proud of you my dudes!) but I couldn’t find the time to do so. Hopefully I would be able to now that she is a bit free.

Dined here in Shrimp Bucket. As the name implies, they specialise in Shrimp but they also have varieties of dishes if you don’t want shrimp. What amused me in my experience with Shrimp Bucket is that they serve the shrimp in a plastic bag where they would shake the sauces and all before you can eat it. They will also give you plastic gloves in case you don’t want your hands to smell like shrimp. One downside though is the space of the restaurant. Its too cramped! Hopefully they remedy that somehow.

I was also able to try out Cold Stone Creamery, which I have seen for quite a while but never really checked the place before. They have some very lively staff for entertainment (I didn’t want to catch the ice cream when they asked me) but I loved their ice cream very much. It wasn’t your typical ice cream that would leave you parched after consuming it. Now if I could only go to Baskin Robbins (still haven’t been there yet!). Next time I visit Cold Stone Creamery, I will try out their signature blends (saw the review of Pop Talk, definitely missed the chance to try it!)

I will try my best to post a lot for next month… this one is late as it is! LOL!

Kouryou is by the way closed for viewing. I am going to revise the whole place to make it formal and all. I will leave this place quirky since it is my blog. Cheerios everyone!

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