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Happy Land Japan

Hey everyone,

Keeping the ball rollin since I had some backlogs i have forgotten to post here :)) Though my fangirl love is still screaming OOR, I also did do some other stuff prior to me getting my parcels. Lol. much love to Kaila there.

Anyway, to my fellow Pinoys who love Rilakkuma (that super laid back teddy bear from Japan) and his pals, there is actually a place in the country that sells authentic San-X items without having to go all the trouble to find an online shop or shopping service (though I still recommend Japan Lover Me if you really want a particular item from Japan).

Hidden in SM North Edsa in Quezon City is Happy Land Japan. If you guys wish to go there, its in the second floor beside St. Pauls and to the entrance to the Carpark and Northlink (heading to the condos close by). My brother told me he knows the place from his classmates and they say the shop does sell authentic merchandise. After we did our rounds around the mall, we decided to check it out.

You’d see these guys first when you enter the boutique!
Piyos and more characters from San-X
Some mugs, cups and bowls with your favorite San-X characters!

Apparently, this store has been in SM North Edsa for a year now and they indeed sell some very authentic merchandise. Almost any small trinket you can imagine is there and prices are actually quite reasonable, its perfect for anyone who wishes to purchase something cute and special for your friends, family or many others. Although Sanrio has made their firm hold in many malls for years through Gift Gate, this one shop is quite unique on its own. I even saw things like the infamous Kuro Toga pencil that my brother sorely needed and some large plushies for the series. I actually wanted to buy more but the fact the trip was impromptu, I only managed to get the ones below.

What I bought!

If you are in the SM North area, try visiting! I promise you, it is quite a treat! Now if only Studio Ghibli establishes their hold here… Cheerios!!!

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