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[Photo Heavy/Review] with love from Japan

I love tons of things from Japan: from animes and games to every aesthetic detail that makes Japan so unique: may it be politically or economically. Of course, I have desired to go visit the country or at least buy authentic merchandise when I can. I did manage to collect several trinkets through the years but getting them is quite difficult considering the available means you can get some locally. Online, you have to pick from a variety of sites, each having their own price range per item, tax and shipping arrangements.

In recent years, I have a preferred shopping client for anything Japanese, but as I ended up joining the bandwagon for ONE OK ROCK (a band I adore so much since i first heard the soundtrack for Rurouni Kenshin in 2012), getting rare stuff from the official shop of the band is tricky as it sells like pancakes and my shopping client doesn’t do rush orders out of the blue.

I have heard of Japan Lover Me’s Deputy Shipping Service from Jin (known as behindinfinity for many people), who posted a review for the service after getting Big Hero 6 merchandise from Japan. Separately, Japan Lover Me was also very familiar to me since my classmate/friend/former model (yes, took photos of her once) Ashley (known as the owner of Candy Kawaii Lover) is attached to the brand. As I really wanted to get some OOR merch and try out the service, I went to their official site link for the service ( and checked it out.


When it loaded, everything you need to know about the service is there: from the terms and conditions, order form and price computation for every order. The service is still on beta mode as its owner, the very bubbly Kaila, is still trying to see whether or not they can offer it permanently to the site. When I was happy that I know their rules and accepted their price computation, I filled up an order form and waited for a reply.

It did not take long for Kaila to send me a computation of my invoice and she happily explained every aspect of the service to me when I was confused with some parts. After some minor tweaks to my order, she sent me a Paypal invoice (currently, this is their preferred payment option) so I can pay it. One is given the chance to ask if you wish to prolong the invoice deadline should you find yourself (such as in my case) a bit short of funds but don’t ask for too much extension :))

When my payment got processed, Kaila sent me regular updates as to the status of my order and sent me photos once she receives them (of course, this fuelled my fangirling to the max since the items I did get were becoming very expensive and hard to get).

Since I did see fast results and excellent customer service, I ended up buying more merch and today, I managed to get my first parcel!!! Read the captions per photo for my individual reviews for them should you want to purchase these items as well.

My beautiful box! (which my brother now took)


Inside my box!!!! Which I admit was very heavy for some reason

All of them! The freebie snacks and a letter from Kaila (domo arigato!), 2015 Primal Footmark, ONE OK ROCK: Mighty Long Fall in Yokohama Stadium Blu-Ray and Rockin On Japan March issue feat. Taka

First off for this one, the 2015 Primal Footmark. This is actually the 4th issue of the Primal Footmark franchise showing the photos of the band for the past year (ending with their Mighty Long Fall concert in Yokohama). Anyone who has this gets the chance to get an access to the members-only site where the band post exclusive videos, photos and merchandise (even fast access to ticket sales). You still got December 2015 to use the members’ only card included in this issue.

My PF card!!!! Hello exclusivesss!

Inside the PF site just to let you guys see it!


Snapshots from PF 2015

Next up is this super cool and thick Rockin on Japan March issue featuring Taka and a special book showing Countdown Japan 1415

Unfortunately couldnt give you guys a translation of this since my Japanese is not that good especially in written, but to give you a lowdown, the entire scene feature for OOR(its a lot of pages) talks about the band’s story and what they have been doing so far. The rest showcases other bands such as Man with a Mission, the Hiatus and many others



Pretty much the extra book talks about Japan’s way of counting down the year which I prefer very much. A musical montage of Japan’s greatest bands in 4 days to welcome the year! Darn, i wanna gooo!

Finally this! Honestly I watched the TV feature in WOWOW and it was admittedly edited so I had to get one!

Set list for the concert!

Basically you are getting a small photobook booklet and the Blu-ray with your purchase (I think this is limited)

Blu-ray love!! Playing this with my PS4

Sigh, my fangirling is currently sated but I want more!!! Darn, watched the entire Blu-ray and I seriously want to see ONE OK ROCK live!!! But yes, my fangirl heart is very full!

All in all, I would definitely recommend you guys to Kaila for your Japanese needs. I actually have one on pending with her (more OOR, lol) and in talks for another set (something not OOR, lol). Just head on to shop and get your quote. Remember, always make sure you are 100+% sure when buying because once payments are in, you can’t turn your back!

*A little cough then speaks in a serious tone* I would like to thank my sponsors at Japan Lover Me, especially to Kaila for indulging my fangirl tendencies for this super band

*returns back to normal* Cheerios for now everyone!!! My fangirl heart screams for TAKA!!!!

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