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A!Smart x Japan Lover Me

Hello hello world! Mei will post for the month and it is another review! Seems I am doing a lot of reviews lately but oh well :) I do reckon I will be doing another review for the 2016 Hobonichi Planner with some new twists and additions so if you have anything you want me to include in the review, do tell me so in my contact me page.

Anyway, today’s entry is my second box review from Japan Lover Me. For those who haven’t see my first post on the service, click here.

As a recap, Japan Lover Me is a Filipino-run Japanese shop/blog site run by Kaila and her team and they are offering a deputy shopping service for Filipinos wishing to get stuff from Japan (such as myself). However, as of press time, they will be announcing a break from the service so head on to their website for further announcements as to when the service would resume.

My last box prior to their hiatus comes from A!Smart, the official shop site for Amuse/ASketch Japan (the people who gave us Hello Sleepwalkers, ONE OK ROCK, Takeru Satoh and many others). If you read most of my previous posts, I am currently a big fan of ONE OK ROCK and getting merch from this specific band can be 100% difficult as they sell like pancakes in Japan and some of these merch can reach up to 5000 to 10000 yen depending on what it is in Yahoo Japan Auctions. Amuse’s Amazon shop can sell these things double the price. I checked the Mighty Long Fall merch that Amuse still had in Amazon Japan and it was too expensive (from the original 3000 yen for a shirt, its now 6000 yen!)! I have to admit that price is still daunting so Kaila’s deputy shopping service was god-sent.

This box is actually a combination of my second order from them and my last one since the second order was released somewhere last week of June but I ordered it last week of May. At this moment, you can still get these items from the official A!Smart website but I do suggest you get them while you can because you may miss them especially once the 35xxxv Japan Tour

Check the photos below as to my notes or review on them:

Mei’s box of goodies!!!

(L-R) 35XXXV Towel (Red), 35XXXV Tarot Shirt (Taka wore this variant on the concert), 35xxxv Towel (Rainbow) and 35xxxv Mono (Toru wore this variant in the concert)

Tour dates from the Wristlet!

wristlet black x red version

New thank you card from Japan Lover Me!


35XXXV Mono Shirt. Its like showing the galaxy… If i could i will try checking the colored version!

The shirt is Large, but when i fit it, its like super fit. Japanese sizes can be confusing so check your sizes based on centimeters before you purchase. I will try buying a larger size on my next order just to see the difference[/caption]

Didn’t open the towels and the Tarot shirt for souvenirs. I will hide that and potentially wear it on the actual concert here of that band! Hahaha! if it happens :)) Or on their Asian tour. Definitely will watch them even if its in another country.

Yet again, I thank the people of Japan Lover Me and of course, my godmum Kaila (Who still hasn’t sent me an autograph of Taka) for fuelling the love! I will see them in the next order (probably lurk in the current shop but it is not updated yet).

Next update is likely my post for my own personal experience with A!Smart and Tenso Japan since I am stalking on a specific item from A!Smart (*cough* Taka’s designed VANS shoes *cough*). I am also working on the official stuff for work so we’ll see how it would go.