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Mei’s Birthday

Another year has passed and comes a new one!

Yes! Mei turns a year older even if I want to remain young XD Looking back now, it was one of my most challenging years since I graduated from college. There were ups and downs. Had experienced some problems with my work, but now I am slowly recovering from it. Experienced several lifechanging events as well! The most notable one is my love for ONE OK ROCK and heck I will see them soon! I still havent gotten the proof yet but hopefully PULP announces it soon (I will post a very fangirl post on that once I have it). I also gotten myself involved in an NGO effort :)

Anyway, my birthdays are often marred with rain and this was no exception. Some spiels here and there but I did celebrate it with my brothers, my in law, my niece and nephew and their nanny. Here are some photos below and some stories about what happened in my special day!

Greetings from Facebook!!!

Weather before I and my siblings went to Manila as my older brother pretty much egged me to treat them in Baskin Robbins

BMW had an expo when we arrived in BGC. Had a little accident too as I was too busy taking photos of these new Beamers LOL!

… I kinda slipped and now sprained my right wrist, huhu. But its not that bad. Its on a brace right now.

Had late lunch in Applebee’s. The servings were quite big so we didn’t finish our meals LOL!

As my younger brother pretty much declared to everyone its my birthday, I have gotten a super cool Happy Birthday song from the staff of Applebee’s and a free sundae! Thank you to Applebee’s BGC branch!

After some walks, we got into Central Square and found TWG Tea there! It has been ages since I have been into one and gotten myself pouches of my favorite teas from there. My favorites are French Earl Grey and Silver Moon. I’ll buy one whole canister next time since I found out the prices.

I also gotten a free macaron thanks to my brother saying its my birthday (he did get a treat of macarons as my treat)

Its Christmas season!!!

One of the stores in Central Square, its a modern Lacoste store!

After i treated my older brother and my in-law some ice cream since thats what they wanted as a treat from me, we walked out… but as you can see, weather is turning bad. LOL!

We also drove to a showroom since my brother and his wife are apparently planning on investing into one. I was greeted by our sales rep again.

When we got home, I was dead beat and my wrist was crying. But I was able to give it first aid. Thanked all those who have greeted me and did my usual multitasking lovin.

This year, hopefully new crazy things happens like the tensions of my fellow OOR fans from June to the official announcement in September that the dream concert will occur in our shores. it is something I look forward to now. Can’t say much as to what I wish or else it would not come true! Cheers to more Mei-madness for the next coming years!

Next entry… well its going to be a review of sorts, but not sure which goes first considering my beautiful parcel from Japan has been held back by Customs and its now late. Sigh, someone fix our customs!

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