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Fans on ONE OK ROCK Interviews (Part 2)

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Mei here again for part 2 of the ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila Fan Interviews. Just to give everyone a little recap. I thought of digging deeper into the fanbase of ONE OK ROCK and find out how the band changed their lives and their expectations to the upcoming concert in the country in January.

Last week, I interviewed fellow blogger, and apparently (this is a shock for me since I found out about it after I posted the interview) admin of the Davao chapter of the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers group Kim. For today’s interview series, I have interviewed another fellow blogger (owner of Nimotsu Counter and The Viewfinder) Sheen.

Sheen in 2014 when she introduced her blog, THE VIEWFINDER
Sheen in 2014 when she introduced her blog, THE VIEWFINDER

I met Sheen through the fan groups, but mostly did speak to her due to the fact we both hold Pulp Royalty tickets. My interview with Sheen took a different turn as we didn’t follow the same Q&A like in Kim’s interview. Regardless of that, Sheen’s answers were quite something.

On hearing ONE OK ROCK for the first time
“I first heard of them because of Rurouni Kenshin, then I have been listening since “The Beginning”.

On other songs that got you hooked
“I got hooked in listening to the band since 2014. For the song, it has to be Kimisshidai Ressha”

On owning merch related to ONE OK ROCK
“Right now, I have the Limited Edition of 35XXXV. I plan to buy other merch in the concert”

On her favorite band member
“Taka. Taka’s voice is completely unique, hahaha. And he’s the one writing most of the songs”

On how ONE OK ROCK changed her life
– “They definitely changed my life. For one, I got really depressed last year until I heard Kimisshidai Ressha. I have heard Kimisshidai Ressha in 2012, but the song struck me last year. For the full story on how it indeed made an impact on me, you can check it out in my blog

On her initial reaction on the concert announcement
– “The initial reaction was out of this world. I became a die-hard fan last year, that was after the Manila visit of the RK team. I joined the groups (POOR) and was overwhelmed to see fellow fangirls there. Then after that, they released the market survey for a possible OOR concert. I signed the survey and since then, I was really preparing financially for the concert. So when 2015 came, I was really anticipating. And so, I wrote that open letter to Taka (See previous question for the link) which was my personal way of asking for the concert. Around middle of this year, I received rumors that the concert might not push through. But I didn’t give up. I wrote another letter on Tomoya’s birthday. And then I received the rumor that it might have been 2016, early 2016. I was a bit taken aback because I already have plans for the first quarter of 2016. And then I received again a rumor about 2 days before the official announcement. Finally, it would be on January 19.

My heart was literally jumping during those 2 days prior to the official announcement. So when it was finally announced, I told myself “2016 will be a good year.””

On her expectations on January 2016
“Expectations. I really wanted to meet them so I can thank them PERSONALLY for changing my life. So I really raced for those Royalty tickets. I just hope I can have enough time during the Meet and Greet to fully express my gratitude to them. smile emoticon
And of course, I want to have an awesome experience during the concert. Hoping it would be as good as their other concerts.
Looking forward to a great stage, great production and a great performance”

Message to ONE OK ROCK?
– “Thank you very much for continuously saving me from hell. Just continue making these kind of music, the songs that change people’s lives.”


Another great story don’t you think everyone? Its clear in Sheen’s story that ONE OK ROCK does have the capacity to affect people in more ways than one. To my fellow fans, how about you guys? What’s your story?

If you want to experience the same music that changed the lives of Sheen and many other ONE OK ROCK fans in the country or world wide, tickets to ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila is still available in all SM Ticket outlets nationwide. You can also purchase these tickets online at SM Tickets Online or call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Please only purchase your tickets in SM Tickets and not through scalpers! There are still tickets available so hurry while they are still there!

Current ticket updates as of October 22 Courtesy of the Philippines' ONE OK ROCKers Facebook Page
Current ticket updates as of October 22
Courtesy of the Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers Facebook Page

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Till the next update my friends!


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