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Reviewing Zenmarket

Hello everyone!

Mei here for the first post of the month! Hope you guys loved my post about my birthday. I am still recuperating from the slight injury I incurred to myself. Its a bit stiff still but its not unbearable now like last Monday. LOL. Always watch where you are going guys, especially when taking pictures :))

Anyway, for today’s entry, I will be reviewing something I have been delaying for a while and that’s my review of Zenmarket’s service!

If you guys read my blog from months back, I have reviewed Japan Lover Me’s proxy service (which I totally recommend to you guys). However, when they went on a hiatus last August and I had to prepare for A!Smart’s sale of Taka’s VANS Shoes collaboration, I had to find an alternate proxy service to do it for me.

Although I would have been able to purchase it myself since I have a Tenso account, the shoes got sold out almost 30 minutes since it was released. Eventually, I turned to a YJA to find one. I did find one so the next thing to find is the proper proxy to use.

I did a little research in MFC and other sites regarding the best proxy site with a Yahoo Japan Auctions option. Eventually, some users of MFC recommended ZenMarket.

Zenmarket is quite easy to use and quite straightforward. All you need to do is sign up, locate your item using their search areas (you can also ask them to purchase from other Japanese sites), deposit some funds enough for your purchase (but allot an extra 300 yen zenmarket service fee + roughly 325 yen for money deposit fee when you add funds) and let them do the work for you. Here are the photos of my use of Zenmarket and some other things you have to remember when using it!

This is your main page when you sign up to Zenmarket. If in any case you wish to get something from a specific site, just click “Add a shop or auction item URL” and paste the link. If its Yahoo Auctions, you will be redirected to the ZenMarket page equivalent and follow the steps
If Amazon/Rakuten or any other Japanese site, once you click “Add to cart”, the staff will check the item’s availability and compute the appropriate funds you need to add for your purchase. You can cancel it and you are given a deadline once the staff checks your item and gives you a price.

How it looks like when you search using the Zenmarket search bar!

This is how the Auction page looks like. This is the pair i gotten :)
If you see a buyout price, you will immediately get the item

Sticker outside the box

Thank you card. It was mostly in Russian



Triangle, symbolizing pretty much OOR

The shoessss! Its actually comfy but unfortunately for me, its a bit loose. Wrong size so I may indeed sell this
There is another item with this box but I did not take a picture of it but it was for my niece’s birthday. Unfortunately, this box got held back by customs and like before, Philippine Customs charged me for importation fees. sigh 

Regardless of that setback, I am very pleased with Zenmarket! If you have any questions about it, just drop me a message and i’ll reply :)

Mei’s next entry is still undecided but if I do, I’ll let you guys know.

4 thoughts on “Reviewing Zenmarket”

  1. Hi, I have tried Zenmarket upon reading your review but the outcome is not what I hope. Zenmarket customer service is very good in the past but not at the current moment. I have dealt with Zenmarket as we are speaking but they miscalculate the pricing of the goods twice and then proceed to cancel the orders despite availability of stocks. This cause me some problems as I have to re-paste the links and inform them to repurchase items. I also need to deal with them on the missing funds when they cancel my orders.The customer service is consisted of some Russian customer service personnels. When I informed to the customer service manager to improve their services, Maria insisted they did not do anything wrong and refuse to apologize despite evidences. I love Japan but Zenmarket is not very honest in my experiences and I don’t think they are really operated by real Japanese who might have better ethics to deal with consumers.

    1. Hello, I’m so sad the outcome didn’t turn well for you. I haven’t tried Zenmarket for a while now since I haven’t done YJA purchases (that’s the only reason I use them). Try out DEJapan, better to be honest and lack the extra fees. plus they are based in Japan. The review is also here in the site.

      I hope that you get to sort out the issue

  2. Im planning to buy from yodobashi via a proxy buyer. Ive considered Zenmarket but still not fully convinced. What site can you recommend? I hope you can help me with this. Thank you

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