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Before we all rock in January 19, 2016, and if you are wondering as to why I and other fans are flooding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (even Tumblr, Pinterest and others) with the hashtag #oneokrockliveinmanila or just about ONE OK ROCK, let’s take a look back as to the history behind this monumental band ONE OK ROCK.

I’ll be dividing this entry into two different parts. For this look back to ONE OK ROCK’s history, we’ll begin from the very very beginning until 2010. The next post will include their history from Zankyo Reference to the present.

Credits to the ONE OK ROCK Wiki and Rockin’On Japan for the info ^^


From Humble Beginnings…
The foursome we now know today as ONE OK ROCK actually began as a five member band in 2005. It was Toru Yamashita who made everything possible as he wanted to start a band. Toru originally was a part of the hip hop dance group HEADS where he met Ryota Kyohama (whom he had asked to learn playing a bass guitar) and Alexander “Alex” Onizawa. Originally, Toru had approached his classmate Tomo to play drums for the band.

Around the same time, Takahiro Moriuchi (later Takahiro Morita after he changed his name) wanted to venture out of his band Chivalry of Music since he wasn’t enjoying playing with them. Toru had spoke to Taka once he found out and Taka eventually became the vocalist for ONE OK ROCK. The group got signed on with Amuse Inc/A-Sketch. However, they had to contend to Tomo’s departure after his parents disagreed with him playing for a band. Tomoya Kanki had replaced Tomo and officially became a full member in 2007.

The original members of ONE OK ROCK Credits to the owner
The original members of ONE OK ROCK
Credits to the owner
When it came to their name, the band chose it after the usual time they practice which was “one o’clock”. They usually practice at this time every morning in weekends because rehearsal studios in Japan were very cheap at this time. But, they did realize the lack of distinction between r’s and l’s so they changed the pronunciation to “o’crock” and eventually, it became ONE OK ROCK.

The Year that Started Everything
ONE OK ROCK made their official debut in 2007 with the single “Naihi Shinsho” that ranked 48 in Oricon Japan followed by “Yume Yume” that ranked 43 in its release and “Et Cetera”. The singles were included in the band’s first album Zeitakubyou and their first Japanese tour “Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya Quattro Tour”.

A year later, the band released their second album – their trial album according to the interview they had with Rockin’On Japan – “Beam of Light”. The band admitted the album was not their best, but they used it as an experiment to see how they can improve their music. Due to this fact, they wont agree to playing tracks from this album even up to this very day in their live performances. “Kanjou Effect” was also released the same year in November 2008 since the group wished to pursue a more serious recording and apply new styles. However, disagreements between Taka and Alex had divided the band as to how they will proceed with the next album.

Further adding to the troubles of the band was Alex’s arrest on April 2009 when he groped the leg of a female student while on the train. Alex admitted to the crime and eventually the case got settled. With Alex officially leaving the band due to the case, the band found itself in their lowest point yet and Ryota also wanted to shift out of bass guitars and take up guitars. They didn’t also want to add a fifth member as they felt it was no longer possible. They also canceled their intended single “Around the World Shounen” and their next tour due to this setback.


ONE OK ROCK in 2011 (L-R) Tomoya, Ryota, Toru and Taka
ONE OK ROCK in 2011
(L-R) Tomoya, Ryota, Toru and Taka
However, the band didn’t stay idle for long because in May 2009, they announced ONE OK ROCK will continue on even without their fifth member. Toru had taken over the lead guitarist of the band and the band immediately rehashed their entire song list to accommodate one guitar. Their first official single as a four-man team came on February 3, 2010 through the single “Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer” which reached 9th at Oricon. To commemorate this success, the band released their fourth album “Niche Syndrome” five months later. The group resumed their tours starting with “This is my own judgement!” throughout 2010 before performing in Nippon Budokan on November 28, 2010. The group had also headlined in several Japanese music festivals such as Rock in Japan Festival, Rising Sun Rock and Countdown Japan 2010/2011. They also played with Pay Money to My Pain, The Hiatus and TOTALFAT in their respective tours in 2010.


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Current Tickets Available as of October 20 Courtesy of the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers Facebook Page!
Current Tickets Available as of October 20
Courtesy of the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers Facebook Page!
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Ready to take a leap of fate and find out why we love ONE OK ROCK? Well, here’s your chance Manila! Don’t waste this opportunity!!!


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