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35XXXV Deluxe Edition: The Review

Hello minna!

ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila is just around the corner and Mei is stoked and ready for the action! Have you guys bought your tickets already?

Before we get into all that action though, let’s take a look as to the potential 35XXXV Tracklist that ONE OK ROCK would likely to perform in their Asian tour in January.

This year, ONE OK ROCK has announced what is possibly their biggest career move yet as the band has signed up with music giant Warner Brothers and commemorates this with the Deluxe Edition of their current album “35XXXV”.

35XXXV Deluxe Edition on iTunes
35XXXV Deluxe Edition on iTunes

Several comments have been released from fans regarding this Deluxe Edition. Some had praised it while others did not, given the fact they wanted the original versions to remain in Japanese rather than in pure English.

Regardless of the comments about this new album, it is clear ONE OK ROCK is now moving closer to their goals of discovering new frontiers and as Taka said in one interview I have read, they are trying to break into a market where they wish their music to be heard as well. Right now, they are making that dream come to life while on their US tour and soon, in Europe!

As the original 35XXXV had tracks already in full English, 6 tracks which had both English and Japanese lyrics were remastered to full English for the Deluxe edition:
– Cry Out
– Mighty Long Fall
– Heartache
– Memories
– Decision (with Tyler Carter)
– Stuck in the middle

Two extra tracks were also added in the Deluxe Edition and they are:
– The Last Dance
– The Way Back – a Japanese version is available for this track which can be bought in iTunes Japan.

To the review:
Which song did I like in this Deluxe Edition?
I definitely liked Decision with Tyler Carter the best in this Edition. When I first heard it, the blend of both Taka and Tyler’s voice was excellent and I loved the lyrics as well. I also did like Heartache and when I heard it around one o’clock in the morning, it was definitely a heartache since the lyrics were just gushing deeply in me.

What are the odds this will be the tracklist for the 35xxxv Asia Tour?
Considering the countries that will be visited for the Asian leg, it is likely this will be considered as the tracklist for the Asian tour. Most of the countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines all have English speaking fans so the band may resort to this edition so the fans can sing along easily rather than the Regular version.

However, if based from the preliminary notes I heard from fans in the US, this may not be the setlist since the songs they sang in the American tour were the original ones and they skipped the two extra tracks despite their promotions for the Deluxe Edition.

For the band’s first major foray to the English markets, this isn’t bad of an attempt. Although it would be good if they also have introduced the JinseixBoku= album since that also had pure English tracks. Regardless of such, I think this is a good album. It takes time to get used to in full honesty since the music is quite a jump from JinseixBoku=

Personal opinion?
I hope they perform the original edition since we loved them greatly for it and it is the first version we heard. I also do hope they perform the Japanese version of “The Way Back” and the “Last Dance” for this leg since they did not do so for the American tour.

Where can you buy this album?
Aside from iTunes, you can purchase it through Amazon Japan, CDJapan, HMV Japan and YesAsia. You can also stream it in Spotify and Deezer (I have not confirmed if it is available in Apple Music for streaming)

With both albums now reviewed, we can only wait till the big day on January 19, 2016 to know if the band will shock us with their Regular or Deluxe Edition of 35XXXV. Either way, it will be quite a treat.

If you like to find out if they will perform the regular or deluxe tracks or just join everyone in rocking with this talented foursome, purchase your tickets to “ONE OK ROCK: The 2016 35XXXV Asia Tour – Live in Manila” in any SM Ticket branches nationwide. You can also purchase these tickets online at SM Tickets Online or call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Remember, purchase only in SM Tickets and not from scalpers!

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2 thoughts on “35XXXV Deluxe Edition: The Review”

  1. We are not giving up on JinseixBoku lol. Decision is probably the best song in the deluxe edition for me… it is still giving me the same feeling. Tyler Carter gave justice to Taka’s song. :) Their US shows had a variety of songs and didn’t focus on 35xxxv alone. They are kind of spontaneous (I watched fancams from various countries a lot this year) when lining up songs so for their Asian tour setlist, let us be prepared.

    1. Lol i just love JinseixBoku=

      Anyway, yes, Decision is love :)) Ultimate love! I think the one for Back to the Future Hearts Tour really needed the band to be spontaneous for the songs so we can’t be certain. It will be a treat come January which ends up as their official line up for the country

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