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From Japan to Manila: Mishel on ONE OK ROCK


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So, we’re approaching the crossroads to the one month market before ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila and heck! The tensions are just building up! From Twitter to Facebook, its a scramble! Of course, my blog has been getting quite a lot of traffic, but well, the excitement is there! ITS REALLY HAPPENING!!!

For today’s entry for the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews First Wave, I am going to feature to you guys my interview with Mishel Carillaga.

Mishel and friends when they went to watch the 35XXXV Japan Tour concert
Mishel and friends when they went to watch the 35XXXV Japan Tour concert

Mishel and I actually got connected because of her sister (hello oneesan if you are reading this!!). Lots of stories i won’t reveal about it since I started chatting with her but turns out, she is a kouhai of mine from my alma mater (Animo La Salle!). Here is how the interview went with sunflowers and sighs for one specific vocalist.

Question 1: Where did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK, where and how?
I heard ONE OK ROCK from a tomodachi living in Japan, he told me that it was his favorite band. I heard the song “The Beginning” and I love it since then. I love Japanese music and movies, so when the movie Rurouni Kenshin was shown in the Philippines my friends and I watched the film, and we are so surprised after the ending of the movie where the song “The Beginning” was the soundtrack. We stayed inside the cinema to listen to the song until it was finished!

Question 2: Since you said that, how exactly did you become such a die hard fan? Any song in particular that got you hooked to the band’s music?
After that “incident” inside the cinema, I started to download songs and watch the band on youtube. I like the vocalist’s voice so much! The song “Wherever you are” is one that really captures my heart, that song gives me chills.

Question 3: Do you have any merch related to OOR due to your growing fandom?
Of course! I went to Japan twice to watch their concert. The first one was in Shizuoka Arena, I traveled by train all the way from Tokyo just to see them for the first time. I bought towels, tshirts and baller. I even brought a flag of the Philippines, so that the band will notine they have fans from our country. I hope Taka was able to get the bracelet I left for him. The second one was in Saitama Arena, I bought more shirts!

Question 4: I asked for the music, I asked for the merch, now I shall ask… any particular band member you like in the band? And why?
Taka….. Man.. He has an angelic voice, but he looks so manly. I never had a chance to meet him near, but I love the way he performs on stage. Furthermore, he’s voice from the CD and voice when he’s performing live is almost the same. He has that gifted talent and I adore him. Oh Taka…I also like his selfies on instagram haha

Question 5: Do you think ONE OK ROCK has changed your life?
Yes. ONE OK ROCK made me go to Japan twice! Seriously, the band made me more interested in Japanese music and culture. And their music really inspires me, I also have a band in the Philippines, and because of them, I got inspired on doing more compositions with my band.

Question 6: Now lets get on to the concert, what was your initial reaction when it was declared that ONE OK ROCK will indeed make a concert in the country? Any expectations now that you gotten tickets for this event?
I was so excited, I wanted to cry! Haha I regret not having a chance to get a royalty pass to be able to meet them personally, but I got a VIP Ticket, so I can watch them live again. I am really hoping that they will notice me, or maybe meet them by chance. I just want a hug from Taka, I might die! Haha I want to hear Paper Planes again, it was really cool when the band plays that song!

Question 7: Final question, if the guys of ONE OK ROCK would be able to read this interview, what do you want to say to them? Don’t be shy to say what you want!!
I just want to say that I really love their music! I hope they will visit the Philippines not only once. I hope they will also have a chance to visit the beautiful places here in the Philippines like Boracay, Cebu and Palawan.
To Taka.. I want to say that I really want to have a picture with him and just to hug him or see him very close. I am so inspired by their music. I hope they will make more albums and I want to thank them for choosing Philippines for their Asia Tour. I am so proud and happy to see them here in our country. Mabuhay!! And Mahal ko kayo.. Anata wa Aishiteiru.. Domo Arigato ONE OK ROCK!


Another fan well-changed by this band! These stories are indeed growing on me and hopefully you guys too! Mishel’s story gave us one glimpse on how one fan would go the full lengths to see ONE OK ROCK in their home turf and now, how this fan, like many other fans in the country, are rooting in surprising ONE OK ROCK as they chant out the band’s greatest hits in their visit to the Philippines.

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