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Manila Side-Trip

Heya everyone,

Yes, to break off for a little bit to the ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila specials, haha, let me post this personal entry for my other leisure. This is still my little blog which is now growing up as a toddler! Awww, but I am loving the changes anyway so its fine.

Anyway, yesterday, finally took a well-deserved day off and much-needed rest since i have been busy for the past month and well, even this Kami needs some rest. As usual, I went to Quezon City to do my usual Manila trips… namely seeing my hairstylist to chop off my nest hair and do some other stuff. Here are some snapshots from my trip!

First time to see the #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila poster!

Upon arriving in the area, I decided to walk around SM North Edsa first – to get some materials you will see below – and lo and behold, I finally saw one of these! Yes, super soon I will get my own copy of that… with their signatures! YAY!!!!! We dont have this in my home province’s SM branch but if they did, I would stare at it since its super real.

My purchase in Happy Land Japan XD They finally have Sumikko!!!
Some friends will be receiving some letters from me (including readers for the ONE OK ROCK series if you guys want too XD)

The reason I was in SM North Edsa were visit Happy Land Japan (See related link here) and Uniqlo as well. In Happy Land, bought some stationery sets and found Sumikko ones! I wanted to get these originally in Japan but the place conveniently had the ones I want! You guys should get your gifts here for your loveones, especially those who wish to give them something cute!!!

I also bought this expensive big toner for my skin… yes, someone is preparing!!!

Before walking to Uniqlo, I actually stopped by Etude House to get good skin… Ended up buying this expensive toner and gotten a Pink membership. I will need to buy their Eye Cream since my black circles in my eyes are too bad!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
SM X Disney Christmas Village

SM teamed up with Disney for their Christmas Village display this year. My nieces would love it if she sees the small houses with Disney and Christmas themes. You guys should bring your children along!!!

After my haircut, gotten my lunch at my favorite ramen place Hanamaruken Philippines! This one is their spare rib ramen if i remember correctly :)

Moved to Trinoma after browsing Uniqlo (huhu, why don’t you guys have the SPRZ NY shirts anymore!!!!), gotten my haircut quite easily and just to share, as I was speaking to my stylist about my plans for January, one of the aids asked if i was referring to the ONE OK ROCK concert! Turns out she formerly worked in Japan and knew about them. I told her to buy tickets already. Hahaha! Anyway, each time I’m in this mall, I always pay homage to my favorite ramen place Hanamaruken. While Santouka will be my first authentic Japanese ramen experience in the country, I love how quiet and tranquil Hanamaruken appeals to me. Not to mention I love the ramen broth.

FINALLY! HUHUHU! After asking my local bookstore loads of times and 2 branches in Trinoma which has it sold out, got one in Trinoma National Bookstore!!!
Before going home, I applied for this card since it has the beep ticketing chip on for LRT/MRT. You can still get yours in Globe stores in the metro until the 30th. Go to for more details

When I got home, mum gave me my parcel from the post office and it contained these guys!!!!!

Received this too today. Selling them in my Tictail store! Click photo to be redirected
Also received these guys! Lighting goes to my friend Kei and I have a spare Ace if anyon wants him. I’ll sell him on my shop
My new desk buddies!

I wasn’t able to sleep early due to some mails and such, but it was a very fruitful day even if I was not able to sleep. And today… I received this cutie!!!!

Got her today!!! Hatsune Miku Harvest Moon ver.!!!!
I wont open this… she is just too perfect!

I ordered this through Good Smile Company and I have to say I am so happy I got myself a copy! It is really cute!

Next trip for me? Returning back to my Alma Mater should really be next… hahahaha!


8 thoughts on “Manila Side-Trip”

  1. Are you serious about writing letters? I want one of that too! So nice! :)

    And that poster… I haven’t seen the actual. They don’t have one in Astroplus Megamall. I have to try The Podium branch. I want to post a similar photo on IG lol. Lastly, you deserve this day off… well spent. :)

    1. Lol, yeah. If you want to receive one from me, just tell me so I can give it to you on D-Day XD PM me if you wish to.

      Haha, unfortunately this day-off was cut short due to some personal things but it was fine either way :) My next day off is this December then D-Day

        1. Lol, i think you are the second if not third person to say that to me :)) I will try making some time on D-Day to see you guys but I do apologize if it will be quick since i have yet to figure out my schedule :)

  2. I haven’t received a letter for a decade, I guess? Aww. So sad, right? Hahaha. So I don’t mind…. HAHAHA! XDDD
    And about the poster, I guess I have seen some for the first time on SM cinema I went to and prevent myself from screaming. Hahahaha.

    1. So you want one? Hahaha, you should be clear on this you know Rushi.

      I always see the SM cinema print outs since I watch movies often and pass by their events board where it is located. It is my first time to see the actual concert poster.

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