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[Photo Heavy] Sketch ala ONE OK ROCK Rin-style!


Hello hello hello! Mei is here once again to deliver one mind-boggling post for this series of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews (yes, this name stuck to me XD)! For this one of a kind photo-heavy special, I interviewed Dubai-based but proudly Pinoy artist and fellow ONE OK ROCK fan, Rin Sebastian!

For those who haven’t heard about Rin and her art, she is the artist behind these one of a kind crossovers featuring ONE OK ROCK.

Taka himself has commented on her cross-sketch of the vocalist as Surgeon of Death Trafalgar D. Law of ONE PIECE in a private IG conversation Rin shared in the P.O.O.R. group. Admittedly, Taka’s comment to her work is straight on because her works in her FB Page and IG accounts are quite something. Click here and here to be redirected to her FB Page and IG account (follow her too!)

So, lets get to know her shall we?

~~~ AU scenario START

But before Mei could ask the first question, the doors to the plush condo filled with various types of artwork opened with a bang. She turned and saw a long haired blond wearing all black and admittedly quite hot looking sinisterly at her. As Mei shook in her seat slightly wishing that her carnivore of a love was there to glare at the blond (or bite him to death), Rin stood from her place and ran to the long haired blond.

“Welcome home my love” she murmured as she hugged him. The glaring blond softened a bit and hugged her back. After a short hug, he asked “Who is this?”

“Mei-san is interviewing me for my art”

The blonde just hn-ed before sitting beside Rin. “Mei-san, this is Deidara, my fiance”

“Nice to meet you”

The blonde barely nodded, showed his hand which had a distinctly odd mouth, and said as fiercely as possible with a bit of killing intent.

Deidara: "Diss my love's art and I will make your life like a single fleeting moment of explosion!" [Credits to the owner who drew Rin's fiancee ^_^v hihihihi)
Deidara: “Diss my love’s art and I will make your life like a single fleeting moment of explosion!”
[Credits to the owner who drew Rin’s fiance ^_^v hihihihi]
Mei, who was used to such killing intent from carnivores as her love is one, just nodded and smiled at Rin to begin the interview

~~~~ AU scenario END


Q1: Where did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK, where and how?
I’ved heard them first at the Rurouni Kenshin movie, The Beginning.

Q2: What song got you hooked to the band’s music?
My first favorites were Clock Strikes and Deeper Deeper, but then there came out the acoustic version of “The Beginning” and it won the top notch.

Q3: What merch do you have which is OOR?
I haven’t got any just yet. I was too preoccupied making my own fanarts.

Q4: Who is your favorite band member and why?
Toru. I like his calm demeanor. I like calm-looking people. Hahaha!

Q5: You are quite known for your one of a kind sketch of Taka as Trafalgar Law of ONE PIECE. I like to ask, how do you choose the characters for each member? Was it difficult to conceptualize their emotions or facial expressions?
I tend to visualize the potential similarities first, say, the facial expressions for example. You can put any anime costumes of your choice on them as long as you please, it’s easy. It’s achieving the compatibility of both subjects into a unified form alongside its aura that is not.

Q6: I saw Taka’s comment in your sketch, what was your reaction when he commented to you?
Of course I was happy!! But prior to that I was already glad when Claire informed me that she had shown all those fanarts to him by the time she was with ’em at LA, so Taka replying over that message was totally unexpected. But it was awkward because I don’t know how to react at times, so when I reached for my phone and saw that notification in particular, I just stared down at it for a couple of minutes, questioning the reality of it’s existence.

Q7: Do you have any other anime/manga/game characters you like to draw the band as?
Quite a lot, but I’ll save it for my page. Hahaha!

Q8: If given a chance to get the band to model for you for one of your sketches, how would you draw it? What scenario, emotions and etc will it be like (you can sketch it if you like).
Ohlordyeahsss be it Toru. Mm, I would paint him sitting on a chair–frontal view, looking straight at you(the looker)–expression in between stoic and deadpan, stern and curious(you figure it out!), holding a paintbrush in one hand, almost touching the implied ‘canvas’, and a palette in the other, all in a gestural position that conveys the “I-am-painting-you” story. Background up to halfway to where he was would be in Chiaroscuro effect like how intensely dramatic I would want it to be. Why him painting in frontal position? So I’d get the vicarious feeling of being painted back, well basically whoever stands in front of it would be the ‘person being painted’ by him. So it’s somewhat like an interactive art yea.

Q9: Out of all your ONE OK ROCK Crossover sketches, which one is your fav and why?
All of them are my favorites… but if I were to choose only one, I guess it would be Taka as Law. Because thats the only time ive had mustered all the excitement and eagerness to make another fanart of them again. And I knew I had to make it better. My 3ds were fun to make too but man, it’s suckin all my chakra.

Q9: Now we spoke about all these other things, do you think the band has changed your life? In what way?
Yes, I don’t usually fancy Jrock til’ they came along…And they’re just outstanding as always.

Q10: Message to ONE OK ROCK?
The work of Art is real because you guys and your music are both a masterpiece. Rock n’ roll! And…Deidara loves Rin. and Shanks.


I didn’t get to speak much to Rin after this interview because Deidara kept glaring at me and his clay art that somehow explodes kept popping in random directions. But, as I reread her answers in my interview by the time I was in the loving arms of my own carnivore, it shows that this band performing in January 19, 2016 is a band that inspires a lot of people and giving them the muse they need to make extraordinary art. Rin did and her works are just one of a kind just like how the band is one of a kind.

To get into the zone and see the band’s power to inspire and draw people to their music, tickets to ONE OK ROCK “The 2016 35XXXV Asia Tour”: Live in Manila is still available through SM Tickets branches nationwide or SM Tickets Online. You can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Please only purchase your tickets in SM Tickets and not through scalpers! Tickets are selling like pancakes so get your tickets now!

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Find your muse through music and see ONE OK ROCK at work: inspiring their fans further with their live performance.


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