Pray For Paris

Short post but I know this means a lot.

Paris is in one of my top places to visit and for someone like I who have studied European Politics, this city is endearing to me in more ways than one. To wake up and see that extremists attacked innocents enjoying their night in the beautiful City of Lights is disturbing and alarming. I know these extremists are fighting for their beliefs but they should not involve other people and use violence to get attention. These innocent people have done nothing against you and there are other ways in which you can call to people and announce your beliefs without killing people or causing mass hysteria!

I pray for the safety of everyone not just in Paris, but the people around the globe which are at risk from these extremists. I pray for the souls of those who have perished because of the selfish desires of a selected few and I pray for the speedy recovery of those who have been injured by this attack. I pray that the world governments find a way to stop these people from continously threatening the safety of all.

Nous sommes forts ! Nous ne serons jamais vers le bas ! Paris, nous sommes lĂ  pour vous !

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