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2015 Review Mei Style


Another year has come and go and well, its time I tell you how it went for me.

This year has got to be the oddest one I had so far. I don’t know why but everything went chaotic this year. I won’t go into the usual every month scheme. Hahaha, this year, i yet again failed to complete my diary entries in my cute Hobonichi. hahaha. That’s how chaotic life went for me to the point I wasnt able to do much for my hobonichi… i’ll try again next year. hahaha.

Many tribulations has hit my country and the rest of the world this year. In the Philippines, we had experienced natural calamities like Typhoons Nona and Lando due to the onset of global warming and right now, El Nino is still affecting us and various parts in the Pacific. There were some political ones as well such as the SAF 44 case and the continuous struggle in Mindanao. We also have our dispute with China regarding the disputed territories and unless something is done, that might turn nasty (i hope not). When it comes to the rest of the globe, issues like ISIS/ISIL’s continuous threat to the world, the Nepal earthquake, the refugee crisis and the continuous threat of terrorism has brought fear into the hearts of many. I pray that this does not spill out of control next year and resolution is attained. I also pray for the families who have lost their loved ones because of these tragedies.

Of course, there are good things as well. The Philippines won the Miss Universe title despite that epic mistake of its host. We saw the Pope visit the country and we even hosted the APEC Summit peacefully. We also saw the growth of that accidental loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine Mendosa flourish. Quite a lot of stuff for 2015 for the world and this country.

As for me, this year has been chaos because of a couple of stuff. It started out quite bad for me to be honest because some troubles at work and it was quite slow. I did have my share of monitoring the businesses of my folks when I was left alone to take care of the house and their business this summer which was quite… haha, odd. But come June, everything went spiraling oddly as work suddenly picked up and hello ONE OK ROCK! Haha, I will tell the story in due time my friends but with the announcement of ONE OK ROCK’s Asian Tour, my luck changed so oddly. Family wise, well, its still the same. We did welcome new members to our family, especially my little nephew who is so cute! But I am glad my family is safe and sound and I pray that continues to be so for the next coming year.

What is to look forward to for 2016? Haha, quite a lot of things in my end! I am excited and I will be starting it with a bang!

Cheers to a great 2016!

I wonder if that horoscope I read is true… LOL


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