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Hot-Cold December Week

Hi everyone

Another temporary break from Mei’s ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila specials. LOL, its getting closer to the end and well, the passion is heating up. With just one month and a couple of odd days in it, its going to be a spectacular concert for me!

Anyway, I break the specials spree with this personal trip update! Last weekend I was actually bagged to go to Baguio City with my brother’s family, my grandmum who came home from the US and our house help. Technically, I wasn’t going to go since I have some work but as my mum had told me to watch over my grandmum, I decided to agree even if it would mean utter insanity and lack of sleep due to work. Its the holidays so I need to make it count. We went to Baguio Friday afternoon (December 4) and got down December 6, Sunday. Photos are below for some tidbits!!!

En route to Baguio around afternoon
Got to Baguio around 7 pm. We stayed at Bonbel Condos. You can rent condos in Baguio. Way cheaper than hotels ^^ You can even cook
Spent the next day in Burnham Park where i did, for the first time in decades, ride a bike and actually pedaled hahahaha. It has been ages since i have been biking. My nephew and niece loved it.
Had lunch in SM City Baguio. Cold it was!!!
We went to Wright Park after lunch coz my niece wanted to go ride horses. Gotten this super cool photo while we speak to my grandma’s niece (i think. hahaha)
When i got home, surprise surprise from my fellow ONE OK ROCK fan Kat! Hahaha! it looks better than I thought! Kudos to PULP! Excited for the next episode!
The full spread! YES!!!! I havent gotten my copy yet but I am excited to see this up close! Thank you to my friends back at PULP Magazine for this! And of course, to PULP Live World
After dinner, we made way to Baguio Country Club to check out their Christmas Village where we experienced “Snow”
Looks like snow right? Lol, its actually foamy in texture.
If you visit this December, your kids will get the chance to write their wishes for Santa to grant. Kind reminds me of Japan with the concept
Every 30 minutes, the snow generator stops and before it resumes, the staff of Baguio Country Club will provide you with a performance!
There is an entrance fee when you get in and it closes around 9 to 11 pm depending on the crowd. There are food stalls and some shops to buy in the area.
My view of the area on Day 3!
Heard Sunday mass in St Joseph Parish.. I forgot if i have been here before
On our way down. I heard this lion got damaged by the last typhoon that hit the area though true enough, the way down had traces of land slides.

When I got home, I was pretty much knackered but I know when I go back to Baguio on who knows when, there’s something new to enjoy. Next personal entry? Hmmmm… X-mas? Hahaha! Im undecided yet but you guys will know soon!


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