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Mei is here once again to deliver another part of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK Interviews I have conducted to study the current excitement regarding ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila 2016 and impact ONE OK ROCK has to their lives. These interviews with these fans I have managed to interview have given me quite an image as to how much ONE OK ROCK means to them and I have to say, January 19 will be a day people would not want to miss.

Happy Jillanie poses with her ONE OK ROCK treasures!
Happy Jillanie poses with her ONE OK ROCK treasures!
For this series of the ONE OK ROCK Fan Interviews, I interviewed Jillanie Basconcillo. I actually met Jillanie through the fan group (Philippines ONE OK ROCKers) since she bought my very large shoes from my Zenmarket post a few weeks back. She is very cheerful and I tried to answer all the questions I could when we first chatted. Her answers to the interview questions are also quite something. Here they are below!

Question 1: Where did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK, where and how?

I first heard ONE OK ROCK when RuroKen 1 revealed its theme. I’m a huge fan of Takeru Sato so any update on RuroKen that time gets me so hyped. ‘The Beginning’ was indeed the beginning for me and ONE OK ROCK. It was ‘love at first sound’ lol. This all happened before they decided to bring RuroKen to Philippine cinemas.

Question 2: Since you said that, how exactly did you become such a die hard fan? Any song in particular that got you hooked to the band’s music? 

I became a much serious [die hard] fan after watching RuroKen 1. I listened more of ONE OK ROCK after seeing the movie. I was torn between JinseixBoku and Niche Syndrome… I love all songs from both albums.

Question 3: Do you have any merch related to OOR due to your growing fandom?

I have 2 live dvds at the moment. I am planning to acquire the rest next year, as well as their older albums. I have shirts from 35xxxv Japan Tour and… VANS x ONE OK ROCK collab shoes soon. I also have some magazines. That’s all thank you!

Question 4: I asked for the music, I asked for the merch, now I shall ask… any particular band member you like in the band? And why?

Taka and Ryota! An awesome band must have a good bassist and a very confident vocalist. ONE OK ROCK has both. And Taka, not just sings… he touches hearts. The emotions through the songs are heartfelt and an unseen connection is formed between him and the listener. Most of their songs kind of have that effect on people.

Question 5: Do you think ONE OK ROCK has changed your life? 

Yes! There are a lot of ONE OK ROCK songs that emphasize this thought: What you are in the past or the mistakes you’ve made does not define your future.
So, as long as you’re alive you can do something to make yourself a better person. Listening to ONE OK ROCK gives me perpetual optimism. That feels good, right?  

Question 6: Now lets get on to the concert, what was your initial reaction when it was declared that ONE OK ROCK will indeed make a concert in the country? Any expectations now that you gotten tickets for this event?

I prayed really hard to see them perform here in Manila. It was an answered prayer. I was shaking when Amuse Asia posted their Asian Tour sched. You can say I was freaking happy despite all the stress it brought me so far. Nothing can stop me! We are part of the 35xxxv tour so we will be hearing more songs from their current album. I’m looking forward to see Taka play guitar while singing Heartache!

Question 7: Final question, if the guys of ONE OK ROCK would be able to read this interview, what do you want to say to them? Don’t be shy to say what you want!! 

Hi there Ryota, Tomoya, Toru and Taka! We all waited for this and it’s finally going to happen. So, thank you coming to see us! Thank you for making this dream come true for most of us. I’m not part of the chosen few to meet and greet you but I will be part of the huge crowd, enjoying your music. Congratulations on the success of your N.America tour by the way. You guys did a great job! Taka, don’t worry about reaching people through your emotions and heart because you always do.See you soon, ONE OK ROCK!

Cool story and definitely positive vibes from Jillanie regarding the power of ONE OK ROCK!

Are you guys now intrigued as to why Jillanie and other ONE OK ROCK fans pray to see these fantastic foursome live? In order to do that, buy your tickets in and one of SM Tickets outlets nationwide to watch ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. You can also purchase these tickets online at SM Tickets Online or call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Please only purchase your tickets in SM Tickets and not through scalpers! Lets sell out Mall of Asia Arena and give ONE OK ROCK a reason to come back and spread their music to the country!

This once in a lifetime event is brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event media partners include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

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Mei signs out for now!


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