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Mei is here once again for another edition of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews! We’re almost close to the big day and tickets are still available for this rare opportunity to rock with ONE OK ROCK in our own shores! So you guys should buy your tickets while its still there!

For today’s edition of The Interviews, I interviewed Julie Gail Malana. She’s one of the current active members I always see on the groups so hey, why not ask her? She is very kind and helped me cover my other seat interviewees, referring me to those I dont have yet. Thank you again Julie!!!!

Oh hey Julie - Mei XD
Oh hey Julie – Mei XD

I did have to change my interview with her as per her request so here it is below!


Question 1: Where did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK, where and why?
“First heard it at the end credits of Rurouni Kenshin movie part 1 while in a movie house. I’m a big fan of anime, mangas and Japanese songs.  Rurouni Kenshin is one of my all-time favorite manga and anime.
My first impression was the voice of the singer was beautiful. Then the songs suddenly turned to Japanese rock and gave me goosebumps. When I finished listening to the whole song, I instantly became a fan of that unknown band.”

Question 2: Any particular song/s that got you hooked up to the band’s music?

There’s a lot! “Wherever you are”, “Heartache”, “Nobody’s home”, “Be the light” and “The Beginning”. I love them because they are heartfelt – beautiful lyrics matched up with beautiful voice of Taka and the music! So cool.

Question 3: Out of the albums and extra singles the band performed which one you like the most

Jinsei x Boku album! I like all their songs in that album and play it on loop most of the time.

Question 4: Do you have any merch related to OOR due to your growing fandom?

Honestly, none. All I have are their albums/songs which I all bought in iTunes. Wish I could have some merch but I don’t see or know anywhere where I can buy here in the Philippines. (kudos to you Julie for buying them! Support original!!!)

Question 5: Any particular band member you like in the band? And why?

Taka and Tomoya. 

Taka: His voice, how he performs and his story. His voice: so cool how he can sound so angelic one minute and then suddenly turns to rocker voice. Performance:  can’t help but jump around and dance along when he sings and goes around the stage. His story: how he became more confident with himself because of the band. I think that’s a good inspiration to their fans.

Tomoya: Bad ass drummer! He also knows how to play other instruments. Sugoi!  I find it cute how he stays patient with his band mates even if they are bullying him most of the time. Haha!

Question 6: Initial reaction when concert was announced in the country?

I thought it was a joke. Up until Amuse Facebook page confirmed it did I only really believed it.
When it was confirmed, I shrieked, jumped around and shouted like crazy “I need tickets, I need tickeeeets!”. Haha.

Question 7: If you get a chance to speak to them up close, what is that one question you will ask them?

Can I have an autograph, a hug and a group picture taken, please? :D  (Yes, I will ask that in one stride so that it qualifies as one question. Hahaha!)


Another fan story and this interview series is becoming one of my favorite in this special! I should make a book of this one of these days then send it to Amuse Asia! LOL! What do you guys think?

Anyhow, if you want to also shriek and rock with the band like Julie would be in the concert (LOL), tickets to ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila is still available in all SM Ticket outlets nationwide. You can also purchase these tickets online at SM Tickets Online or call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Please only purchase your tickets in SM Tickets and not through scalpers! There are still tickets available so hurry while they are still there!

This once in a lifetime event is brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event media partners include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

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