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The new year is close at hand and you know what that means right? Hahaha! Yes yes indeed! In the next 20 days, ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila will happen and all of the Filipino fans of ONE OK ROCK (plus the foreign fans who will flock here in the country for the concert) will bring the house down with ONE OK ROCK! I’m excited as to what will happen and wow! Time passed by so fast!!!! I can feel the love, the tension, the awwwww! It is going to be epic!

But before D-Day and all the love for the new year, let’s hear about some of the expectations we could expect in D-Day, especially if you get that close encounter with ONE OK ROCK!

For this installment of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews First Wave edition, I interviewed Jermaine Tayag. She managed to watch ONE OK ROCK in one of their performances as part of the Back to the Future Hearts Tour with Sleeping with Sirens and All Time Low. Her story had earned several responses from fellow fans when she shared her story in the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers fan group and she told us just how she managed to speak with two members of our beloved band. She also did let slip what was it like how it went on. I opted to interview Jermaine because of her story and I have to admit, I have one big supporter now XD.

Shout out to my little kouhai Jermaine for this post and here is how our little interview went.

Q1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
Funny cause the first time I heard them was when my brother kept bugging me to listen to this “band” that can sing English and Japanese. It only happened this year, summer. I can still remember that I used to be so annoyed with him because he kept on playing the same song over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love JPOP and JROCK. But I wasn’t interested that time because I had a lot to deal with in school and in moving to USA. I was actually stressed out and depressed that time. Then one time, I decided to hear out the songs he kept on playing. And just like that, I fell in love. It might be cheesy but I was actually saved by them from falling deeper into depression. That time, the songs I listened to were “The beginning” and “Heartache”

Q2: So your favorite songs would be Heartache and The Beginning?
Yes and Wherever you are

Q3: What merch do you have that proves your OOR love?
I still don’t have one, sadly. I couldn’t find anything in the PH before I left and when I came here, I saw a lot online. I am planning to buy some here soon

Q4: Favorite band member and why?
Probably one of the hardest questions. I’d say Taka. I like how silly he is and how he acts childish at times. His voice is something that makes me calm everytime.

Q5: How did your first encounter with ONE OK ROCK go?
When I first knew that they will go on tour with ATL and SWS in North America, I asked my mom which place is near us according to the list of venues that OOR will be performing at. She said that those places were far. I already gave up, tbh. By the time I came here, I mentioned and showed OOR to one of my friends when we met. Immediately, he said “Let’s go see them” my suppressed feelings of excitement overflowed with just one line. The venue we got is a 40-minute drive away from my place using a car.

A lot of people, ofc mostly teenagers were there for ATL and SWS. I am probably one of the few who went there for ONE OK ROCK, although I love ATL and SWS as well, that was the only time I could see OOR up close, I thought. I have always daydreamed of seeing Taka and I would react to the situation. But, when it really happened, I totally blanked out. I mean, who could stay calm when they get to meet someone they have been looking up to, right?

After the concert, my friend and I were on our way to the parking lots where he parked his car. Turns out, the band buses were located in the same place he parked his car so we thought of waiting for either ATL and SWS to go out of the gates. We knew that we won’t get to see ONE OK ROCK since they were already in their buses. However, after a few minutes, there was a small group piling up in the last bus so we checked it out and investigate. And lo and behold, there they are! Taka!

Taka was completely cool. Many of the concert goers were mostly there for ATL and SWS so we didn’t have to compete with others for time to spend with Taka. There were people who had returned for more photos with hima nd it was ok with him. He was just chillin’ out outside the band bus. He was also really cute since he was just wearing sandals. There was one fan who tried to get a photo with him but his phone was malfunctioning (Flash wasnt working). We had to wait for 3 minutes for it to get fixed and I was studying Taka’s expression if he would get mad or anything. However, he didn’t and even asked “Is everything okay?” Since we were only a few people there with him, we got to chat with him and his English is quite good.

One guy even had a chance to ask him:
Guy: Have you gone around San Jose yet?
Taka: Yes, only a little.
Guy: Do you like Pizza? There’s this really great pizza parlor just a few blocks away from here. You should really try it.
Taka: Really? Is it still open?
Guy: Yeah, I guess so.

After that, he shook hands and hugged everyone and it was all ok with him. He also didn’t leave immediately after everyone gotten a chance to take photos with him. He really took time to speak with us. There wasn’t any of those favoritism in Taka’s end. He spoke with us Asians as well. When I got the chance to ask him for a photo, I really asked him in Japanese “Taka-san, sashin wo o-onegaishimasu”. He answered me in English much to my surprise! I also got to hug him! I wanted to jump so much. He was also quite sweet when he said goodnight to us. :) I was also the last one who got to say goodbye to him as he went up the bus.

Jermaine: Bye bye!
Taka: Bye bye
Jermaine: Oyasumi.
Taka: (With smile) Oyasumi.

I really wanted to go crazy that time because I managed to be with him for 20 long minutes!

With regards to my encounter with Tomoya, it was a lucky shot and like Taka, he was really friendly! We noticed a girl waiting in one of posts close to the ONE OK ROCK bus. I had a feeling she was waiting for someone. She stayed there for 10 minutes and all of a sudden, she stood up and took a photo with someone. It was hard to see who it was at first because it was quite dark in close to the ONE OK ROCK bus. Curiously, I dashed to the place and saw Tomoya. I spoke in English when I approached him as I knew he would answer in English. After the photo, I said to him “Kawaii na”. Tomoya laughed and thanked me. Of course, I said good night to him before leaving.


Jermaine with Taka and Tomoya!
Jermaine with Taka and Tomoya!

After the encounter, I could not really believe everything that just occurred. I could not even stop smiling. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. I finally got to meet the people that I have been watching only from Youtube.
I am really hoping that more people will recognize their talents here in America.

Q6: What was your first reaction when you heard about the PH Concert?
XD I was enraged, tbh. Haha. Because that was the time when I was already preparing to move here. I thought at first ” YES! A concert in Manila” and then my mom said “You’re coming here in September” haha, hence the reason why I gave up in meeting them. But I am really happy that they will perform in Ph. A lot of Filipinos are waiting for them

Q7: But if a part 2 occurs, will you go watch?
Yes, of course, I would. As long I have the finances to go there to watch them with my fellow Filipinos. It would be more fun to be able to Jam with you guys.

Q8: Can you safely say ONE OK ROCK changed your life?
Yes! It definitely changed my life!

OOR has been one of my reasons why I am studying Japanese. They led me deep into studying the language, and because of it I met native Japanese people who are also fans of the band. I have made more friends from all over the world, thanks to their music!

Q9: Finally, if ONE OK ROCK gets to read this interview, what do you want to say to them?
If they would be able to read this, I would like to express my gratefulness. Thank you for simply making music that says every word and feelings we can’t express. I will always be looking forward to their music. Their Filipino fans will be waiting for them to come back!


For the lucky ones who will get to meet the band up close and personal, Jermaine’s story will give you an inkling as to what you can expect to feel once you guys are in front of this super cool band. In my case, my mindset is starting to think of the possible things I could say but I also know the possibility of being blown away is 100%.

Of course, if we want to help out Jermaine and other fans who wouldn’t be able to watch this leg of the tour and trigger a part two in Manila, let’s support ONE OK ROCK’s first concert here in the country and sell it out! Tickets to ONE OK ROCK “35XXXV Asia Tour”: Live in Manila 2016 are still available through SM Tickets branches nationwide or SM Tickets Online. You can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Please only purchase your tickets in SM Tickets and not through scalpers! Tickets are selling like pancakes so get your tickets now! New areas are available but as my friend Kaila would say, that will sell out very soon!

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Are you ready to face the new year with a bang? I know I am!

Next update for the specials is in the New Year!!!!


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