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Meet ONE OK ROCK: Ryota


We’re close to January 19, 2016 and the tickets are starting to fade away for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila! Are you already set up to meet this one of a kind band? If you are, I will see you guys very very soon. If not… what are you still doing idle?! The tickets are fading away and you will be crying out if you dont get those tickets while it is still there!

But before the big day, lets first take a recap as to the background of the band. We spoke of the band’s history and the albums, now lets get to know the band itself. Top batter for this epic infogram is bassist Ryota Kohama! What should you know about this flexible and talented bassist of ONE OK ROCK? Apparently quite a lot! So check out this mini profile skit!

Thanks to ONE OK ROCK fans unite, ONE OK ROCK wikia, and Tumblr land for the tidbits on the band’s profiles! And thanks to the artist of this super cool sketch of Ryota!


Name: Ryota Kohama (小浜良太)
Position: Bass
Birth Place: Osaka
Birthday: September 4, 1989
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: B
Height: 174 cm
Weight: n/a
Favorite Place: the place where you can think about everything best
Least Favorite: the place which is voiceless
Hobbies/Special skills: body movements, acrobatics
My Boom: comics
First CD Bought: Folder’s Para-shooter
Favorite Bassist: Recchiri no Free
Instagram account: @ryota_0808

  • He was a former member of hip-hop group HEADS with Toru before it disbanded in 2002
  • It was Toru who asked him to learn playing bass
  • He is hardworking, but is quite shy
  • He holds great respect for US band Red Hot Chili Peppers and after listening to them – specially to Flea – he got inspired to play bass.
  • He also got told to learn the bass in two weeks before they first recorded their first album.
  • When they did Niche Syndrome, he purchased a 5 string bass with heavy music
  • He likes the brand Hurley
  • He calls Taka ‘Mori-chan’ and Tomoya as ‘Mr. T’
  • He originally did not listen to rock music until Toru invited him to ONE OK ROCK.
  • Throughout his school years, he only danced even after school
  • Toru woke him up in his dorm and was told “let’s form a band”. After being woken up, both he and Toru went up in the rooftop and just spoke about how they will form the band.
  • He sees Toru, Taka and Tomoya as his big brothers.
  • He was originally afraid of Taka and only spoke to Toru in the first few months of ONE OK ROCK. He also got into argument with the previous members of the band
  • He first thought Taka didn’t want anything to do with him when they first met.
  • Toru was the one who pushed him to speak more in the studio.
  • Since 2012, he goes shirtless in lives
  • He was the angriest out of the band during Alex’s scandal because he thought it was the end of ONE OK ROCK
  • He started to learn English from Taka and American friends in 2014, helping Taka remember simple things in English when he forgets.
  • He respects everyone and agrees with almost everything
  • If there is a fight within ONE OK ROCK, Ryota will forcibly stop them but since they became a foursome, no fights occured within the band
  • He likes cats, dogs, food and everything
  • He is against a new member in the band after Alex left since it would mean he would be heard more in their music.
  • His strong point in ONE OK ROCK is seen on stage where they are able to show all their strength on stage.
  • According to Tomoya, his room is very messy
  • He still practices breakdancing on his spare time.
  • He often hangs out with Tomoya even on their breaks.
  • His biggest dream is to stay in ONE OK ROCK until he dies.
  • He is still practices in getting better in playing bass
  • His amps are spray painted
  • Originally, he would have played guitars to replace Alex but he stuck to bass since it suits him better.
  • He has quite a lot of tattoos such as his “Stay cool, stay fool” tattoo in his arm and the black stars on his chest.
  • He rarely bullies Tomoya and sometimes worries about him even if Tomoya reminds him that he is fine.
  • He helped Tomoya write the songs “Deeper Deeper” and “世間知らずの宇宙飛行士”
  • Sometimes, he calls Tomoya over and asks him “Do you remember me?”
  • He has a little niece when he’s in Japan.
  • He has a SLR cam and he got taught how to use it by Rui Hashimoto, ONE OK ROCK’s photographer.
  • He named his pet rabbit Pepsi
  • He owns an LED bass that is custom made.
  • He once broke down to other members in the first few months of ONE OK ROCK because he felt he didn’t belong in the band.
  • During the 残響リファレンス Tour, he thought that the best thing that happened throughout the tour was the motivation and anticipation they held when they did each live.
  • He was also quite impressed when he saw the Quattro DVD, saying he was proud on how far they come. It was also the Tour that he started enjoying being in ONE OK ROCK.
  • He actually has a book called, “How to Use F**k”
  • He sees Taka as the “kind director” that guides the band to the right direction and have fun.
  • He is the youngest member of ONE OK ROCK.
  • Before Alex left, Ryota often plays baseball with him.
  • If Toru did not invite him to ONE OK ROCK, he would have been continuing his dancing.
  • His first kiss was spicy.
  • Ryota is also an actor! He played a minor roles such as in Sh15buya where he got beaten up by Toru. He is also in Hana Yori Dango as one of the bullies.
  • Taka often calls him a baka/idiot
  • Indonesia is his favorite country out of the Who Are You? Who are We? Tour in 2013.
  • If he could get a chance to have any animal, he wants to have a big dog.
  • He loves sushi!
  • According to the JinseixBoku= Bonus track, Ryota was said to have dropped out.
  • Taka said that Ryota gets along with his family very well.
  • He once had a debate with Toru if they would go see Avril Lavigne in a festival.
  • He smokes alongside with Toru and Tomoya
  • He used to have a rainbow-dyed highlights in 2013
  • When asked to compare ONE OK ROCK’s Japanese and American fans, he said “Japan very crazy, America…super very awesome fucking crazy”
  • When he speaks in English, Taka always laughs a lot and he also helps in English interviews.
  • He describes himself as the type of person who does everything until the end when he decides he’ll do it from the start.


Want to see Ryota rock the house down with his acrobatics, killer bass and his killer abs (lol)? If you wish to be one of the legion, tickets to ONE OK ROCK “The 2016 35xxxv Asia Tour” Live in Manila is still available at all SM Tickets branches nationwide. You can also check out SM Tickets Online or you can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Just a couple more tickets are still up for grabs and its slowly fading away!

As of press time, the only available tickets are VIP Seated and Lower Box A so hurry!!!

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Who should we learn more next? Stay tuneeeed!


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