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We’re close to Christmas and Mei feels like X-mas is divided into two parts: December 25 and January 19. This coming part is the real celebration but the second part is ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila! YAY! I cannot wait for the 19th to finally happen because I will finally hear the music live and see the boys live! Of course, for you guys to join me and other ONE OK ROCK fans, you have to get your ticket – which is running out now!

But before we party the night away, you guys should be aware as to the band members who will charm the public with their music. Last time, we checked out Ryota’s profile, now let’s check ONE OK ROCK vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi! I personally found this one informative… lol, I am admittedly a Taka-fan! XD So, what makes this vocalist one of the greatest ever? Find out below!

Thanks to ONE OK ROCK fans unite, ONE OK ROCK wikia, and Tumblr land for the tidbits on the band! And thanks to Rin for Taka’s sketch here!


Name: Takahiro Moriuchi (also known as Takahiro Morita)
Position: Vocals
Birth Place: Tokyo
Birthday: April 17, 1988
Horoscope: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Favorite Place: where you are in good condition and feel like being able to do everything
Least Favorite: where you do not feel that well and comfortable
My Boom: to meet more than 3 times a day
First CD Bought: hyde’s “PINK SPIDER”
Instagram: @10969taka


  • He is a former member of NEWS but withdrawn eventually due to school work (although rumors say it is due to controversy)
  • He is the son of famous Enka singer Mori Shinichi
  • When his parents divorced, he changed his legal name to Takahiro Morita (but he has recently been seen to be using his real name instead of this new surname). It is said that his last name “Moriuchi” reminds him of his traumatic past before his membership of ONE OK ROCK
  • He is the older brother of Hiroki Moriuchi or Hiro of MY FIRST STORY and Tomohiro
  • He says he is the most reliable
  • He is the major composer and lyricist of the band
  • He writes lyrics in English even if he is not fluent (but he is getting better)
  • He sang a duet with Simple Plan (Summer Paradise), Against the Current (Dreaming Alone), Ally &Diaz (Let Life Be) and Pay Money to My Pain (Voice).
  • He got stalked by Toru to get him to join ONE OK ROCK, who first heard him sing while he was still in Chivalry of Music.
  • He was known as a show-off as a kid
  • He hated coming from a wealthy family.
  • He studied in Keio for elementary and middle school, but stopped at high school since he did not pass the entrance test
  • Calls himself as a “Smart koala”
  • The song “Nobody’s Home” was a reflection of his family life.
  • He bullies Tomoya the most.
  • He takes English lessons to improve his English
  • He had been interested with bands since high school and in his first band, he would sing looking down until he joined ONE OK ROCK which boosted his confidence.
  • His first kiss was sweet and tasted like strawberries.
  • He can play guitar, drums and piano
  • He is normally seen wearing UNIF tanktops
  • Follows Miley Cyrus on Instagram
  • Friends with F.T. Island’s vocalist, Hongki.
  • He gave Big Bang member Seungri some advice for their MC in their Japanese concert.
  • Takeru Satoh of Rurouni Kenshin asked him to do a song for the movie. Takeru is also his friend.
  • In terms of love, his secret skill is “push, push, pull”
  • He can’t drive.
  • He usually has his keys with him.
  • He was a rebellious teenager.
  • If given a chance to be a woman for one day, he’d go to a woman’s bath.
  • He has a bunch of tattoos in his arms and wrist.
  • He has the tattoo “TTR” – Toru, Tomoya and Ryota just like Tomoya and Ryota
  • He had his hair dyed blond before.
  • He sometimes wear eyeliner and would help his bandmates wear some.
  • Does not have a pet.
  • Loves partying in the US.
  • He had Tomoya play the drums for him at his house when deciding whether or not Tomoya should be a part of ONE OK ROCK.
  • Uses a red microphone in every ONE OK ROCK concert except when he plays with other band’s concert like Simple Plan.
  • He is a genius in Garageband
  • Fishes occasionally in Japan
  • Once flipped off a no diving sign in California and dived happily in the swimming pool.
  • He has been in the music industry  since he was 12 years old.
  • He is a hentai but he is very sweet to his fans
  • He is the second oldest member of ONE OK ROCK
  • He can jump quite high and once jumped over a 5 ft barricade in their Who Are You? Who Are We? tour to speak to a handicapped fan with Toru.
  • Once dated an eighteen year old in middle school whom he saw as cute and someone he truly liked but he got dumped at some point.
  • A member of the go-home club in middle and high school.
  • Dyed his hair green and red once.
  • He left home during his first year in high school and stayed in his grandma’s home before finding his own home.
  • He likes the bands Linkin Park and RIZE.
  • Scared of gyarus, especially blonde ones.
  • Hates being looked down on especially after enduring from it for a long time.
  • If he wasn’t the vocalist of ONE OK ROCK, he said he would be a guy who couldn’t be helped.
  • Describes ONE OK ROCK’s genre to be Japanese emo.
  • Loves the number 69
  • Had an eye problem during the JinseiXKimi= tour and had to get a shot to cure it rather than go on surgery. He also said it wasnt a fan’s fault he got sick.
  • Tries very hard to take good care of his throat to save his voice; he also doesnt smoke.
  • He would always try to go to the fans even if security wouldn’t permit him or his bandmates.
  • Once rumored to be dating A-chan of Perfume but they were just very close friends.
  • He can be very emotional as seen in 2012 and 2013 when fans held white origami flowers in memory of those affected by 3.11.11.
  • He writes lyrics in his hand sometimes when he forgets the song or if he wants to remember it when writing a song.
  • Gets drunk alongside his bandmates and other people occasionally.
  • Toru said once that Taka often spends his money recklessly for sunglasses and Taka even said he will purchase a pair of shades with diamonds on his next paycheck.
  • Does not take off his shirt in lives like other members of ONE OK ROCK.
  • Has great skills when talking to a girl.
  • When writing lyrics in English, he would often get help from friends.
  • Used to be very bad in katakana until high school.
  • Doesn’t think peace in the world is possible even if there are no wars and equality persists.
  • He has quite a dynamic personality.
  • Very happy that his family members are independent and he doesn’t have to worry about anything for now.
  • His greatest wish is for ONE OK ROCK to have their own studio so they can produce their music without problems.
  • Grateful for all the hardships he endured because it led him to join ONE OK ROCK.
  • Doesn’t think he will have a family on his own but he is considering it for the future.
  • His voice is known to be husky and high tone, but he has great vocal control.
  • Considers ONE OK ROCK as his family and he was a person saved by ONE OK ROCK.


Want to find out Taka’s great skills in ONE OK ROCK lives and fall in love with his charms? If you are, tickets to ONE OK ROCK “The 2016 35xxxv Asia Tour” Live in Manila is still available at all SM Tickets branches nationwide. You can also check out SM Tickets Online or you can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Just a couple more tickets are still up for grabs and its slowly fading away!

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We’re close to the end Asia? Are you ready to wow ONE OK ROCK once again?


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