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Still trying to find a cool hello greeting to you guys. Not having luck I suppose on that category! Anyway, ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila is fast approaching and I know you guys – who are waiting for their bonuses and all that extra money – will be able to help the rest of the crew sell out SM Mall of Asia Arena for the big day. If you could buy it now, that is going to be tremendous! Lets sell out MOA Arena!

Today’s entry is a part of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews; First Wave and to me, the title is slightly appropriate since this fan has leaned to ONE OK ROCK and will be one of the people rockin’ SM Mall of Asia Arena on the big day. Let’s give it up for Reen!!!

*claps claps* welcome to the show Reen!!!
*claps claps* welcome to the show Reen!!!

I met Reen through the groups as one of the people who inquired about my VANS X OOR shoes, but later on, we got re-acquainted when Julie recommended that I should interview her for the series to complete my seating list. So here are her answers below!


1). First time you heard ONE OK ROCK and how
The very first time I heard them was, when I was searching for the ending song of an anime, and I accidentally clicked their song RIOT in YT, (that was way back 2011). I was hooked by their musics since then.

2). Favorite songs?
When I was downloading their songs I saw the Notes and Words.. I kept on playing that song all throughout the day..

3). Merch collection?
Merch? Oh yeah, I do have few merch such as Makuhari Messe shirt, 35XXXV towel, tote bag and water bottle, and a Jinsei x Boku album.. I’m planning to buy a lot more soon.. hihi (wide smile).

4). Favorite band member and why?
Uhm yes and it’s Taka (my loves hahaha). He is handsome, though we all know that Toru is a lot more handsome than Taka, but there is this certain feeling of mine that I love. It’s the way Taka sing and move.. And I love looking at his face and hearing his voice it’s soothing on my nerves.. :D They’re all good and talented and if it wasn’t for them there will be no OOR fandom community here now.

5). Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life? How?
Yes! They changed my life a lot.. Some people maybe couldn’t understand me because of the type of music that I liked and love, some people kept saying and questioning me, why I love listening to them despite of the fact that they’re Japanese but I don’t mind as long as their giving me an inspiration thru their music. Because of them I met a lot of people here and abroad whose same interest as mine when it comes to music.

6). Reaction when you heard about the Philippine leg of the 35xxxv Asia Tour
I screamed!! Swear.. I scream in happiness and excitement, and I kept on rolling on my bed the moment I saw the announcement.. I can’t sleep on excitement.. haha I told myself “I need to see them no matter what, I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time ever since the day one that I became a fan of them”.. So, here I am now preparing for their upcoming concert on January 19..haha

7). Message to ONE OK ROCK if they get to read this interview
I just wanna thank them for hearing our request to come and perform here. We’ve waited for this moment to come. Just keep on doing a lot of amazing songs that can change people everyday’s life! \m/


Short but straightforward answers, but Reen knows just how much ONE OK ROCK means to her and isn’t afraid to be blunt about it! Reen is just one of the fans you get to see on January 19 so if you want to meet her and the rest of the crew, stand up stand up and purchase your tickets now! Tickets to ONE OK ROCK “The 2016 35xxxv Asia Tour” Live in Manila is still available at all SM Tickets branches nationwide. You can also check out SM Tickets Online or you can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Just a couple more tickets still available so purchase now before its too lateeeeee!

This super cool event is brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event partners also include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

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