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Ren’s ONE OK ROCK Fan Story


Mei here again for one Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, the First Wave! I think this is one of my most successful series this year aside from my Hobonichi review (Which I have yet to start on, will do so when I have my copy since the cover I want keeps getting sold out!). We are almost there my fellow ONE OK ROCK-ers. Just Christmas and New Year to celebrate before we scream in delight as we hear ONE OK ROCK live and in our very own shores! Excited? I hope you are and I know I’ll be seeing you all there on D-Day.

Now, for today’s First Wave, I interviewed Ren Gallardo.

Say hello to Ren
Say hello to Ren

Ren was recommended to me by Julie if I remember correctly as I was lacking interviewees from several sections and we did get to chat about this series. Here are his answers below.


Question 1:
Where did you first hear about One Ok Rock, When and How?

First heard about One Ok Rock last 2012, when I heard my classmate sing the “The Beginning”. I was impressed and amazed because the lyrics, the drum and guitars are also cool. My mind and my heart then beated for the songs of ONE OK ROCK at that point. I Asked my classmate what Band and title of the song he sang, then he said “ The Beginning By One Ok Rock”. Since then, I started to listen to One Ok Rock Everyday. When I write or anytime I do something, I Play One Ok Rock Songs. I love it!

Question 2:
Since you said that, how exactly did you become such a die hard fan? Any song particular that got you hooked to the band’s music?

“The Beginning”. I listen to ONE OK ROCK songs everyday, but The Beginning is my favorite amongst all of it. When the song plays, I swear, I cry for no reason, then I hear the drums in the lyrics, my feet started to copy what Tomoya was doing as the song plays along.

Question 3:
Do you have any merch related to OOR due to your growing fandom?

Yes, I have 2 customized t-shirt I printed last year ago, I printed t-shirt to promote myself as a big fan of ONE OK ROCK, I love ONE OK ROCK.

Question 4:
I asked for the music, I asked for the merch, now I shall ask, any particular band member you like in the band? And Why?

I Like all of the members of the band, but my favorite is Taka. Taka is a GOOD Vocalist, I don’t grow bored in listening to him sing even if I do it every single day. I also like his posts in Instagram. I like his hairstyle and his outfits are so cool. I respect him a lot, not just as a vocalist but also as a good leader. He is really talented and handsome too.

Question 5:
Do you think ONE OK ROCK has changed your life?

To be Honest, Yes. they changed my life. People around me wouldn’t be able to understand my fandom for this band because they do not listen to their song. But for me, One Ok Rock is my Dream and My Life. Many People say there is no such thing as Forever, But for me ONE OK ROCK is my FOREVER. It never changed since then, I love you ONE OK ROCK <3.Question 6:
Now lets get on to the concert what was your initial reaction when it was declared that ONE OK ROCK will indeed make a concert in the country? Any expectations now that you gotten tickets for this event?

I was really happy and thankful, I cant sleep the day released the concert dates here in Manila. I told myself, “I have to meet them no matter what happens, I have to see them and hear their songs live.” When the tickets were released in September, I had tO ask around – from family, friends and etc – for some funds to borrow so I can buy a ticket. Unfortunately, they did not have any. When the VIP tickets were all sold out, I was panicking as i did not know what to do. I even posted in the fan groups to ask if someone was willing to lend me money or purchase a ticket for me then pay them later. I was so afraid no one would comment but I did pray as I was also taking an exam that day. After the exam, I checked the post and there was one comment, telling me she was willing to help me buy a ticket. I wasn’t the only one whom she helped and she was Julie Gail Malana.She is my savior in getting a chance to watch the concert.

Question 7:
Final Question, If the guys of ONE OK ROCK would be able to read this interview, what do you want to say them? Don’t be shy to say what you want?

Hi “One Ok Rock” I can’t wait to see you guys and to give new memories to cherish for all OOR Fans here in the Philippines, You have no idea how long we Filipino waited for this concert. Thanks for coming to our country. Konbanwa One Ok Rock, Thanks for your band, You changed my Life, I’ll always support One Ok Rock. We Rock the MOA(Mall of Asia Arena) I LOVE ONE OK ROCK <3 SEE YOU ON JANUARY 26!-------------------------Ahh, this study of the ONE OK ROCK fan perspective is becoming really really deep! Ren's story is also quite moving too, don't you think so? If you want to understand these fans' love for ONE OK ROCK and say the same words, tickets to ONE OK ROCK “The 2016 35xxxv Asia Tour” Live in Manila is still available at all SM Tickets branches nationwide. You can also check out SM Tickets Online or you can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Just a couple more tickets still available so purchase now before its too lateeeeee!

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Horizons are comin! Christmas, New Year and #oneokrockliveinmanila!!!!!


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