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[Review] RHOB Designs

Hello everyone!

As Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I’d share to you guys some of my last minute Christmas shopping madness. I really need to establish an X-mas fund starting January next year… sigh.

Anyway, I know you guys are well-aware that this year, the phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (fondly known by Pinoys as Yaya Dub) made headlines and even now, they are still making headlines now that they are co-billeting one of the Metro Manila Film Festival entry movie, My Bebe Love. Many fans have been inspired by this love team to the point that some of them started their own businesses with designs taken from the Kalyeserye, the same accidental series that gotten the pair rise to fame.

One of these businesses that rose to fame because of the Kalyeserye is RHOB Designs. I remember how I found this small startup. I first heard of the brand as it was featured in the local primetime news 24 Oras and I have to admit, the designs are epic since the sketches used for the T-shirts show an anime-ish side of the Kalyeserye characters and other common trends in life today. RHOB Designs did start in 2014 but their business flared to life with the Kalyeserye. I think their first piece was the Rogelio, Rogelio, Rogelio shirt which was sketched on one day and put on sale that same night it was done. Since that interview, I would see my friends in Facebook reposting some of the site’s creations and how happy they were in purchasing from the business. So, as my nephew and niece’s nanny and our nanny loved the Kalyeserye, I decided to try out RHOB Designs for their x-mas presents.

RHOB Designs Official Website
RHOB Designs Official Website. Check it out at
RHOB Designs Facebook Page! Visit them at
RHOB Designs Facebook Page! Visit them at

To order, you can visit RHOB Designs’ official FB Page to browse the entire catalogue of designs you can order for your family, friends and colleagues. Currently, they have 43 designs available for customers to pick from with designs for Kalyeserye, Heneral Luna, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho and even some excellent designs for freelancers and the whatnots! Once you pick your design and size of choice, send your orders through private message. You guys will receive a message from RHOB herself in a few hours. Once she does reply, she’ll tell you how to pay for your items. RHOB Designs currently accept LBC/Cebuana, BPI Bank Deposit and Paypal for your shirts! Promos are available if you buy more than 1 shirt so check each item!

Some of the shirt design selections!!!
Some of the shirt design selections!!!

I received my orders today so I can give you a low down on how good it is!

RHOB Designs has their own customized pouch when you get your shirt/s
The back… yes, Pizza is always a good friend to have… and use as a muse. hahaha
One gets a sticker as a thank you for purchasing! Always support the original guys!
My purchases! Taguro Fitness Gym, Regine, Kalyeserye, Gym Leader (Blue)
Super cool tags. Don’t forget to use the hashtag so RHOB Designs knows you support their original designs!
Cool tags again XD
You know its legit RHOB Designs if you see their silk print on the shirt!
Didn’t use a flash on this XD Be careful when you iron your RHOB Designs shirt because it might ruin the design!
Kalyeserye (Black)
Regine (Blue)
Nostalgic and fitting

Price wise, I was lucky that I got this all for the holiday sale of 300 pesos per T-Shirt. But, if on a normal day, the price is very affordable for 320-360 pesos each depending on the design. Overall, I do recommend RHOB Designs if you are after a different kind of shirt that would show people your fandom and yet, show a different flavor to your favorite characters. I’ll be purchasing again soon once they open customized shirts :))

Till the next review guys!!!


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