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Rica’s Love for ONE OK ROCK


We are nearing the end my fellow ONE OK ROCK-ers! In just a few weeks, ONE OK ROCK will grace Manila for the first time with their brand of rock that many have fallen in love with! But of course, for you guys who haven’t bought your tickets yet, what are you still waiting for? There are still tickets left and we have to sell this out to show that we Pinoys and Asians would not be left behind! JUST A FEW MORE TICKETS LEFT!

Anyway, for this edition of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, I will feature Rica!

Another kouhai? Lol. someone is raking kouhais because of this concert
Another kouhai? Lol. someone is raking kouhais because of this concert
Rica added me in Facebook if i remember correctly and asked for some advice on what she could do as she couldn’t watch the concert due to the fact it was a school day and many complications are thrown in her way. We got to chat a little bit and ended up getting to know her and her love for ONE OK ROCK. Here are her answers from the interview I conducted with her.


1. First time you heard about ONE OK ROCK?
Rurouni Kenshin! Hahaha. Lol. I was so curious so I quickly searched for the band.

2. Favorite song?
There are so many… but there’s this song that can make me cry even if it’s only beginning… Wherever You Are.

The songs? Well… it really is Wherever You Are, then the next one is Pierce I love it’s lyrics, and The Beginning, because it made me realize that as long as you have the strength, just continue to carry on.

3. Merch?
I haven’t since I’m a student and my wallet usually gets laid when it comes to food, but I’m planning to buy some before this year end

4. Favorite band member and why?
Okay… that’s the hardest question in here, because I’m stucked wth Taka’s voice and Toru’s mysterious eyes… Taka won my heart loooools.
Because he’s so awesome after everything that happened to him before he entered the group.

5. Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?
Absolutely, because my life’s a mess, problems everywhere I go, but thans to them, their songs keeps me calm most of the time, makes me feel that even after the bad days, good days with good memories will come, and life is like a show, no matter what happens it should go on

6. Earlier in our discussions, you mentioned something to me about a play inspired by the band. can you tell me how the band influenced you on that?
The idea just came out of my head when I heard Heartache (the japanese version) and the next songs are Notes’n’Words, All Mine then Ending Story. I used Ending Story as the Curtain Music for the play, and the two for the House Music, it really is so connected with the songs. Those were the only songs that I was listening while writing it.

can you tell me what the story is about? just a preview since you said you will be performing this play for the regionals

It’s all about a friendship broken between two kings, and the other king went away, when they came back they invaded the whole island, there came a war but the invaders won, there started a lovestory between the son of the invader and the daughter of the other king, lots of things happened, secrets were revealed about their family, that made a gap between them, but then there came the monsters, they had no choice but to help each other and save their beloved island, because they made a pledge that they will protect it no matter what. In the end, all the misundertsandings were fixed, they got married, and their story became a history. Last Dance also insipred me with this one.

7. Thoughts as to the announced concert on January 19?
The concert will be a success! Hahahaha, and there’ll be a part two! Of course, the band will do their best like what they usually do, the energy and the power of the group will combine th the fan’s excitement, is equal to a very historical concert that they’ve eer been to.

8. Message to ONE OK ROCK?
Thank you, and I love you boys. Keep on rocking the stage and the world, for as long as your music lives, your history won’t fade away.


From the music of Asterysk, Rin’s amazing (and sometimes exploding) Art and now to Rica’s epic story which is now being seen in a regional competition; where next will fans of ONE OK ROCK go? I dunno about you guys but you have got to definitely see this band that allows their fans to find their doors and score the points they need to succeed. If you dont, you will miss out on quite a lot of things! Tickets to ONE OK ROCK “The 2016 35xxxv Asia Tour” Live in Manila is still available at all SM Tickets branches nationwide. You can also check out SM Tickets Online or you can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Just a couple more areas open and its going to run out soon!

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Get up! get up! Time to make the ends meet and shout out to ONE OK ROCK! You have to act now before its too late!


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