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Tsum Tsum Cardcaptors and Stationery


Ok, before I do one heck of an update for #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila, its time I go back to the reviews and other blogging bits! (yes, its in progress. Currently translating comments from fans who will be featured in my super cool live report. Like the banner? That is made by the one and only Julenphoto whom I love so much for his epic photos of Manila on that super magical night. I only added the Live in Manila part and the super teaser XD Special report indeed. ).


As the title implies, I will share to you guys my December purchases. Actually this is late because this was sent to me via SAL. LOL. But its ok. I am going to cut down from this other hobby since ONE OK ROCK destroyed me (must save up for Japan!). March, its all for Japan!!!

Check the photos below for my reviews of them!!!

First off is this super cute Tsum Tsum set! Cardcaptor Sakura is becoming a sure hit starting last year because of its recent anniversary so anything Cardcaptor related sells out like hotcakes!

I grew up watching Cardcaptor Sakura when I was in High School so this is a childhood love. You got the entire Cardcaptor team of Sakura, Shaoran (His spelling in TRC is different), Tomoyo, Keroberos and Yue; plus Touya, Yukito, Eriol and Spinel Sun!

This is how they look like XD They are quite small!
The other side XD It is quite a big box!
Cute packaging for the mini-boxes! Featuring Tsum Tsum Sakura and Kero on the flaps! Always buy authentic!!!
Side A
Side B
I opened one and it is Kero!!!!
It is quite small. Mini plushie that you can also use as a keychain if you like. It has a flat tummy so you can indeed assemble it in a bus. Much like my own big Lady Tsum Tsum from Disney!
My next one is this mini notepad featuring Shingeki no Kyojin in their chibi school series. Hahaha. I got two for the random notes. I like collecting odd stationery *already eying the one in Uguisu*
Finally I got this. This is actually a rolled post it featuring three characters from Uta no Prince-sama. This one, I got Otoya, Reiji and Tokiya

As someone who keeps a journal, I do like post its especially if i dont want it affecting my actual post.

Tokiya view
Reiji view


Mei must stop buying these cute-sy things XDDDD Save up for that big Japan tour this year and other things!

Are you guys ready for that big bang? I know you are and so am I!

Your wait will be over in a few days!


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