ONE OK ROCK: Live in Manila

Concert 101 for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

Konnichaoooo Manila!

So, we’re just three days away before our big day and what a journey it is! Manila has waited so long for this and now… ZOMG! ONE OK ROCK is heading to Manilaaaaa! KYAAAA!

Are you ready to see ONE OK ROCK? I AM! Photos are by Adam Elmakias and edited by yours truly
Are you ready to see ONE OK ROCK? I AM!
Photos are by Adam Elmakias and edited by yours truly

But, before ONE OK ROCK does rock Manila down and pretty much put you all at your A-Game, here are just some basic reminders on rock concert etiquette, especially if this is your first time going to one. It is also great to remember these tips to make your concert experience enjoyable.

You wouldn’t want to disappoint ONE OK ROCK right? So, lets get crackin!


  • Best arrive early before the doors open on the 19th so you can still purchase merchandise, meet up with friends and even make yourself comfortable with the crowd. Take time to meet fans and being early also allows you to prevent people for getting mad at you especially if you are in the seated areas and everyone is already in. For those in the standing areas, best arrive early so you can get to the best zone ever.
  • Don’t forget to eat up and bring your necessary medications in case you wait on the line. Rock concerts can pretty much drain you so you need all the strength you can. Please be reminded that you can’t bring PET bottles inside SM Mall of Asia Arena so dispose them properly before you enter. Restaurants are in the Arena should you feel yourself famished.
  • Listen to organizers, security personnel and others that would organize your lines. Please be patient and don’t immediately snap at them in case you feel people went before you. Speak to them in a civilized manner and speak to them should you also find someone not following the rules.
  • Be polite to others and consider them as well. Don’t push or shove people in the merch areas, restaurants, restrooms and even in the moshpit in case you are in one. You might hurt fellow fans and pretty much make their experience more uncomfortable.
  • Don’t also complain to people in case you find a scene or song not to your liking. You can walk out to lay low for a while before coming back in again for the next song. If you complain to people close to you, they will feel distracted and get annoyed at you for disturbing their viewing.
  • Do not block the view of others, especially with your mobile phones or mini-cameras. If everyone does the same thing like scream or wave their hands, join them but make sure you don’t block other’s views.
  • For those in the moshpit, please do keep your hands, elbows and pretty much yourself to yourself.
  • Go with the flow, especially if the band you are watching – in this case ONE OK ROCK – calls for some fan interaction like the circle pits for Cry Out (please check 35xxxv Japan Tour clips for reference).
  • Dress properly but make sure you are very comfortable with it because some clothing can pretty much disable you from enjoying the fun and it might be difficult for you to keep up and faint.
  • If someone does faint or feel uncomfortable, take the initiative and help your fellow fan. Inform the nearest marshall and get help immediately. Rock concerts can be very long and stressful to some so ‘Bayanihan’ is important in these instances.
  • Enjoy the show. I know you guys would want to record every highlight of the most-awaited concert but you have to savor in the moment and feel everything. In my previous entries, ONE OK ROCK lives in Japan are pretty enjoyed by the crowd and they don’t raise their phones and record everything. They listen and enjoy the show. Having your phones up throughout the live not only distracts fellow fans, but also the band so please do not do it. Video and audio streaming is strictly prohibited throughout the concert as noted by Amuse Asia SG.


Oh, I also would put this mini-guide for those who may feel faint/dizzy or clammy on D-Day… especially if you guys finally see Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya rock the house down.

  • Bring small snacks – preferrably those with high sugar or salt content. You need to get blood sugar and salt level up to prevent your brain from shutting down. You can purchase some of these in MoA Arena once you come in (you cannot bring food or drinks from outside the arena).
  • Keep cool by wearing light clothing since rock concerts can get a little hot. Try going out of the concert hall and catch your breath first or splash cool water or drink asap to keep cool.
  • Drink plain water and rehydrate yourself. Juices are ok to keep your sugar levels up, but your body also needs pure water to energize you up.
  • If you are starting to feel the strain, try lying down and stay down for 15 minutes before going back up. Don’t get up fast though since your brain and body would need to readjust your senses before you can spring up.
  • Regulate your breathing. I know some of you guys might hyperventilate for finally seeing the boys up close but you need to calm down and breath deeply. Your brain, when you hyperventilate, stops getting oxygen which is needed to prevent fainting. It is also good not to trigger your emotions up high by alcohol.
  • If you are on medications, consult your doctor and ask them if your current or new meds might induce fainting. Some medications can actually cause people to faint or become dizzy, especially if its your first time taking it.
  • If you find someone already at a brink of fainting, get them to sit down or lie down. if you are in the moshpit and can’t put your fellow fan t0 lie down, having them sit down with their head between their knees can help even for a little bit until they are ok.
  • Make sure you guys call assistance from a nearby marshall or a fellow fan and if the fan faints, catch them asap. Don’t just watch them faint and all, they need your support so assist when you can. The fans’ health is very important – especially for ONE OK ROCK – as proven in the recently concluded Hong Kong leg of the Asia Tour.


I hope this Concert 101 helps all the fans that could not wait for January 19 to come, especially for first timers! Please share this post to inform others!!!! Tickets to ONE OK ROCK “The 2016 35XXXV Asia Tour”: Live in Manila is still available through SM Tickets branches nationwide or SM Tickets Online. You can also call SM Tickets at 420-2222. Please only purchase your tickets in SM Tickets and not through scalpers! There are still tickets left for several areas of the concert so buy while you still can! You wouldn’t want to miss the first time ONE OK ROCK perform their greatest hits and shock us with their usual antics on stage!

This extraordinarily rare event is brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event partners also include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

For more details for this event, visit either


For show updates, follow @PULPLiveWorld on Twitter or through Facebook page. Of course, you can also follow this blog and its’ official Twitter feed @oneistoinfinity for updates!

After Taiwan, its our turn Manila!!!


6 thoughts on “Concert 101 for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila”

  1. Nice photo there! It’s indeed frustrating that we can’t record ONE very special night, but there are things best remembered as MEMORIES. May mga pangyayari talagang mas matamis alalahanin sa isang gunita.

    1. Quite deep there my friend. Haha, but yes, shame we can’t record it but the memories will be plenty. Who knows, maybe Amuse might show our live on a DVD or something. They did the same thing in Fool Cool Rock even if its just snippets.

      1. Yes! So we have to buy the 35xxxv tour DVD. But it’s all good, we get to enjoy the essence of going to a concert. Yay, now we’re just talking about hours here.

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