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[How-to/Review] Purchasing from Amuse’s A!Smart

Konnichassuuu!!! Happy New Year-ossu!!!!

Mei is on a roll with these reviews no, starting in the new year? Haha, well, things do come to me even though I have done the ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila specials here :) *Thats so close to the end! I CANNOT WAIT*

Ehem! Anyway, this is somehow related to my fandom to ONE OK ROCK. Some posts ago, I mentioned about A!Smart, the official online shop for Amuse Japan and its talents. In order to purchase from A!Smart, one has two options, use a proxy (Just like Japan Lover Me or Zenmarket) or you purchase directly and use a forwarding service.

Option 1: Proxy Service

I personally tried using a proxy service to purchase from A!Smart, check the reviews here and here!

Option 2: Forwarding Service

For this current purchase, I decided to directly purchase from A!Smart and use the affiliated forwarding service Tenso to get my purchase. I took this recourse for two reasons. One, I dont know if proxy services can use my membership to ONE OK ROCK’s Primal Footmark to get me the latest book (Backtrack info: Primal Footmark is the members-only site for fans of ONE OK ROCK who have purchased their picture book. It comes with a card allowing you to see exclusive clips and photos of the band, as well as early-bird access to their ticketing sales for their concerts in Japan!). Second, I wanted to get a chance on Takeru Satoh’s lottery for an autographed A4 photo of his if you purchase his Road Trip merchandise (I unfortunately lost).

Considering these two factors, I decided to try out Tenso for the first time.

I have already heard about Tenso Japan since it started a couple of years back but I didn’t really pay attention to it. I even forgot i have an old account with them when the service was first introduced. Since I dont have my first account anymore since I dont possess the e-mail address anymore (It was connected to my Ovi Mail account), I decided to make a new one. For first time users of Tenso, you just have to fill up an application form and submit 2 valid ID scans to them. This ensures that yes, you are human and to validate your address. Without it, you can’t use the service. Once you sign up and cleared, you will receive your own Tenso Japan Address – which is connected to their warehouses – and use it as your address when signing up for any Japanese online site there is!

Now here comes the tricky part… registering in A!Smart (

A!Smart Homepage
A!Smart Homepage

If you use Google Chrome, it will give you the option to get the entire site translated. But if you want a guide, here it is below!

When signing up to A!Smart, the first thing you got to do is agree to the Terms and Conditions of the site. To proceed, type your e-mail address (the one you want to use for A!Smart) and click the yellow button to proceed.
When signing up to A!Smart, the first thing you got to do is agree to the Terms and Conditions of the site. To proceed, type your e-mail address (the one you want to use for A!Smart) and click the yellow button to proceed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.26.13 PM
This is the reminder to check your e-mail once you submitted your e-mail to A!Smart

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you get this confirmation email that will give you a link to finalize your registration. Note: the link does expire so best finish your application once you get this email!
After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you get this confirmation email that will give you a link to finalize your registration.
Note: the link does expire so best finish your application once you get this email!

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.32.19 PM
Your step to step guide in filling up the registration form for A! Smart

Once everything is all set, here is how you purchase your preferred item :)

1. From A!Smart’s homepage ( select “Look for the artist” (アーティストからさがす) and look for your favorite Amuse personality or event (yes, you can buy special merchandise from Amuse hosted events here). A!Smart also features several Japanese shops on feature like Tokyo Otaku Mode and Mamatame. Here is a mini-guide of the terminologies under this category:

ミュージシャン – Bands/Singers
男性俳優・タレント – Male Talents
女性俳優・タレント – Female Talents
スペシャリスト – Special Shops
イベント・テレビ – Amuse Event Merchandise
エンターテイメント – Entertainment

2. Once you find your intended artist, click their names and you will be redirected to their official online store. For this guide, lets pick ONE OK ROCK.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.19.13 PM
ONE OK ROCK’s A!Smart Pa

Note= disregard the tabs… I was doing a special entry for Love for 10969 so I was looking for Indonesia’s known monikers or titles.

3. Look for your item and click “Add to Cart”. If they are shirts or has several offerings like colors or types, there is a drop down button beside the “Add to Cart” link. Once you click add to cart, you will be notified in the right side of your screen that it is sent to your cart. You can view your cart on the top menu or via the button that notifies you that your item is in the cart. Here are important terms for you guys to remember!!!

SOLDOUT – Sold out!
在庫確認中 – Checking Stocks

4. Once you click your cart, you will be given a breakdown as to what you bought before clicking check out. All prices already have taxes in them so you dont need to worry about extra charges. Terms to know here:

小計(合計)- Price (Tax Included)
配送料金 – Shipping Fee
合計(税込) – Total Amount (Tax Included)

My Cart XD
My Cart XD

5. Once you click “Proceed to Checkout”, you will be redirected to the International Shipping page if you registered with your Tenso Address. Just fill up the form and pay via PayPal or Credit Card. After you are returned back to the A!Smart page, you will get a confirmation e-mail saying your order is being processed. Shipping is delivered via local courier. Shipping is usually at 756 yen depending on the item. But, if you purchase over 5,000 yen, local shipping is free.

International Shipping Form
International Shipping Form
Payment Options
Payment Options

6. You can track the status of your domestic shipping as the local courier used by A!Smart does have tracking options. You will receive an e-mail of the tracking details once it is out. Once the item is delivered to the warehouse of Tenso, you get an e-mail saying its there and prompt you guys to complete the step in getting your stuff sent over!

7. When you get to your Tenso page, head to international shipping so you can see your pending shipments.
You can consolidate your shipments if you bought from various shops so you can receive them in one box.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.00.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.06.37 PM
All Available Shipping Options for Tenso page XD

Since they already know the weight of the item, each shipping option already took into account your package’s weight

EMS = 2 to 7 days
Air/Registered Small Package – 10 days
SAL/Registered Small Package – 14-21 days
Surface Mail/International Parcel – 60-90 days

Please note that if the item is too large, you will be contacted by Tenso to change your shipping options

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.01.09 PM copy
8. Confirm your address before proceeding to payment! You can pay your package via PayPal or Credit Card.
Shipping will take 1 to 2 business days and you will get an e-mail saying your item is being sent[/caption]


I just received my items today and here they are! *chills to the bone since they are finally hereeee!*

Greetings from Amuse Japan and A!Smart!

The back of the card

First purchase on feature is Takeru Satoh’s 2016 Calendar entitled Roadtrip. This features 366 days of Takeru Satoh’s trips overseas XD This also has its own stand feature

Happy New Year from Takeru!!!

2 of 366 XD

January 4 and 5

ONE OK ROCK Primal Footmark 2016 and the freebie! You can only get the freebie if you are a member of 2015 PF and joined the pre-order special for PF 2015

First page of Primal Footmark 2016… a few pages of black/silver ONE OK ROCK goodness!


Rehearsals for 35XXXV Japan Tour

What has troubled you Bossu?

35XXXV Japan Tour

Armed and Dangerous

35XXXV Promotional Outtakes

Back of Primal Footmark 2016

The PF 2016 Card. Primal Footmark 2016 Web is Open on 1/12

I hope you guys enjoyed this super detailed guide on how to use A!Smart and Tenso Japan! if you guys have any more questions, just comment so I can check it out and answer it for you. Next guide/review, still uncertain but you’ll find out when yours truly dabs into the unknown!


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