ONE OK ROCK: Live in Manila

Post-Event Jitters


Just a few hours ago, I saw one of the best bands ever and heard their clear promise that Manila will see them again! DAMN I AM SO STOKED! Next time they come back, more shocks for my madness!

Anyway, I am fully announcing that I will post the post-event blog coverage next week. For my first ever concert, that was awesome! Though right now my bones and joints are creaking… haha, VIP standing does have its faults XD BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! SEEING THEM IN THE FLESH IS BETTER IN PHOTOS!

First entry appears on January 26. The other posts will be slightly delayed as I will sort out the responses from fans and organize the photos. While i can actually blog, I made prior arrangements and i do need to make it stick for our fellow fans in #TeamBahay and #TeamAbroad . This is dedication at its finest!

Can I actually sleep at this point? Taka’s voice is still in my head and his angelic smile especially with how much love he had as we sang! GAAAAH! IT HAPPENED! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!

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4 thoughts on “Post-Event Jitters”

  1. well, i can still feel the crowds energy.. its amazing!!! imagine these kids (by the way im 34 with 2 kids) singing with One Ok Rock… its awesome (then realized that the band do have a wide range of fans) … we actually waited in line from 3:30pm by the way im with my 13 yrs old daughter. whose so happy i mean super happy when Taka waived to our crowd! We were mesmerized… We will definitely wait for One Ok Rocks’ comeback (next time itll be my whole family, hahaha)

      1. bought the tickets last Sept 28, 2015.. (not excited at all, hahaha)… first ever concert for my teenage daughter and its just f****ng amazing!!! the crowd, the energy.. everything!!! and yeah we will be waiting…

        1. LOL! I gotten mine a few days when PULP Royalty was announced. I dont regret everything at all!

          Part 2 and 3 are on your way soon! Just a little patience since I will try my best to include everyone. Everyone has quite a lot of things to say about that live. I do too!

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