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Zankyou Reference Tour Documentary Highlights


Ahh, I miss saying this and using my to-be-missed category in my blog. What would you do for a rewind button to repeat the 19th all over again?

Sigh, to business! Let’s have fun, shall we?


It has been a week since that epic show ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila and boy oh boy, Twitter and Facebook has never been more depressed when it comes to ONE OK ROCK fans who have seen the concert. It is depressing to be honest but remedies can come in and this is where I come in no?

(I will definitely contradict my statement soon. Hahaha)

Anyway, if you guys saw my review of ONE OK ROCK’s lives, I mentioned something about Zankyou Reference Tour.

Zankyo Referenceeeeeee!!!!

That is one of ONE OK ROCK’s major live tours in Japan that spanned from 2011 to 2012 and the one in the DVD and Blu-Ray (the first of the band) featured their Yokohama Arena performance (which Arena looks like this Arena?). This is pretty much one of the recorded lives of the band that has behind the scenes look at the band throughout their tour. When I did my review last time, I wasn’t able to watch the attached Tour Documentary of this live but I have watched my epic favorite ONE OK ROCK live docu – Jinsei x Kimi=’s documentary.

Since I was teasing Caris (owner of Hello Caris and quite a good blogger as well) by slaying her with ONE OK ROCK madness, I was able to locate this tour documentary. I took a gander and wow indeed, should have added this in my expectations post. Some additional tidbits to you guys should you wish to gander to the changes that ONE OK ROCK had taken over the years!!!

– One of the lives the band actually changed clothes in every live! (in JinseixKimi= they used the same getup for all the shows as well as MLF in Yokohama Stadium, but they did change in 35XXXV Japan, America, Europe and Asia Tour. In Asia, they did alternate the clothes and some of them were worn in 35XXXV Japan like Taka’s infamous getup in the Saitama and Makuhari Messe shows).
– VFX everyone? I saw those lights again! It was way prominent than This is my Budokan. Even Taka was amazed with the VFX the first time he saw it (you will be able to see that comment on the first few minutes of the docu).
– This is one of the very few times you see Ryota do his flexible warmups and his killer abs. He wasn’t really that much of a topless bassist god we all know around these years of ONE OK ROCK. In the lives for this specific tour, he still wore a top then remove it sometime in the latter half of the show. He only began the infamous topless act later in 2012 after Zankyou Reference. He also wore a multitude of pants here and not his iconic black ones (the ones with crossbones or that one with stripes)
THE DOCU YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IF YOU WANT TO SEE TAKA TOPLESS! – He actually never follows the example of dear Ryota or does it in any live in full view of the crowd XDDD
– We see Tomoya’s first signature drum kit from Sakae and played with the assembly. This is also the few times you will get to see his legs. I guess the scars are from practice (yeah, you will see some of it there in his knees. Awww poor Tomo-chin).
– Toru would also show how he fixes one of his signature guitars.
– Unlike JinseixKimi, Zankyou Reference’s Docu shows every behind the scenes look of the band’s preparations in the entire 14 day tour.
– You see Ryota and Taka playing the drums (Taka and Ryota are quite good with it!) and the time Taka actually played another set of instruments! He also played piano in this live. (WHY CAN WE NOT HAVE THAT MANILA?!?!)
– MCs a plenty! We had a little bit of this in Manila! Beware of Taka and Ryota and their flying bottles and Tomoya’s random acts of madness (Yes, there are bits of it).
– Crowd love also in this docu! You get to hear their stories, experience and the documentarist would just ask some questions. I WOULD DEARLY LOVE TO DOCUMENT ONE OK ROCK IN MANILA ON PART 2 (Ahem Amuse Asia and PULP Live World! I am presenting myself for the task!!!!)
– CEBU loves OOR! Try spotting it!!!
– You will get to see how the band would travel around for the tour. Most of it done by Shinkansen – especially for the Osaka shows and plane – for the Sapporo shows.
– I think this is the first time you get to see the manager behind OOR and the discussion process of how the shows are organized. JinseixKimi= also had this bits, especially for the disco ball bits. We also see the team organizing it with the band. (I wish I can go behind the scenes of ONE OK ROCK lives in the future. Just to see the gravity of it).
– We also get to see how Taka takes good care of his epic voice with random remedies. Couldn’t tell you what they are since he didn’t actually vocalize it. Though one looks like honey (perfect remedy actually).
– The few times you see poor Tomo-chin super serious… He is usually the bullied one and that never ended until now.
– One of Taka’s warmup also seen (Being a boxer now Taka? Honestly, we do like you as a vocalist better!)
– We see Taka here doing final soundchecks and polishes (says so much of how perfect each live is no?)
– Never ever dizz Taka when he is eating. He can get VERY ANGRY! (I’d be very angry too if a video camera suddenly closes up on me while I’m savoring my bento).
– Ryota exhibits his beatboxing skills. Toru too?!?! (apparently Toru also has dreams of being a reporter).
– Japan venues are very intimate. So if you have goals (like me) in seeing them in Japan, pick these small venues. Of course, if you can time their Yokohama shows – Arena for example, go for it! Moshpit action a plenty here too actually! Thats why best get a chance to see them in the country.
– This docu shows how mad Tomoya and Ryota could be like when they are drunk. Hahahhaa! (Start going away when Ryota drinks more than one glass. Hahahaha).
– Ah Tomo-chin bullying moments are also a plenty here. Hahahah! I do pity him sometimes.
– Watch out for a wandering pervert Taka especially if he greets you out of the blue.
– Ryota speaks about his niece in this docu. He loves his niece so much, especially his dog but we get to that later.
– Too much underwear action in the latter part. Hahaha heck! (*cough its in the Sapporo soundcheck*)
– Party a plenty each live XD And Toru keeps celebrating his birthdays in lives! Hahaha, how cool is that! What would I do to hear Taka sing a happy birthday song for me (He did the same thing for JinseiXKimi= for a fan who said it in one of the MC talks. *cough little snowflake, you know what to get me for my birthday!*)
– Taka plays music with his Ipad when he cant sleep, he writes as well on tours (Now we know how JinseixBoku= came to be then XDD)
– The only live documentary that you get to see Taka get a taste of his own medicine – mainly get bullied also by Ryota. Hahaha!


Ah, can there be a rewind somewhere now? If you guys want me to do some tidbits or summaries of JinseixKimi=’s docu, just let me know but I think I already did so. Hahahaha.

Before I end this post, here is something for you people to look forward to. Done by the ever so amusing Caris… whom I like to keep torturing even now since I never tell her where these are posted. (of course now, she will get an idea)

Perfect lyrics for those with PCD
Perfect lyrics for those with PCD

A Teaser if you will! Mei’s next ONE OK ROCK- related post is ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: Soundcheck + Meet and Greet Experience!!! Yes, been a while but I think you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. Just waiting for the final photo touches and you will see it soon. If I blog something before it appears, that’s not OOR XDDD You have been warned.

Looking forward to it? I do know you guys are.

I’m looking forward to your reactions to it.


2 thoughts on “Zankyou Reference Tour Documentary Highlights”

  1. I love and have a penchant for their tour documentary films. We get to enter into their world and have a peep at how they work so hard and never forget to goof around as well. This so far is my favorite and even the concert in Yokohama Arena. What truly fascinates me is seeing Taka being so perfectionist and meticulous when it comes to details.
    By the way, this is an entertaining review just as entertaining as the docu.

    1. LOL. Watch JinseiXKimi=’s documentary next. I believe that’s more serious of their tour documentaries so far.

      I will do 35XXXV Japan’s Docu once i have my copy

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