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Happy Monthsary to ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila!!!!!!

So did everyone love my ONE OK ROCK: Live in Manila coverage? I have to admit that has got to be one of my first clear big ventures since I graduated and it won’t be the last, I promise you that. I think I fell in love with ONE OK ROCK even more with that live and its high-time i actually start saving up for Part 2 and the Japan live! (If things go to my favor… I might actually see them in a couple of months).

While waiting for my post-event report to go online, some people had actually asked me if I have plans to write more about that concert or what I actually did after it (To Jillanie who asked me, yes it was you who gave me the idea to write this blog entry). Considering that today is the monthsary of that epic tour (Date wise. Tuesday was the actual day monthsary), I opted to write this. LOL.

So… what did Mei do after 1/19? Some photos will be in this coz I did keep some photos to myself XDDD


After the concert, I actually set off to work as a media partner for the concert. If you guys did miss it, Autumn Sky is an official online media partner to ONE OK ROCK: Live in Manila. I posted in my social media accounts for everyone in Team Bahay and Team Abroad, and asked around for photos and post-event experiences for my report.

I was fetched up by my dad and travelled all the way back to my home province, stopping by for some late dinner/midnight meal in a 24 hour stopover. At that point, my voice was completely hoarse and I was busy sharing my story with my little snowflake (Hellooo!) who was also gushing at the story. I also chatted with several friends whom I have met in the concert through Facebook messenger. Getting home around 1 to 2 am almost, I was surprised I was still dead awake even though I am up for the past 20 hours already. Kinda makes you think there some sort of euphoria from that live and I know for one that night became one of the best in my books.

Once my stuff was sorted out (I left my room completely at a mess and as I was on leave from work), I opted to draft the first few versions of the concert live report for everyone in two different formats. For a blogger, blogging is usually not that difficult because once you have an idea in mind, the words easily flow out of you but at that point, I found it was completely difficult to write. The first question that came into my mind is ‘Should I make this like a formal report limited to a couple of words?’. However, answering that proved difficult because how can you fit that live hours prior in just a few words? I was able to make one with some assistance through the notes I made, statements from my friends online at that time, and I did see mini clips from fans in Twitter.

Mei's complete loot from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila!!!
Mei’s complete loot from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila!!!

Note: I wont be seeing that much hits for a while T_T

As I was doing the short version, I also did a longer version. I have promised indirectly to those who were not able to watch that I’d give them one hell of a report about the live and I knew several words would not cut it. I have to give them an in-depth report and my blog is very big for that venture so I won’t have issues with space and bandwidth. At first I thought of making the series into just three parts – Before the Concert, Meet and Greet + Soundcheck, then the Concert itself. But even at that very morning of the 20th, I knew that wouldn’t be completely possible especially the bit about the concert. How will I make fans feel ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila? How could I bring them that experience even at the comfort of their own homes? Not a simple task, I know, but I was willing to try.

My body did tell me to go to sleep sometime around 5 am and boy oh boy did I sleep minutes after closing my eyes. When I got up though, that was torture because not only did my body complain due to the effects of jumping, slamming and all the ruckus that is VIP 2 Standing, my throat was also very swollen. I was practically mute that day and if i did try to speak up, my vocal chords would complain. Its not a surprise really considering I sang as loudly as I could and shouted as loudly as I could… especially in the ending… hehehehe XD. My mum of course was a little surprised that I was indeed disabled from speaking. I did share stories about the live to her and i told her I had so much fun. I actually never really go out much and twas a surprise to my family I did go to the concert and did go for the standing tickets. But they are well-aware I love anything Japanese and recently, they are aware of my addiction to ONE OK ROCK.

For the rest of January 20, I opted to continue doing my report. I’ved received countless messages from fans regarding their ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila experience and well, the memories of ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila from my friends. I know PCD is pretty much strong for all of us coz the event just happened like hours ago and as my body continued to ache as I typed, the memory is undoubtedly strong. I also ended up cleaning my phone of the photos and checking which I will post on IG or in my blog. I’m surprised i was able to even look at it because PCD -according to one article I saw – wouldn’t really let you see those images without breaking down. But if you learnt how to see it without breaking down, congrats, you stopped PCD! To my amusement, I was able to get some very good shots even if I was completely stuffed in standing room. I even have a clip or two. Hahahaha, it was really amazing.

Mei’s Part 2 Must Do: Buy a cam and get a photo pass no matter how hard it is!

The following days after that, I actually was able to overcome PCD through writing and busying myself with work. I know many still reeled for PCD even now, but for me, I found myself a medium to vent that feeling and that is through the report. While i was able to finish a shorter version of the report at 1200 words that very week, I poured my heart as I wrote the entire coverage here in the blog. Every detail, every feeling, every moment, i wrote it all even if some bits of it were indeed embarrassing to say (Hey, how can you not write about those fangirling moments, hahaha! This is still after all my very kawaii little blog). I was able to look into the future and look at the photos without breaking down, knowing that, this isn’t the end. They will come back and who knows, I’ll see them very soon. PCD ends when you accept it and look into the photos without breaking down.

Though in one conversation I had when I sorted out the final bits of the report, one told me PCD will never end until Part 2 comes along. But then i countered, if that is the case, PCD Part 1 ends, Part 2 starts, then once Part 2 ends, PCD Part 2 starts. Its a cycle don’t you think?

For those who have seen the full report, thank you very much for your comments and for checking it out XD Even now I get comments about it and if things are indeed true from my perspective, you guys got kicked back to January 19 with it! An accomplishment if I may say so myself!

Happy Monthsary to all of us who went to ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila and for more post-event stories? Im busy doing that for Love for 10969!


PS. This is in the same category for my rest of the coverage, but this isn’t a part of my official reports so this is I guess a filler XDDD

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