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[Full] ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Concert

This is the full version of the four-tier report for The Main Concert. As always, Mei advises you all to proceed in caution since you will get to read the report in full and… it may invoke quite a lot of emotions so please be prepared.

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Are you ready to cry again and actually read the entire day without stops? LOL, I shall grant your wish!

To feel the experience like you are in the live? Play the entire setlist in order once you start with the main salvo. Once you check the paragraphs and the photos while the song is not done, close your eyes and remember each word used. Once the song is done, move on to the next. Make sure your tissues/hankies/towels or whatever are closeby. Some early readers say… this is one heck of a post so you do need to feel everything! Enjoy my love!


Was there any doubt we wouldn’t deliver? That was the first thing that went into my mind when Amuse Asia posted this entry hours after the concert.

Philippines!!!You guys did it!!!You really did it!!You were totally the most loudest, most energetic,Number 1 crowd…

Posted by Amuse Inc. Asia on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Manila was a sight to behold as the minutes flew by before ONE OK ROCK takes center stage. Admittedly after the meet and greet was done, everyone rushed to get the best places in the SRO areas. IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING!! Let these photos be the narrators since this was pretty much how everything came to place.

ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila Stage

Ah! The proof that yes, this exact setup is in Manila. The lights continuously change actually. The great thing with the entire setup is the ramp since the original seatplan didn’t show this specific ramp on the concert. With that ramp, we were like transported to Yokohama Stadium for Mighty Long Fall 2014, only smaller. Taka, Ryota and Toru always love going to the ramps in some of their lives because fans get to see them up close and doing their magic for some of the songs.

SM Mall of Asia Arena

How big is SM Mall of Asia Arena? Here it is on VIP 2 Standing! I couldn’t take a full view of the stage since if I did, I might lose my place. Hahaha. Moshpit is WOAH in terms of people trying to get a spot close to the stage.

But here are photos from ONE OK ROCK’s official photographer that day – the genius Julen Esteban-Pretel of Julenphoto – of the entire stage.

View from the Upper Boxes

View of the Upper Box of the Stage! Thanks to Dianne Laplana for this Photo!!!!

Centered view of the stage! Photo by PULP Live World/ Joel Garcia
Centered view of the stage and click image to see the larger reso! Photo by PULP Live World

Mei and Lush

Hello to Lush Cueto from the First Wave of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. Ah, I thought she didn’t want a photo. LOL!

Mei and Kim

This is me and my ever gorgeous friend Kim Gill whom you can easily spot in the photos coz of her flaming red hair (or pink). Much love to you my dearest Kimmy!

Pulp Royalty

Yay, Mei is really in ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila! This is in VIP 2 or Kampo de Toru as many would often say. Kampo de Ryota is VIP 1. VIP 3 is I guess Kampo de Taka. And hello Michelle who is laughing here. She forgot why she was laughing when I asked her about it. Hahaha.

VIP 2 Crowd

Yay for VIP 2 crowd!!! I did not get your name people but if you do see yourself in this photo, do let me know and say hi!!!!!

Another view of VIP 2 Standing! Click image  to get the larger version Photo by PULP Live World.
Another view of VIP 2 Standing! Click image to get the larger version
Photo by PULP Live World.

Team Iloilo

My friends from Team Iloilo who got into the arena at 12 and the lucky ones who saw the band in the airport. Hello to all of you!!!! They were my mini bodyguards before I got carried away by the current that is the sea of people in VIP 2 Standing. I love you all!


Lower Box A, B and C are slowly filling up!!!! I wonder what would happen if Gen Ad was also opened… (OMG YOKOHAMA ARENA EXPERIENCE!!!)


VIP 2 , 3, Seated and Lower Box A. Hahahaha! WHOA! IT’S A SEA OF PEOPLE!!!! OMG OMG!


Vip 1 and the other side of the lower boxes Still filling up. But we made our targets!

The arena slowly filled up as the time passed by and at one point, all of us in VIP 2 went singing along the play back music of Hoobastank, Against the Current and many others as we waited for the band that brought us together. I remember the comments of some fans with me in VIP 2 saying “Timecheck!” or “What time is it starting?” or “Why aren’t the people in VIP 1 not joining us singing?”. Others, like myself, were reliving our encounters with the band and in a squealing fit. Who could not be in a squealing fit after being close to the band? I personally got the shivers to that even as we waited T_T

As the minutes drew closer to concert time, fans started cheering as the final tuneups for the instruments of the band were done by the crew and they even shouted to one of them “Yuki!!!!”. Seeing Taka’s red mic, Toru’s guitars, Ryota’s bass of many colors and lighting was extraordinary since it was tested right before us. Imagine if it was the foursome already before us and using those stuff? Shame Tomoya couldn’t bring his SJC drums! I heard it lights up! (I will see that in Japan when I get the chance!)

Final checks

One of the tech team with one of Toru’s guitars. In the background, you see his acoustic guitar.

Aside from the tune ups, the stage just made us all too giddy.

ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila.

The fully lit setup… isn’t this reminiscent to the Japan Tour stage? Go watch it if you can. I love this photo to be honest. Mysterious, simply ONE OK ROCK.

After the Arena’s reminders were broadcasted everywhere regarding the dos and donts while in the Arena, the crowd started cheering since this is it! In just a few minutes, we will see them finally on stage. The moments afterward were electrifying because a deafening roar from the crowd shook SM Mall of Asia Arena once the clock ticked to 8:30 pm. The lights faded to black and signaled the beginning of what can be considered as the best and historic concert the fans will ever witness in 2016.

The crowd at SM Mall of Asia roared to life as Tomoya, Ryota, Toru and Taka went to their places in the stage exactly as the clock struck 830 pm. The lights turned to green and yellow to signal the start of the performance.

35XXXV – The first thing that would go in your mind as the music and lights change around you, especially if you have seen the live performances of ONE OK ROCK before is this… “AM I IN JAPAN!??! WHY AM I SEEING THIS CRAZY LIGHTING! THIS IS REALLY IT!!!”

The band is well known for these kinds of VFX but seeing it in person is an extraordinary experience. There is just something in these setups that changes one’s feeling each time you see it.

Tomoya began with his signature beats with Ryota and Toru close behind him. WOAH! They went all out on this intro before. Toru, who was closer to where I was, even had chances where he would continue playing his guitar while raising it upward. Taka also did some of the vocals since there are actually lyrics embedded in this intro. However, you can’t really hear it much because not only were fans cheering, the electricity generated by the opening was just immense that you have this feeling that hey, this live will be something to look forward to.

Crowd cheering for ONE OK ROCK

See the crowd here? LOL! This is just how much love is given to ONE OK ROCK! And hello Diane! (I know too many Diane/Dianne coz of this concert!). Photo by PULP Live World.

Take me to the Top – After snapping out of my reverie and trying my best to keep a hold of my glasses (Mei’s top tip: if you go to cons and you have glasses, best get contact lenses or get laser surgery since they will ultimately fall off your face once you start headbanging) and my bag (my cardi – which I took off due to the heat fell down in the process), the band immediately hit straight off to Take me to the Top!

Intro spiels

A little blurry but here is a photo to give you just how much colorful everything started for us for this song!!

Lighting was top notch like the one for Saitama (We definitely are transported to Japan, super unreal!!). There were also loads of headbanging action from the boys, especially for the instrumental parts. Taka also called everyone to raise our hands and move to the beat, answering him in the backup vocals of the song. The energy is electrifying – especially in the standing room – as everyone jumped and cheered in the beat. Is this what the Japanese feel like in their lives? This is addicting!

Memories – More headbanging as we all sang with Taka for this upbeat song. It was also one of the cool times I almost died in seeing Taka up close as he sang. HE WAS SO CLOSE!!! That’s one great thing with the live, Taka gets so close with you while he dances around the stage. Of course, I also paid attention to Toru who would rock out with his guitars and not to mention, seeing Ryota with the bass is just wow! The abs are a reality!!! (If you are a Ryota fan, you will definitely love the view!) Tomoya was also a sight to behold and like always, you couldn’t help but smile as his faces reflect each beat. If only that drumset of his has wheels! (SOMEONE INVENT IT!)


A far shot of Tomoya, if someone invents a walking drumset, you have me sold!

Deeper Deeper – This is where we started shocking the band because this has Japanese lyrics and us fans did the claps, jumps and the entire song without missing a beat! Whenever I would see this performed in the band’s live performances, everything comes to life with this song and when we actually did this song? WE JUST CANNOT STOP! Taka would just dance along with Ryota and Toru close behind him.

The VFX is also one of a kind with this song! Greens, Yellows, Reds, name it! Taka also said somewhere in the song “Philippines, you guys are fckin’ great” and well, we – the crowd – just shouted our approval over that! Who cannot?! For me, the super chilling experience for this song was to see Taka do those shrieking bits before the finale and the finale itself! SURREAL! THAT WAS NOT FAKE! I REPEAT! THAT WAS NOT FAKED AT ALL! HE DID IT IN LIVE!!

Stuck in the Middle – As the music beats for this next one and us clappin along with the beat, Taka shouts after removing his leather jacket (His iconic Metallica tee on full view! I saw a photo of him wearing that tee in some of the Japan Tour photos. I think the one in Makuhari Messe and he also have it for Saitama). “Hello! We are ONE OK ROCK!” then followed by”This is our first time in the Philippines” Of course all of us went ballistic over that since yes! They are in the country and IT IS REALLY HAPPENING! ONE OK ROCK LIVE IN MANILA!!! He continued as we roared our love for the band “I want to say thank you a lot. Thank you for havin’ us! Thank you so much!” More cheers from all of us of course, and Taka continued to fuel our Pinoy heartstrings by saying “Finally, we made it here! Now, who wants to have fun tonight Philippines?”. After asking again, he asked all of us to raise our hands and clapped (I was only able to raise one coz I was holding my fallen bag but did magic anyway and clapped).

Tomoya began Stuck in the Middle with some mad drummin’ (with matching facial expressions and hair swayin’. I really want to see him play his red drumset!!! MUST WATCH IN JAPAN!) and Ryota dished out his favorite facial expressions with his LED bass (More Abs love. I didn’t notice it much but according to my friends, Ryota was pretty much topless in the throughout the entire show. Usually, especially in Japan, he would let one or two songs pass before he would remove his top. But it seems fans in Ryota’s camp (AKA Vip 1) would get fans most of it!) He did move to Toru’s place and Toru moved to his place for this song. It was also super cool to hear their backup vocals, especially Ryota’s! Taka yet again called for Manila to jump and we did! Toru’s mad guitar skills were on full display in my side of the stage and you can clearly see his emotions as he played along. Exquisite!


Ryota on backup vocals!!!! And displaying his cool bass and abs!!! This photo is by PULP Live World XD


Taka wants to hear you Manila! SCREAM!

Clock Strikes – VFX came to life with this specific song because this is one of the band’s iconic songs (if only Be the light was in the setlist… sigh). There were also these designed lights roaming around the arena that looked like these wisps of smoke and there were also times the stage would just light up in random parts of the song.


I dunno why it became colored when I transferred this to my Mac but whatever color scheme it is, Toru looks amazing!

We also sang with Taka with this, which added to the shocks of the boys since we know the Japanese lyrics in full. We also jumped in VIP 2 and had our hands up! Toru kept moving around too. Taka then asked if we can sing it with him as if he’s challenging all of us. Of course, Pinoys are never the ones to say no so we said yes to that. After singing some lines, Taka raised his mic and allowed us to sing. I have every admiration to Taka’s vocal prowess in this song! He would not miss a long note at all!


Taka doing the shrieking bits in the ending. SURREEALL TO SEE HIM DO THIS!

Of course, I also have every admiration to all of us since hey, we sang, we didn’t miss it and boy oh boy, did we shock ONE OK ROCK!

Last Dance – was the next song played after ‘Clock Strikes’. This is also one of the songs Taka continuously practiced in the soundcheck (to check just why I said this and you haven’t read that bit, please look at this link) and wow! Seeing him belch out those notes with a clear visual was extraordinary! The vocal range of this man is out of this world! To me it was surreal to see him actually perform this song since when they did soundcheck, we all had super goosebumps when we at Royalty heard it. In live, it was perfect (Never ever criticize Taka again for being a perfectionist. His passion in singing Last Dance was just inspiring as he sang, his face mirrors every emotion he held).

Of course we kept singing with him (when did we not?) and the lights just added to the ambiance the song conveyed to people. Some were also clapping, which added more to the love. And to the surprise of some and might not be fully heard by everyone, he said “Salamat” on the end. YES! Taka said something in Filipino!!!

Instrumental – Ah! Many fans went gaga over this as Toru and Ryota strutted their stuff with Tomoya for an instrumental. Usually their instrumentals are top notch and no specific song from what I recall but they just showed their utter rifts and beats. At one point, Toru even went beside Tomoya and rocked out loud. Many fans loved it! I did too! (Sees Ryota’s abs… sigh. Perfect abs!!) The most perfect scene there is both Toru and Ryota in the center as if saying ‘I’m better than you Ryota’ ‘No, I’m better than you Toru’ banter of those two. Hahaha. Those two are geniuses! I also loved it when Toru would just lean back while playing while Ryota would get super close with his tongue out overpowering Toru’s rifts then Toru would get back at him.


Not that clear, but WOW! Ryota and Toru battling it out for this song!

Toru, Ryota and Tomoya on Instrumental

Another shot of the instrumental battle between these three! Photo is by my friend Jumi!!!

Cry Out – Taka comes back in after the instrumental and the lights illuminated all four of them. He even called to us “Let me see you move Manila”, earning him some cheers from us. When he said, “Let’s make some noise”, he got what he want, Manila style! Us fans also sang along, especially for the first lines of the song where a second voice would be played. Toru and Ryota (with his now LED bass which I only see in some of their lives) moved along the stage as well and Toru and Ryota’s backup vocals, WOAH!

Somewhere around this same song, I took this photo of Julen Esteban-Pretel of Julenphoto. Sigh, I wanted to get an autograph of him since I brought my PF 2016 (where tons of his shots were used) but sigh, next time!

On the chorus, all of us sang so loud! I couldn’t really hear Taka much (the woes of being in the standing crowd), but we just sang so loud much to their approval. We clapped and jumped as Taka asked us to as he continued the song and we replied with the chants of the song. On the last chorus, we just came to life since we jumped and rocked on with ONE OK ROCK.


Toru rocking out for this song! Photo is by my wacky friend Jumi!!!

Heartache- The lights slowly faded for a bit as Toru took his acoustic guitar and took a seat. We all knew what song he would play and we all lost it as he strummed the first keys to this song. Taka began by saying “You guys are f-kin’ awesome. Thank you so much!!!” which got us all cheering for him. He then said how happy they all were in being in the country and shouted “Thank you for having us! We appreciate it!”.

More resounding cheers from all of us as he said that. After that, he said they will play a “slow” song which we all loved and the cheering became more pronounced when Taka said he will sing it in Japanese. While I have no qualms with the English version, the acoustic and Japanese version of Heartache is just breathtaking and pulls the heartstrings to the point you want to cry each time you hear it performed. Taka then asked the fans to sing along with him and it was a resounding yes for all of us.

We did sing along with him much like how we did in the first songs and there are often times he would just raise his mic up for us to sing for him. I dunno if people noticed it but as he sang the words to Heartache, he would often have his other hand on his chest, close to his heart and at that point, we were all melting with him as we sang along. His vocal range is also top notch and there were often times he would add new melodies and exhibit just how great his voice is! What on earth can you not do Taka?


Taka on closeup. He looks golden in this photo! He looks as if he’s challenging Manila. Are we going to surrender?!? NEEVERRRR! Photo by PULP Live World.

Throughout the song though, I dunno how it all started but slowly, we all raised our phones with our flashlights on and made a sea of lights for him just like in Be the light in MLF 2014. We didn’t plan it, we didn’t talk about it, we just did it. At that point, Taka and Toru had smiles on their faces and watched as the sea of silver went along with the song (albeit the waves were pretty much erratic. Hahaha, we didn’t have a specific wave direction at all). I wanted to cry as we sang along. It was definitely one of my most favorite scenes in the show.


View of these lights from VIP 2! YES PEOPLE! WE MADE IT!

Heartache's Sea of Lights

Upper Box shot of Heartache’s Sea of Lights! Thanks to Dianne Laplana for this photograph!

Both Taka and Toru did agree on this I think as seen in their IG posts after the live. Taka’s eyes – when he got close to us ever so often – were filled with emotion that I thought we will see him cry. Awww! Taka, its ok! There were also times that his voice slightly cracked but hey, you will never notice it if you are far away but there were times he would also laugh a bit then sing. (I was that focused on him for this song)

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Fantastic!!!! In Manila

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Decision – Right after Heartache, I thought Taka would sing this in Japanese because Tyler Carter wasn’t with him. I loved both editions (including the Acoustic for the Studio Jam Sessions), but hearing Taka sing all the parts in English, WOAH! Taka! Record this pleaseeee! I have to admit I almost sang Tyler’s parts here in the original Japanese lyrics. But wow! Taka singing everything without missing a beat is excellent! Goes to show he is getting better in English! Toru also took centerstage with Ryota, showing us in closeup just how good both they are (wow, Ryota and Toru just have so much power in them too!) Taka even shouted “Manila” in the end of this song and had us cheer for him.

Toru and Tomoya

Toru and Tomoya here in this photo. This is another shot I took in black and white but it became colored. LOL. Regardless, it does show the VFX don’t you think?

Suddenly– Without warning, Ryota, Toru and Tomoya kickstarted with this song and the lights just added to the jumping and cheering from the crowd. Its really cool to see Taka dancing around the stage and trying to reach out to every corner of the stage so everyone could see him. Fans of course continued to sing with him with cheering in the background. In the chorus, he asked us if we were ready and we sang along loudly! We also clapped so loudly for certain bits of the song, adding to the aura of the song. We even sang the last line of the song before Taka ended with a few extra melodies that made everything fall into place.


Oh Tomoya! Finally I see you in close up in this concert! This photo is by PULP Live World.

The Beginning – Following ‘Suddenly’ is this song I am sure many of you are well-aware of because ONE OK ROCK live in Manila would never be complete without it.

Almost everyone in the Arena know this song by heart considering how much we loved the Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy and the man who played the titular character (just so happens to be Takahiro Moriuchi’s friend, Takeru Satoh). I think most fans also learnt about ONE OK ROCK because of this epic song and to hear this live is something we won’t ever forget. Admittedly this is the first song I heard from ONE OK ROCK and everything went from there.

Before they began and as the instrumental beats of this song were played in the background, Taka shouted to all of us “Thanks for coming out tonight, we had a great time. Thank you Manila!”. Cheering came after all that since wow, we were all so thankful too. Taka then said “We can’t say that the world is at peace right now, but we are still here and believing in the power of music. We will definitely be back to here. That’s a promise Manila!” When he said those magical words, WOW! WE JUST WERE ELATED! We done something completely epic, to have ONE OK ROCK promise that to us! WOW! The crowd cheered so loudly and even my ears would ring because the cheering was just immense. We want them back alright! This won’t be the end.

Taka continued on as everyone continued to cheer “Two songs left and let’s end it with a bang! ARE YOU READY EVERYONE?!” We did end it up with a bang and sang along to this iconic song. To hear Taka sing this was just memorable and all of us just sang so loud – me included. I love this song so much because it was genesis.

The VIP areas came alive and the Pinoy fans just sang so loud alongside Taka! We didn’t miss a beat, we kept singing even in the high notes. I could remember we would raise our hands and and wave with the beat. Some jumped as well since this song is like a national anthem! Taka would keep shouting for Manila to keep our energies up and the other three weren’t idle too. Toru displayed total prowess with his guitar as he danced along his area. Ryota also showed his rockin’ face and his baggy pants as he played with the beat. Tomoya also flared in this song with the intensity of his beats, adding more flare to this iconic song.


Taka singing his heart out! Man! I love this vocalist! He is just epic!


Thinking about how great Manila is to you guys? We’re thinking about how great you guys were Toru! Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

We would sing louder when Taka would call for us to be louder. The lights just added more drama to this song and I am so happy I got to sing along as well despite the slamming within VIP 2. It was really really surreal to be in that crowd while the song is being played before us. Defining moment it was! (If only Tomoya has a moving drumkit! He would have joined the others in the ramp)

Taka, Ryota and Tomoya

Dancing around the stage a plenty Taka! Ryota and Tomoya are also joining in for this photo! Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

Mighty Long Fall – Finale to the main setlist track and if they sang Heartache after this, you got the whole trilogy of the Rurouni Kenshin soundtrack in chronological order! But oh well! We headbanged, sang and cheered in this song just like in ‘The Beginning’. The lights are just extraordinary for this salvo since it did reflected flames since they just went off randomly like fireworks. Unfortunately, we were not able to do the Wall of Death in VIP 3 (We’ll do best next time! I think not all of us are aware of the handsign or what it was. Proves to show we need more of these concerts!). Regardless, we sang sang sang! And in the end, and I am so lucky I saw this! Taka gave each one of us a flying kiss that practically screamed love for all!


This is how close I was to the ramp… hahaha, very close enough to see Toru at this angle!

Taka and Tomoya

End it with a bang Taka and Tomoya!!!! Both Ryota and Toru are in their respective corners in this photo XD Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

After that, they left the stage.

The lights around the stage went into blue not long afterward and all of us chanted “More! More! More!” then later on “Encore! Encore!” because come on, we want more love! I think we even did “ONE OK ROCK!” all over again.


The blue lit stage!

We were supposed to sing “Notes N’ Words” for the band as a thank you for them coming here but I think we all blanked out at this point after seeing them and singing with them. Later on, I thought, it was better we actually missed it because to overwhelm ONE OK ROCK with us singing continuously with them and even in the Japanese parts, I think that was an achievement in itself and it showed just how much the band has shaped all of us in that arena.

After a few more chants, they came out again and Taka asked “Wanna stay with me more?” The obvious answer we all shouted was “YES!” and we gotten one heart- melting smile from Taka who replied “Me, too. I want more.” (WHO WOULD NOT MELT WHEN HE SAID THAT!)

Wherever you are (Acoustic) – Like in Heartache, Taka and Toru did this song on acoustic and like in Heartache, we sang along even in the Japanese parts. For me, this is yet again another excellent highlight of the live because we showed ONE OK ROCK that we know their songs by heart and even the Japanese lyrics. At the end of the first half of the song, he gave all of us a heart sign with his hands and another heart-melting smile before preparing for the second stanza.


One of my best shots for this song… definitely one of the most romantic and emotional scenes of this concert!

Toru and Taka

Toruka moments anyone? Yup! This is on full view! This photo is by my wacky friend Jumi!

Of course, Taka did ask us to sing with him when it was close to the long Japanese lyrics in the song. We obliged his requested and he counted with his fingers before we took over. When we sang the first line in Japanese without missing a beat, his smile was just too wide and said “umai” (Japanese for great) while we sang. He was even nodding his approval at our singing! We actually missed a few beats but Taka would just smile and entice all of us to continue while his mic was up in the air. He also placed his other hand on his chest, as if taking in all our love. We also gave them another sea of lights without being prompted. I heard it was asked by Taka before in the other shows but I’m not so sure. Ours, we never really took prompting at all. Toru gave us one heck of a smile and his eyes shown how much he loved it! Cheers came in when the song ended, and Taka just said “Thank you so much, we love you guys. You guys are so beautiful, thank you so much!” You are also beautiful Taka and Toru!


Crowd love as Taka sang Wherever you Are! Photo is by PULP Live World (JHG Photography).

NO SCARED – from the acoustic, we went back to high power as the band performed another iconic piece from their repertoire. Taka asked us if we wanted to listen to a couple more songs (Taka, sing more than 2 and we’re the happiest fans you will ever see). He even asked us if we wanted to get crazy, hell yes!!! If Answer is Near was done, wow, perfect night! Or Let’s Take it Someday!

VFX on high power for this song as it danced as the crowd jumped to catch the balloons!!!! YAY! BALLLLLLOOOOONNNS! I saw the 35XXXV Japan Tour clips with this song and those balloons. I wasn’t able to touch the balloons until the end of it as a friend of mine managed to get one for herself.

The balloons are UNLEASHED!!!! Yes, air balloons with the current symbol of ONE OK ROCK. Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

But the intensity of that song and how all of us jumped along with that song was just surreal! Taka would often times kick the balloons reaching him and Toru and Ryota would join him in the ramp giving us one damn good show! We would all sing with them for the chorus with our hands up joining the beat. I wonder if the flaming sequence would have done, what would that have felt? That would have added more flavor to the performance! Next time!


Seeing one of Taka’s signature poses! That man can really sing and hit notes properly!

Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer – The grand finale! We didn’t even have a breather from ‘NO SCARED’ but who cares?!?! We jumped, we screamed and sang! I loved it when Tomoya would add his epic backup vocals for this since everytime he does have a backup part, it was always hilarious. Thank God it was included in the setlist because since it was recorded for Niche Syndrome, this song became a crowd favorite. We all cheered in the end when we managed to end the song still singing and seeing everyone in the band smile despite their exhaustion from the live was all worth the jumping, hoarse voices and that whatnots.


One of my few clear shots of Taka. Ahh, the others are etched in my memory (especially one or two scenes).


Close up of Ryota and his killer abs! Thank you to my friend Jumi for this photo!


The jump! YES! I GOT THIS SHOT! YESSSS! You will see the front version of this jump in the photo below!

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Manila photo by @julenphoto #oneokrock #35xxxv #asia

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At the end of the performance encore (it was done already!? NOOOO) and everyone was still cheering for the band with their love and cheers (I kept shouting Taka, Aishiteru! hope he heard me), Taka reached for the official banner made by the Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers – signed by fans who got to sign it – and posed with it as seen in the photo below. Hopefully Ryota does see “Ryota I love you” this time unlike in Fool Cool Rock! (Someone did write it if memory serves me right since I told everyone in our discussions when the banner was being discussed that he didn’t see one before) But heck! See that crowd (I’m there somewhere actually).

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Tomoya and Ryota

Here is another shot of the banner, held up by Ryota and Tomoya! This is Jumi’s photo of it. I was quite far away from the stage for this.

Taka had also done a selfie with his phone as he normally does and it is clear in his video that the crowd just went wild with him! I wanted to cry at that point, it all happened and I was there when it happened.

Taka and Tomoya
I see you Taka! Lovin that smile as you check your phone!!!!!

His caption for the video selfie is down below!!!

Before they left the stage for the last time that night, all four of them walked to the platform and did a 20 second bow to us while holding hands (I actually have a video of this but with my bad internet, I cannot upload it). I don’t know if others saw it but it was etched in their faces – from my view- just how happy they all were and the emotions that was running in their minds at that moment. It was amazing to see that bow as well since I only see them bow like that in their Japan shows and if we could all bow like that before them, we would have done it longer. They have done so much for us and in turn, we gave them so much to look forward to in their next live in Manila. Another fan from the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers also had the same idea as I did (Hello Angel) and if we had time and that chance again, we will definitely do this to thank the band.


ONE OK ROCK thanking and waving at everyone for coming!


Taka taking another bow with Toru watching him. We will do this next time! as a thank you! *imagines the fans shouting “Hontoni, arigato ONE OK OK ROCK!” then this bow. Wonderful*

After that long bow, Taka said to all of us “See you next time!” and before we can even answer that (the process was just too quick!), Tomoya had done his piece as he does on any live and shouted ‘Mahal Kita’ to everyone before they all went to the back stage. That made the crowd go wild again! Everyone was in a state of shock and were all glued in their places as the lights went back on everywhere. We all found it very hard to realize that that ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila just happened right in front of us. It was a surreal experience and for me, the realization that the live was as high in intensity as those in Japan and it was done here was just mind-blowing.

I also think that we also didn’t realize that it wasn’t just us that gotten one hell of a show, but also ONE OK ROCK as they posted several photos of the show and how they loved their experience. I loved how Tomoya said that it was a treasure he would never forget. Ryota’s comment was also cool as he said they had a blast in Manila. Of course, we will never forget Taka’s ever lingering promise they will come back to the Philippines again (Can it be now Taka? Onegaishimasu!!!)

Later on, I did find out that the official photographer Julen (whom I unfortunately wasn’t able to catch for an autograph for my Primal Footmark but did take a photo of him in one part of the live) had commented to a friend of mine in a Facebook comment she made on one of the Manila shots that the band couldn’t stop talking about the Manila crowd and how much blown away they all were after the show! Virtual hugs for everyone!!!

Even Amuse (as seen in the link in the first part of the Concert Live Report) and PULP Live World President Vernon Go just got blown away on the power of ONE OK ROCK fans in the country. Here is his post, see, its not just girls who are pulled into the ONE OK ROCK phenomenon.

Here are some photos I took after the concert. If you are in them, please do let me know by putting a shoutout below or in my Facebook page!!!

Crowd from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

Immediately after the concert. Yes, we were, as they say, jampacked! Next time, we will fill this arena!

Mei and Diane

Saw one of my kouhais Diane, who is also from the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews First Wave! I’ll see you in Taft when I visit little kouhai.

Stage setup for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

This is the stage after the concert… Wow, it was done already?! WHY!!!

Mei and Jumi

Posing here with my partner-in-crime Jumi! I will miss this wacky friend of mine. Though we always chat online now. Hahaha.

Raki of Asterysk

This is Raki of Asterysk. Next time, I’ll get the photos of the rest of the band!

Philippines' ONE OK ROCKers Admins

Outside, I saw the leaders behind this whole thing. These are the administrators of the Manila, Cebu and Davao chapters of the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers fan group. Without their efforts, the idea of ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila will not exist! Thank you so much you guys! I love you all!

Outside MOA Arena

Many still remained, all of them were talking about the live they just witnessed. I actually got stalled also since I did my statements for PULP’s video message for the band!!!

Mei and Ysa

Selfie with Ysa before I walked away from the Arena! See you on the next live Ysa!!

Fans, of course, also had nothing but praises and love for ONE OK ROCK and the live they just experienced. Here are their statements below. I tried posting all of them but you guys are so many! The longer ones will appear in my sub-blog “Love for 10969” and I’ll try to find a way to get these voices transferred to ONE OK ROCK. We need to tell them our personal messages right? They were so many guys! Almost 150 people commented! WOAH!!! Imagine if we included the others which were not in the thread I made x_X The power of Pinoy ONE OK ROCK fans should not be questioned again after the success of ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila and I have every bet the next one will be sold out.

To view the PULP Royalty testimonials, please click here.

To view the testimonials of ONE OK ROCK fans who have attended the concert, please click here.

As the lights of SM Mall of Asia Arena slowly closed and we were slowly ushered out of the Arena in a drizzling night, the realization that the most historic concert for Japanese music lovers has sunk in and its grip into the hearts of fans is quite strong. But with a clear resounding promise made hours earlier, ONE OK ROCK definitely gave their fans something to look forward to in the near future (if trends are to be considered, we will hear something from them in 2 years… maybe even earlier than that!)

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Taka (@10969taka) on

We’ll see these boys again in the near future doing this exact same pose before us and maybe next time, we will hear Taka say ‘Mahal namin kayong lahat’ just like how we all melted when Tomoya said ‘Mahal Kita’. Lush did point out to me this is the first time since the Asia Tour began did the band do a long bow before a foreign audience. I haven’t backtracked their recent performances but if its true, wow! We did a lasting impression! Pinoy fans are the best!


ONE OK ROCK: The 2016 ’35XXXV’ Asia Tour: Live in Manila was brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event partners also include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star, Inquirer.net, Animax, Otaku Asia Magazine, Primer, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

For more details regarding this event, visit either http://pulpliveworld.com/shows/2016/one-ok-rock



Have I pulled your heartstrings minna? If I did, then my work here is done. I’ll see you all again in Part 2!


7 thoughts on “[Full] ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Concert”

  1. Wonderful way to culminate the event.Thanks for inscribing those details, reminding us how’s it like to be there that night. It’s been 24 days and yet still holding back. lmao
    I wish they’d release a special DVD for 35xxxv Concert Live in the Philippines. haha
    Needless to say, the long-awaited concert and the great excitement of the Filipino fans could have been magical moments to document. urgh!

    1. Thanks for the comment. LOL. I tried my best to give Team Bahay, Team Abroad and Team Arena the flashback needed to be at that night. As far as a DVD is concerned, I am not so sure if it is plausible, but let us see in the future.

  2. I read it as you’ve suggested—and boy this just brought me back to that very moment I was in that amazing crowd. I was also in VIP2 standing and I felt all the energy and the love and the happiness, and the piercing pain in the chest (you could say it’s a mixture of joy and the fact that the boys were really there in front of you). WOW. JUST WOW.
    Although I didn’t hear Taka much in some songs because of the crowd—–I AM PROUD TO BE IN THAT NOISY, ENERGETIC, and CRAZY crowd (I just hoped the others really didn’t raise their gadgets so high to the point the people from the back couldn’t see them anymore). BUT YES, I LOVE YOU FELLOW OOR fans..本当に最高~ No wonder we felt their warmth too—it’s because of our oozing love and support to them.
    I loved all the songs..And I wished too that there was a space in front of Tomoya. hahahahah! I just love that guy’s monstrous beats and adorable smile. But what got imprinted in my heart and soul were the songs “Heartache, Wherever You Are, Cry Out and Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. JUST AMAZING!
    And that part where Taka had often put his hand close to his chest (T^T) It’s very heart-melting. That promise. Those skills. That voice. Those smiles. Those cheers. I loved every single bit of ’em.
    Thank you so much for giving us a detailed review! ♥

    みんな待っているよ、Taka, Ryota, Tomo, Toru…..早く戻ってください ^^ ♥

  3. Hi, just finished reading this! Thank you again for this detailed account of the best rock concert ever!

    I also remember one moment, just to share..it’s during the Take Me To The Top performance (btw, we were at the VIP 1 area). I remember Taka’s “taken aback” face clearly, and noted that he even sang the wrong line of the chorus..probably because of the crazy crowd.

    Fave parts were Clock Strikes (too many incidences here — Toru going to Tomoya, Taka’s long pitch, crowd knowing the timing of the “Oooh!!”, Heartache (Taka said “Oh my God!” here), Wherever You Are, and Cry Out!!

    1. Lol. thanks very much for the comment ^^v i tried my best to write everything i could remember.

      As for the bits you added, haha, it was so wild in VIP 2 so I did miss some of the bloopers and it was louder in our area. I didnt notice him miss in Take me to the top, but i saw his stunned look. I missed the Oh my God bit too! but i did catch his Filipino thank you XDDD That was amazing!

      Manila just blew them away and i wont be surprised if they indeed go here again for more.

      More PCD perhaps soon XDDD

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