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ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Concert Part 1


This entire live report special will be divided into four major parts due to the content yours truly has written for all of you. Each part will be uploaded within the next three days exactly at 8:30 pm to add to the excitement as to how everything fell into place.

The photos included in this report are credited to their respective owners. If you wish a copy of any photo, please drop by at http://facebook.com/kazeshishou or use my contact page so I can speak to you about it. If you wish to feature this live report, please do the same process.

And, before you start with this first salvo, please do bring out your tissues, hankies or whatever because Mei will take you back to where it all began. Please also refrain from throwing any dangerous items, including your phones or computers once you do finish these parts for the sake of your family members and yourself because it is likely these posts will involve tons of random emotions. You have been advised accordingly.

If you do have any comments, suggestions, confessions and all those sorts of things because of this live report, do post at the end of the blog entry. I would love to hear from you guys just how much these four major posts will affect you all.

I will give you guys the link to the one document version of this entire live report once everything is placed.

So, Wanna take the plunge with me and relive 1/19/2016?


Was there any doubt we wouldn’t deliver? That was the first thing that went into my mind when Amuse Asia posted this entry hours after the concert.

Philippines!!!You guys did it!!!You really did it!!You were totally the most loudest, most energetic,Number 1 crowd…

Posted by Amuse Inc. Asia on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Manila was a sight to behold as the minutes flew by before ONE OK ROCK takes center stage. Admittedly after the meet and greet was done, everyone rushed to get the best places in the SRO areas. IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING!! Let these photos be the narrators since this was pretty much how everything came to place.

ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila Stage

Ah! The proof that yes, this exact setup is in Manila. The lights continuously change actually. The great thing with the entire setup is the ramp since the original seatplan didn’t show this specific ramp on the concert. With that ramp, we were like transported to Yokohama Stadium for Mighty Long Fall 2014, only smaller. Taka, Ryota and Toru always love going to the ramps in some of their lives because fans get to see them up close and doing their magic for some of the songs.

SM Mall of Asia Arena

How big is SM Mall of Asia Arena? Here it is on VIP 2 Standing! I couldn’t take a full view of the stage since if I did, I might lose my place. Hahaha. Moshpit is WOAH in terms of people trying to get a spot close to the stage.

But here are photos from ONE OK ROCK’s official photographer that day – the genius Julen Esteban-Pretel of Julenphoto – of the entire stage.

View from the Upper Boxes

View of the Upper Box of the Stage! Thanks to Dianne Laplana for this Photo!!!!

Centered view of the stage! Photo by PULP Live World/ Joel Garcia
Centered view of the stage and click image to see the larger reso! Photo by PULP Live World

Mei and Lush

Hello to Lush Cueto from the First Wave of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. Ah, I thought she didn’t want a photo. LOL!

Mei and Kim

This is me and my ever gorgeous friend Kim Gill whom you can easily spot in the photos coz of her flaming red hair (or pink). Much love to you my dearest Kimmy!

Pulp Royalty

Yay, Mei is really in ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila! This is in VIP 2 or Kampo de Toru as many would often say. Kampo de Ryota is VIP 1. VIP 3 is I guess Kampo de Taka. And hello Michelle who is laughing here. She forgot why she was laughing when I asked her about it. Hahaha.

VIP 2 Crowd

Yay for VIP 2 crowd!!! I did not get your name people but if you do see yourself in this photo, do let me know and say hi!!!!!

Another view of VIP 2 Standing! Click image  to get the larger version Photo by PULP Live World.
Another view of VIP 2 Standing! Click image to get the larger version
Photo by PULP Live World.

Team Iloilo

My friends from Team Iloilo who got into the arena at 12 and the lucky ones who saw the band in the airport. Hello to all of you!!!! They were my mini bodyguards before I got carried away by the current that is the sea of people in VIP 2 Standing. I love you all!


Lower Box A, B and C are slowly filling up!!!! I wonder what would happen if Gen Ad was also opened… (OMG YOKOHAMA ARENA EXPERIENCE!!!)


VIP 2 , 3, Seated and Lower Box A. Hahahaha! WHOA! IT’S A SEA OF PEOPLE!!!! OMG OMG!


Vip 1 and the other side of the lower boxes Still filling up. But we made our targets!

The arena slowly filled up as the time passed by and at one point, all of us in VIP 2 went singing along the play back music of Hoobastank, Against the Current and many others as we waited for the band that brought us together. I remember the comments of some fans with me in VIP 2 saying “Timecheck!” or “What time is it starting?” or “Why aren’t the people in VIP 1 not joining us singing?”. Others, like myself, were reliving our encounters with the band and in a squealing fit. Who could not be in a squealing fit after being close to the band? I personally got the shivers to that even as we waited T_T

As the minutes drew closer to concert time, fans started cheering as the final tuneups for the instruments of the band were done by the crew and they even shouted to one of them “Yuki!!!!”. Seeing Taka’s red mic, Toru’s guitars, Ryota’s bass of many colors and lighting was extraordinary since it was tested right before us. Imagine if it was the foursome already before us and using those stuff? Shame Tomoya couldn’t bring his SJC drums! I heard it lights up! (I will see that in Japan when I get the chance!)

Final checks

One of the tech team with one of Toru’s guitars. In the background, you see his acoustic guitar.

Aside from the tune ups, the stage just made us all too giddy.

ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila.

The fully lit setup… isn’t this reminiscent to the Japan Tour stage? Go watch it if you can. I love this photo to be honest. Mysterious, simply ONE OK ROCK.

After the Arena’s reminders were broadcasted everywhere regarding the dos and donts while in the Arena, the crowd started cheering since this is it! In just a few minutes, we will see them finally on stage. The moments afterward were electrifying because a deafening roar from the crowd shook SM Mall of Asia Arena once the clock ticked to 8:30 pm. The lights faded to black and signaled the beginning of what can be considered as the best and historic concert the fans will ever witness in 2016.


Lets cut it here everyone! I promise there is a reason why I am cutting your viewing pleasure and if you did read the disclaimer… the reason is all there. Are your hearts pumping already?

ONE OK ROCK: The 2016 ’35XXXV’ Asia Tour: Live in Manila was brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event partners also include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star, Inquirer.net, Animax, Otaku Asia Magazine, Primer, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

For more details regarding this event, visit either http://pulpliveworld.com/shows/2016/one-ok-rock



See you tomorrow at 830pm for Part 2 of this 4 tier piece for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila!


8 thoughts on “ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Concert Part 1”

  1. Whaaat?!?! So we’ll have to wait another 24 hrs for the 2nd Part huh? Just want to share a tiny bit of our #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila experience…

    After being herded like a cow outside the MOA Arena for about an hour my sister and I took our seats looking exhausted and the concert hasn’t even started. The girls behind us was heckling a couple of girls from the VIP 1 (that’s the one in the middle I think) because she was waving light sticks and they were repremanding her. I thought, this is the kind of scenarip that you see in a basketball game (which we used to do a lot of during Alaska Team of the 90’s days. Yep, I’m that old! LOL) and not in a concert of an international band. We’ve been to a couple of Lifehouse concert before, but this is the 1st rock concert that we’ve ever been to. I was thingking, are we really gonna enjoy this? Is it all worth it? But when the lights dimmed and we see Tomoya and Ryota getting onto the stage, that’s when we started to jump out of seats and started screaming, specially whenm we saw Toru’s blonde hair. I still couldn’t believe my eyes, is this really happening? And them came Taka… all hell broke loose! This is it! We are not imagining things which usually happens after watching so many videos on YouTube. ONE OK ROCK is HERE! Before our very eyes! And we never took our seats after that hahaha! Hash tag #neckpain #legcramps #achingallover but YES, it was all definitely worth it!

    1. Lol, i was advised to cut your viewing pleasure since the longer post has proven to be very deadly from the sample population I tried it out with.

      Besides…. I have tons of photos to share XD You want that no?

      As for your post-event experience, I shall add it on the testimonials for part 4.

  2. thank you for posting this, i hope i can experience it too here in uae hehe (wishing po mag coconcert sila dito) if not next manila concert uuwi ako for sure….patiently waiting for part 2-4 hehe

    1. Lol, you never know where they will appear next so don’t lose hope! But on the next one, try coming home to see them! It was a blast!

      The next one is at 830 pm, same for the next two. I’ll post the full version at 930 pm, February 12 after Part 4 appears XD

  3. Hi Mei, regarding eyeglasses? Yep, contact lens is definitely a MUST! ‘Cause I did! HAHAHHA! I have a poor eyesight, too. And since I have gone to a concert before and experienced the STRESS of always-falling-out eyeglasses, I told myself that I am gonna wear contact lens for #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila even though I’m scareeed! HAHAHAHAHAAHA! Well, in the end, it became an achievement also. So thanks to OOR that I was actually able to face one of my fears and to overcome it! YAY for that! HAHAHAHAHAHA! XDD Sad, I should have mentioned something about it to you before. Gomen. :/

    1. Hahaha, its ok but to me it was also an achievement in itself. That was my first ONE OK ROCK live and my first rock concert in that kind of arena so the falling glasses bit was an experience. Next time, I’m all lasered up hahaha. Contact lenses still fall out so thats still bad.

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