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ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Concert Part 2


Before we begin, please do read these following reminders because yes, I do pray that you guys hang in there! YOU GUYS CAN DO IT! We’re not even close to the end yet!!!!

“This entire live report will be divided into four major parts due to the content yours truly has written for all of you. Each part will be uploaded within the next coming days exactly at 8:30 pm to add to the excitement as to how everything came to place.

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With that done, hajimemasu yoooo!!!!


The crowd at SM Mall of Asia roared to life as Tomoya, Ryota, Toru and Taka went to their places in the stage exactly as the clock struck 830 pm. The lights turned to green and yellow to signal the start of the performance.

35XXXV – The first thing that would go in your mind as the music and lights change around you, especially if you have seen the live performances of ONE OK ROCK before is this… “AM I IN JAPAN!??! WHY AM I SEEING THIS CRAZY LIGHTING! THIS IS REALLY IT!!!”

The band is well known for these kinds of VFX but seeing it in person is an extraordinary experience. There is just something in these setups that changes one’s feeling each time you see it.

Tomoya began with his signature beats with Ryota and Toru close behind him. WOAH! They went all out on this intro before. Toru, who was closer to where I was, even had chances where he would continue playing his guitar while raising it upward. Taka also did some of the vocals since there are actually lyrics embedded in this intro. However, you can’t really hear it much because not only were fans cheering, the electricity generated by the opening was just immense that you have this feeling that hey, this live will be something to look forward to.

Crowd cheering for ONE OK ROCK

See the crowd here? LOL! This is just how much love is given to ONE OK ROCK! And hello Diane! (I know too many Diane/Dianne coz of this concert!).

And shout out to Nico, Kim’s friend. Today is his birthday so happy happy birthday to you! Hope my present is ok XDD Photo by PULP Live World.

Take me to the Top – After snapping out of my reverie and trying my best to keep a hold of my glasses (Mei’s top tip: if you go to cons and you have glasses, best get contact lenses or get laser surgery since they will ultimately fall off your face once you start headbanging) and my bag (my cardi – which I took off due to the heat fell down in the process), the band immediately hit straight off to Take me to the Top!

Intro spiels

A little blurry but here is a photo to give you just how much colorful everything started for us for this song!!

Lighting was top notch like the one for Saitama (We definitely are transported to Japan, super unreal!!). There were also loads of headbanging action from the boys, especially for the instrumental parts. Taka also called everyone to raise our hands and move to the beat, answering him in the backup vocals of the song. The energy is electrifying – especially in the standing room – as everyone jumped and cheered in the beat. Is this what the Japanese feel like in their lives? This is addicting!

Memories – More headbanging as we all sang with Taka for this upbeat song. It was also one of the cool times I almost died in seeing Taka up close as he sang. HE WAS SO CLOSE!!! That’s one great thing with the live, Taka gets so close with you while he dances around the stage. Of course, I also paid attention to Toru who would rock out with his guitars and not to mention, seeing Ryota with the bass is just wow! The abs are a reality!!! (If you are a Ryota fan, you will definitely love the view!) Tomoya was also a sight to behold and like always, you couldn’t help but smile as his faces reflect each beat. If only that drumset of his has wheels! (SOMEONE INVENT IT!)


A far shot of Tomoya, if someone invents a walking drumset, you have me sold!

Deeper Deeper – This is where we started shocking the band because this has Japanese lyrics and us fans did the claps, jumps and the entire song without missing a beat! Whenever I would see this performed in the band’s live performances, everything comes to life with this song and when we actually did this song? WE JUST CANNOT STOP! Taka would just dance along with Ryota and Toru close behind him.

The VFX is also one of a kind with this song! Greens, Yellows, Reds, name it! Taka also said somewhere in the song “Philippines, you guys are fckin’ great” and well, we – the crowd – just shouted our approval over that! Who cannot?! For me, the super chilling experience for this song was to see Taka do those shrieking bits before the finale and the finale itself! SURREAL! THAT WAS NOT FAKE! I REPEAT! THAT WAS NOT FAKED AT ALL! HE DID IT IN LIVE!!

Stuck in the Middle – As the music beats for this next one and us clappin along with the beat, Taka shouts after removing his leather jacket (His iconic Metallica tee on full view! I saw a photo of him wearing that tee in some of the Japan Tour photos. I think the one in Makuhari Messe and he also have it for Saitama). “Hello! We are ONE OK ROCK!” then followed by”This is our first time in the Philippines” Of course all of us went ballistic over that since yes! They are in the country and IT IS REALLY HAPPENING! ONE OK ROCK LIVE IN MANILA!!! He continued as we roared our love for the band “I want to say thank you a lot. Thank you for havin’ us! Thank you so much!” More cheers from all of us of course, and Taka continued to fuel our Pinoy heartstrings by saying “Finally, we made it here! Now, who wants to have fun tonight Philippines?”. After asking again, he asked all of us to raise our hands and clapped (I was only able to raise one coz I was holding my fallen bag but did magic anyway and clapped).

Tomoya began Stuck in the Middle with some mad drummin’ (with matching facial expressions and hair swayin’. I really want to see him play his red drumset!!! MUST WATCH IN JAPAN!) and Ryota dished out his favorite facial expressions with his LED bass (More Abs love. I didn’t notice it much but according to my friends, Ryota was pretty much topless in the throughout the entire show. Usually, especially in Japan, he would let one or two songs pass before he would remove his top. But it seems fans in Ryota’s camp (AKA Vip 1) would get fans most of it!) He did move to Toru’s place and Toru moved to his place for this song. It was also super cool to hear their backup vocals, especially Ryota’s! Taka yet again called for Manila to jump and we did! Toru’s mad guitar skills were on full display in my side of the stage and you can clearly see his emotions as he played along. Exquisite!


Ryota on backup vocals!!!! And displaying his cool bass and abs!!! This photo is by PULP Live World XD


Taka wants to hear you Manila! SCREAM!

Clock Strikes – VFX came to life with this specific song because this is one of the band’s iconic songs (if only Be the light was in the setlist… sigh). There were also these designed lights roaming around the arena that looked like these wisps of smoke and there were also times the stage would just light up in random parts of the song.


I dunno why it became colored when I transferred this to my Mac but whatever color scheme it is, Toru looks amazing!

We also sang with Taka with this, which added to the shocks of the boys since we know the Japanese lyrics in full. We also jumped in VIP 2 and had our hands up! Toru kept moving around too. Taka then asked if we can sing it with him as if he’s challenging all of us. Of course, Pinoys are never the ones to say no so we said yes to that. After singing some lines, Taka raised his mic and allowed us to sing. I have every admiration to Taka’s vocal prowess in this song! He would not miss a long note at all!


Taka doing the shrieking bits in the ending. SURREEALL TO SEE HIM DO THIS!

Of course, I also have every admiration to all of us since hey, we sang, we didn’t miss it and boy oh boy, did we shock ONE OK ROCK!



Stop right here!! Hahaha, we’re getting to my favorite parts of this live but as they say, patience is a virtue! I promise, it will be one for the books so gambareeeee!

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