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ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Concert Part 4


We now fall to this final instalment of my concert live report for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. It has been quite a journey but hey, we all enjoyed it and this report sure brings back memories. ONE OK ROCK, what have you guys done with our hearts and souls?!?

Before we end this final instalment of the concert proper live report from yours truly, a few reminders!

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And, before you start with this final instalment, please do bring out your tissues, hankies or whatever because Mei will take you back to where it all began. Please also refrain from throwing any dangerous items, including your phones or computers once you do finish these parts for the sake of your family members and yourself because it is likely these posts will involve tons of random emotions. You have been advised accordingly.

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Are you ready to start? Good! Let’s begin!!!

Additional notes: This is the longest instalment and photo plenty! Yeah, I love you loads thats why.


The Beginning – Following ‘Suddenly’ is this song I am sure many of you are well-aware of because ONE OK ROCK live in Manila would never be complete without it.

Almost everyone in the Arena know this song by heart considering how much we loved the Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy and the man who played the titular character (just so happens to be Takahiro Moriuchi’s friend, Takeru Satoh). I think most fans also learnt about ONE OK ROCK because of this epic song and to hear this live is something we won’t ever forget. Admittedly this is the first song I heard from ONE OK ROCK and everything went from there.

Before they began and as the instrumental beats of this song were played in the background, Taka shouted to all of us “Thanks for coming out tonight, we had a great time. Thank you Manila!”. Cheering came after all that since wow, we were all so thankful too. Taka then said “We can’t say that the world is at peace right now, but we are still here and believing in the power of music. We will definitely be back to here. That’s a promise Manila!” When he said those magical words, WOW! WE JUST WERE ELATED! We done something completely epic, to have ONE OK ROCK promise that to us! WOW! The crowd cheered so loudly and even my ears would ring because the cheering was just immense. We want them back alright! This won’t be the end.

Taka continued on as everyone continued to cheer “Two songs left and let’s end it with a bang! ARE YOU READY EVERYONE?!” We did end it up with a bang and sang along to this iconic song. To hear Taka sing this was just memorable and all of us just sang so loud – me included. I love this song so much because it was genesis.

The VIP areas came alive and the Pinoy fans just sang so loud alongside Taka! We didn’t miss a beat, we kept singing even in the high notes. I could remember we would raise our hands and and wave with the beat. Some jumped as well since this song is like a national anthem! Taka would keep shouting for Manila to keep our energies up and the other three weren’t idle too. Toru displayed total prowess with his guitar as he danced along his area. Ryota also showed his rockin’ face and his baggy pants as he played with the beat. Tomoya also flared in this song with the intensity of his beats, adding more flare to this iconic song.


Taka singing his heart out! Man! I love this vocalist! He is just epic!


Thinking about how great Manila is to you guys? We’re thinking about how great you guys were Toru! Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

We would sing louder when Taka would call for us to be louder. The lights just added more drama to this song and I am so happy I got to sing along as well despite the slamming within VIP 2. It was really really surreal to be in that crowd while the song is being played before us. Defining moment it was! (If only Tomoya has a moving drumkit! He would have joined the others in the ramp)

Taka, Ryota and Tomoya

Dancing around the stage a plenty Taka! Ryota and Tomoya are also joining in for this photo! Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

Mighty Long Fall – Finale to the main setlist track and if they sang Heartache after this, you got the whole trilogy of the Rurouni Kenshin soundtrack in chronological order! But oh well! We headbanged, sang and cheered in this song just like in ‘The Beginning’. The lights are just extraordinary for this salvo since it did reflected flames since they just went off randomly like fireworks. Unfortunately, we were not able to do the Wall of Death in VIP 3 (We’ll do best next time! I think not all of us are aware of the handsign or what it was. Proves to show we need more of these concerts!). Regardless, we sang sang sang! And in the end, and I am so lucky I saw this! Taka gave each one of us a flying kiss that practically screamed love for all!


This is how close I was to the ramp… hahaha, very close enough to see Toru at this angle!

Taka and Tomoya

End it with a bang Taka and Tomoya!!!! Both Ryota and Toru are in their respective corners in this photo XD Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

After that, they left the stage.

The lights around the stage went into blue not long afterward and all of us chanted “More! More! More!” then later on “Encore! Encore!” because come on, we want more love! I think we even did “ONE OK ROCK!” all over again.


The blue lit stage!

We were supposed to sing “Notes N’ Words” for the band as a thank you for them coming here but I think we all blanked out at this point after seeing them and singing with them. Later on, I thought, it was better we actually missed it because to overwhelm ONE OK ROCK with us singing continuously with them and even in the Japanese parts, I think that was an achievement in itself and it showed just how much the band has shaped all of us in that arena.

After a few more chants, they came out again and Taka asked “Wanna stay with me more?” The obvious answer we all shouted was “YES!” and we gotten one heart- melting smile from Taka who replied “Me, too. I want more.” (WHO WOULD NOT MELT WHEN HE SAID THAT!)

Wherever you are (Acoustic) – Like in Heartache, Taka and Toru did this song on acoustic and like in Heartache, we sang along even in the Japanese parts. For me, this is yet again another excellent highlight of the live because we showed ONE OK ROCK that we know their songs by heart and even the Japanese lyrics. At the end of the first half of the song, he gave all of us a heart sign with his hands and another heart-melting smile before preparing for the second stanza.


One of my best shots for this song… definitely one of the most romantic and emotional scenes of this concert!

Toru and Taka

Toruka moments anyone? Yup! This is on full view! This photo is by my wacky friend Jumi!

Of course, Taka did ask us to sing with him when it was close to the long Japanese lyrics in the song. We obliged his requested and he counted with his fingers before we took over. When we sang the first line in Japanese without missing a beat, his smile was just too wide and said “umai” (Japanese for great) while we sang. He was even nodding his approval at our singing! We actually missed a few beats but Taka would just smile and entice all of us to continue while his mic was up in the air. He also placed his other hand on his chest, as if taking in all our love. We also gave them another sea of lights without being prompted. I heard it was asked by Taka before in the other shows but I’m not so sure. Ours, we never really took prompting at all. Toru gave us one heck of a smile and his eyes shown how much he loved it! Cheers came in when the song ended, and Taka just said “Thank you so much, we love you guys. You guys are so beautiful, thank you so much!” You are also beautiful Taka and Toru!


Crowd love as Taka sang Wherever you Are! Photo is by PULP Live World (JHG Photography).

NO SCARED – from the acoustic, we went back to high power as the band performed another iconic piece from their repertoire. Taka asked us if we wanted to listen to a couple more songs (Taka, sing more than 2 and we’re the happiest fans you will ever see). He even asked us if we wanted to get crazy, hell yes!!! If Answer is Near was done, wow, perfect night! Or Let’s Take it Someday!

VFX on high power for this song as it danced as the crowd jumped to catch the balloons!!!! YAY! BALLLLLLOOOOONNNS! I saw the 35XXXV Japan Tour clips with this song and those balloons. I wasn’t able to touch the balloons until the end of it as a friend of mine managed to get one for herself.

The balloons are UNLEASHED!!!! Yes, air balloons with the current symbol of ONE OK ROCK. Photo by PULP Live World (JHG Photography)

But the intensity of that song and how all of us jumped along with that song was just surreal! Taka would often times kick the balloons reaching him and Toru and Ryota would join him in the ramp giving us one damn good show! We would all sing with them for the chorus with our hands up joining the beat. I wonder if the flaming sequence would have done, what would that have felt? That would have added more flavor to the performance! Next time!


Seeing one of Taka’s signature poses! That man can really sing and hit notes properly!

Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer – The grand finale! We didn’t even have a breather from ‘NO SCARED’ but who cares?!?! We jumped, we screamed and sang! I loved it when Tomoya would add his epic backup vocals for this since everytime he does have a backup part, it was always hilarious. Thank God it was included in the setlist because since it was recorded for Niche Syndrome, this song became a crowd favorite. We all cheered in the end when we managed to end the song still singing and seeing everyone in the band smile despite their exhaustion from the live was all worth the jumping, hoarse voices and that whatnots.


One of my few clear shots of Taka. Ahh, the others are etched in my memory (especially one or two scenes).


Close up of Ryota and his killer abs! Thank you to my friend Jumi for this photo!


The jump! YES! I GOT THIS SHOT! YESSSS! You will see the front version of this jump in the photo below!

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Manila photo by @julenphoto #oneokrock #35xxxv #asia

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At the end of the performance encore (it was done already!? NOOOO) and everyone was still cheering for the band with their love and cheers (I kept shouting Taka, Aishiteru! hope he heard me), Taka reached for the official banner made by the Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers – signed by fans who got to sign it – and posed with it as seen in the photo below. Hopefully Ryota does see “Ryota I love you” this time unlike in Fool Cool Rock! (Someone did write it if memory serves me right since I told everyone in our discussions when the banner was being discussed that he didn’t see one before) But heck! See that crowd (I’m there somewhere actually).

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Tomoya and Ryota

Here is another shot of the banner, held up by Ryota and Tomoya! This is Jumi’s photo of it. I was quite far away from the stage for this.

Taka had also done a selfie with his phone as he normally does and it is clear in his video that the crowd just went wild with him! I wanted to cry at that point, it all happened and I was there when it happened.

Taka and Tomoya
I see you Taka! Lovin that smile as you check your phone!!!!!

His caption for the video selfie is down below!!!

Before they left the stage for the last time that night, all four of them walked to the platform and did a 20 second bow to us while holding hands (I actually have a video of this but with my bad internet, I cannot upload it). I don’t know if others saw it but it was etched in their faces – from my view- just how happy they all were and the emotions that was running in their minds at that moment. It was amazing to see that bow as well since I only see them bow like that in their Japan shows and if we could all bow like that before them, we would have done it longer. They have done so much for us and in turn, we gave them so much to look forward to in their next live in Manila. Another fan from the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers also had the same idea as I did (Hello Angel) and if we had time and that chance again, we will definitely do this to thank the band.


ONE OK ROCK thanking and waving at everyone for coming!


Taka taking another bow with Toru watching him. We will do this next time! as a thank you! *imagines the fans shouting “Hontoni, arigato ONE OK OK ROCK!” then this bow. Wonderful*

After that long bow, Taka said to all of us “See you next time!” and before we can even answer that (the process was just too quick!), Tomoya had done his piece as he does on any live and shouted ‘Mahal Kita’ to everyone before they all went to the back stage. That made the crowd go wild again! Everyone was in a state of shock and were all glued in their places as the lights went back on everywhere. We all found it very hard to realize that that ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila just happened right in front of us. It was a surreal experience and for me, the realization that the live was as high in intensity as those in Japan and it was done here was just mind-blowing.

I also think that we also didn’t realize that it wasn’t just us that gotten one hell of a show, but also ONE OK ROCK as they posted several photos of the show and how they loved their experience. I loved how Tomoya said that it was a treasure he would never forget. Ryota’s comment was also cool as he said they had a blast in Manila. Of course, we will never forget Taka’s ever lingering promise they will come back to the Philippines again (Can it be now Taka? Onegaishimasu!!!)

Later on, I did find out that the official photographer Julen (whom I unfortunately wasn’t able to catch for an autograph for my Primal Footmark but did take a photo of him in one part of the live) had commented to a friend of mine in a Facebook comment she made on one of the Manila shots that the band couldn’t stop talking about the Manila crowd and how much blown away they all were after the show! Virtual hugs for everyone!!!

Even Amuse (as seen in the link in the first part of the Concert Live Report) and PULP Live World President Vernon Go just got blown away on the power of ONE OK ROCK fans in the country. Here is his post, see, its not just girls who are pulled into the ONE OK ROCK phenomenon.

Here are some photos I took after the concert. If you are in them, please do let me know by putting a shoutout below or in my Facebook page!!!

Crowd from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

Immediately after the concert. Yes, we were, as they say, jampacked! Next time, we will fill this arena!

Mei and Diane

Saw one of my kouhais Diane, who is also from the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews First Wave! I’ll see you in Taft when I visit little kouhai.

Stage setup for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

This is the stage after the concert… Wow, it was done already?! WHY!!!

Mei and Jumi

Posing here with my partner-in-crime Jumi! I will miss this wacky friend of mine. Though we always chat online now. Hahaha.

Raki of Asterysk

This is Raki of Asterysk. Next time, I’ll get the photos of the rest of the band!

Philippines' ONE OK ROCKers Admins

Outside, I saw the leaders behind this whole thing. These are the administrators of the Manila, Cebu and Davao chapters of the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers fan group. Without their efforts, the idea of ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila will not exist! Thank you so much you guys! I love you all!

Outside MOA Arena

Many still remained, all of them were talking about the live they just witnessed. I actually got stalled also since I did my statements for PULP’s video message for the band!!!

Mei and Ysa

Selfie with Ysa before I walked away from the Arena! See you on the next live Ysa!!

Fans, of course, also had nothing but praises and love for ONE OK ROCK and the live they just experienced. Here are their statements below. I tried posting all of them but you guys are so many! The longer ones will appear in my sub-blog “Love for 10969” and I’ll try to find a way to get these voices transferred to ONE OK ROCK. We need to tell them our personal messages right? They were so many guys! Almost 150 people commented! WOAH!!! Imagine if we included the others which were not in the thread I made x_X The power of Pinoy ONE OK ROCK fans should not be questioned again after the success of ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila and I have every bet the next one will be sold out.

‘I still couldn’t believe my eyes’

After being herded like a cow outside the MOA Arena for about an hour my sister and I took our seats looking exhausted and the concert hasn’t even started. The girls behind us was heckling a couple of girls from the VIP 1 (that’s the one in the middle I think) because she was waving light sticks and they were repremanding her. I thought, this is the kind of scenarip that you see in a basketball game (which we used to do a lot of during Alaska Team of the 90’s days. Yep, I’m that old! LOL) and not in a concert of an international band. We’ve been to a couple of Lifehouse concert before, but this is the 1st rock concert that we’ve ever been to. I was thingking, are we really gonna enjoy this? Is it all worth it? But when the lights dimmed and we see Tomoya and Ryota getting onto the stage, that’s when we started to jump out of seats and started screaming, specially whenm we saw Toru’s blonde hair. I still couldn’t believe my eyes, is this really happening? And them came Taka… all hell broke loose! This is it! We are not imagining things which usually happens after watching so many videos on YouTube. ONE OK ROCK is HERE! Before our very eyes! And we never took our seats after that hahaha! Hash tag #neckpain #legcramps #achingallover but YES, it was all definitely worth it!

Bambi Payumo

‘It was an unforgettable moment

It was an unforgettable moment. I think people were just so thirsty, hungry and starving for ONE OK ROCK. More than the fun, it was also one enchanting night to celebrate their music. Musically, they were just so astounding. Each played their individual piece to form such "rocking" music live. I give my full respect to Tomoya for that one hell energy and talent in playing the drums making it splash with much spirit; to Ryota who passionately strummed the 4-stringed bass guitar contributing a harmonious sound to the other instruments; to Toru who had his own world and wonderfully executed such magnifying electric sound; and to Taka who probably has the best voice of a man could have. Props to the crowd, described by Taka as beautiful, who sang every single lyric and was left speechless that it took them minutes to rise from their seats after the concert.

Ehdiako Von

‘The band AND fans delivered!’

The band AND fans delivered! Rocking concert, awesome fans (Especially when they all sang unanimously in Japanese). A fan girl couldn't ask for more. Best jrock concert ever, until they come back that is hehehe. I just hope that this concert will be an eye opener for most event or concert producers in the country, that jpop and jrock bands have a solid fan base here that are willing to spend and take fandom to a whole new level.Even though I was in Lower Box C, I could still feel that Taka is very happy.

Cherry Manibog
Lower Box C

‘It was a very great night and super fun’

It was a very great night and super fun. Taka's voice was just beautiful. It was a blast and I hope there is a repeat!

Irene Bermudez
VIP Seated

‘good vibes’

From the lines, to the security guards, gate, assistants and etc, good vibes already! Good job MOA Arena!!!PS. Tomoya and I wore the same shirt!

Epic Sulit
Lower Box B

‘they sound better live!!!’

I keep on wondering where wlom earth taka is getting all his energy!! Sing-scream-jump-sing-jump and so on! No breaks from each songs pa naman! Plus why the heck they sound so good in cd/mp3/yt vids but they sound way better live!! Their capability to hype the crowd is commendable ~ as for the fans, there are no perfect crowds (especially in the Ph) haha yes there were pasaway but overall, the crowd is great! That time when the arena was filled with WHEREVER YOU ARE song, TAKA fist-pumped his chest bcos i think he was touched? Moved? Coz they way we sang it, it's really heartfelt talaga!! And, and the PH Flag, it reached OOR soooo KUDOSThough there were flaws~ i still want to commend the crowd smile emoticon we filled the arena~ taka and the rest obviously had a great time~ amused asia mentioned us being the loudest crowd~ we cant be like the other asian crowd but at least somehow we had our own trademark this is their 1st time here, let us all be thankful and see the event on a positive note

Ingrid Benigay
VIP Seated

Ever since I just want them to visit Philippines because I see them as my heroes more than anything else so please come back again ONE OK ROCK!

Aki Chin
Lower Box

‘great night’

Great night. I got all sweaty due to headbangin!

Merwyn Abella

‘cant wait for them to be back!’

I was very disappointed that OOR isnt the front act of All Time Low when they were here last year. Yun pala, they are meant to have their own concert! I saw a lot of bands already but Taka has the most powerful voice (Im an ATL, P!ATD AND FOB fan, saw ATL and FOB live but OOR's show was impossibly amazing!) I literally felt my heartbeat when I heard The Beginning's intro! Cant wait for them to be back!

Chel Blanco

‘Worth treasuring’

My first concert and it was sooooo amazing. I'm still having goosebumps thinking about last night. It feels so surreal. It feels amazing. It felt short but we get to see them anyway! I'm overwhelmed by their music. Worth treasuring!

April Talingting
Lower Box A

‘The concert was so amazing’

The concert was so amazing, especially during the heartache song where almost everyone used lights in their phones and swaying their hands. Overall, it was a great concert and I would love to see them again in their next concert in the Philippines.

Shoujo Chan
Lower Box

‘it was very happy experience to sing with ONE OK ROCK’

It was a very happy experience to sing with ONE OK ROCK, especially for songs like Wherever you are even if it was in Japanese. Everyone sang and Taka clenched his fist to his heart, a sign that he really appreciated the Filipino fans. And i was a part of it.This will forever be etched in my meeeemorrrry meeemorrry now! It was very fun!

Janile Mendoza

‘Worth it’

The concert was worth it even though it was my first time to watch a concert. I felt as if I have seen them in an earlier concert! Everyone showed just how much dedicated fans they were since they sang along especially for Wherever you are! Even though I was in Lower Box A, it was very visible! I was very happy I saw the four in person

Berjohn Buguina
Lower Box A

‘They performed so greatly!’

I love all the songs they performed, the crowd was wild too! Being in the VIP area was loads of fun! They performed so greatly too live! I am still in awe how Taka hits those high notes. Toru's growls was awesome and how he plays guitars. Tomoya as ever is so awesome in drums, it was enthralling to see him perform in person. It was awesome! . Ryota is so hyper! I thought he would remove his top on the middle of the show but he took it off at the start of it already!Their first concert here in the country is very memorable!

Jerlyn Medalla

‘super hype and memorable concert’

I am so glad I know most of their songs even though I am not that familiar with the last song because I am just a new fan. Regardless, I was able to sing along with them even if I was already becoming hoarse.The best part is, that is the first time we went to a concert in MOA Arena and experience a super hype and memorable concert'

Marco Rivera
Lower Box A

‘Epic and best concert ever’

Epic and best concert ever! It was a surreal experience for me

Gian Evidente


THEY ARE EFFIN' AWESOME!!! THE BEST! I JUST ENJOYED THE MOMENT AND SING MY HEART OUT LOUD!I was trying to suggest Living Dolls for them to play it. Unfortunately, seems like Taka didnt see it. Because it's too small. But it's okay coz THEY WILL BE COMING BACK!!!I was trying to give my own cap for Taka by throwing it into the stage. VIP 3 here. Sadly, someone got it and Taka wasn't able to received it.But all in all, it was a dream come true. And I can't wait for the next concert!

Olive Dimaano

‘They are excellent’

It was.... oh s-! Finally, I still thought this was all a dream but its not! Overall impact, they are excellent. The next time they come back here, I hope they add some songs that we wanted to hear especially 'Let's Make it Someday'.

Joshua Mar Campilla
Lower Box C


THEY ARE HANDSOME IN PERSON! I am still speechless and breathless! Thanks to Toru and his wonderful guitar pick! It really made my night! They totally rocked the whole arena! So f-in awesome night!!!

Lyka Magbanua

‘best concert ever’

The best concert ever! I think im the only one hardheaded enough to go to fall in line for hours and go to a concert even though I just got out of Chemo. Well, i couldnt just let this one slip by me, I have been waiting for them for so long! They are beyond amazing!

クレア カプラス

‘it was simply awesome’

it was simply awesome, even though we had to wait long, everything was worth it when they started playing, they played their songs the take me to the top, memories, heartache, the beginning, no scared, clock strikes, cry out deeper deeper, wherever you are and more. They are coming back soon and looking forward to that

Michael Sarmiento

‘The concert was a blast’

The concert was a blast. The memory of it keeps replaying in my head. Even though I'm at work, I am still hangover by their performance. Taka-kun, I hope you saw my heart signs as you look to the right side of the stage.. XD When ever you do your signature jump i keep jumping as well.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! More power to One ok rock!!

Lower Box


One of the best concerts I've been. It was a BLAST.I enjoyed everything, from the waiting outside the arena to the end of it! I wish they fulfil their promise to us!

John Carlo Mirandilla

‘ONE OK ROCK will forever be the best!!!’

ONE OK ROCK will forever be the best!!! They will return for sure. I can't wait!!!PS. I LOVE YOU TOO PAPA TOMO!!!


‘one of the best concerts in my life!’

One of the best concerts in my life! They were so good! I admire their power! They were really giving their best! I loved the part everyone raised their phones with their flashlights on and sang with the band. That was so beautiful. I was surprised with the balloon thingy...and it was fun..very heartwarming un post nila on their IG account that they love us and they had a great time..looking forward to their next concert here...

Alelh Shirakiin
Lower Box


One word: "priceless"

Raymond Marasigan

‘the performance was superb’

This is my first concert that i went alone. When it started, it didnt feel like that as the feeling was just too immense, especially when they sang. Excitement and the headbanging was awesome! It was worth every penny because the performance was superb.

Franky Laurence

‘ONE OK ROCK delivered’

The concert was super fun! ONE OK ROCK delivered! There weren't any commercials, it was pure performance alone. My best moment has got to be Heartache as everyone raised their phone lights. Because of that Toru has a great shot of us!

Patrick Lim

‘I had so much fun’

When the band started playing their first song, my "seatmates" started to sing along, some are shouting and jumping, and there i was staring at Toru. I was staring at him for like the whole first five minutes or so of the concert.. Anyway, i had so much fun, even if I was far from my companions for this concert. Can't wait for the next OOR concert in Manila!

Jazeline Santilian
Lower Box


This is my first ever concert that I have ever been to and wow! it was jawdropping! I never thought the feeling of watching a live performance was this intense! It was really different from the usual listening to the OOR playlist in your phone. I thought my heart will burst due to happiness and excitement! I want more!!!

Jane Jing
VIP Seated

‘I could see them clearly’

This is my first ever experience attending a concert. Although it was not that close to the ramp, I could still clearly see them! I used to only see them only in my monitor screen but now, I can see them in my own bare eyes! It was infinite times better! Even if i wasn't the one who managed to get the items thrown to fans by the band or the balls of OOR, I still feel so very blessed and happy to see them in my very own eyes, hear their music first hand in my very own ears and convey my love for them with my screams and hand raising! It was really fun since its not just us who got very happy with them, they were also very happy with us so much! And i have a very strong feeling they will come back! And I will support them again! I love them so much!

Arioka Neko

‘Life Changing’

The concert was the best event of my life so far and it was really life changing. I have always watched their live concerts in youtube and I have always been dreaming in being a part of those crowds. So yesterday was a really new feeling and experience for me since it was my first concert and it had to be ONE OK ROCK. It all still feels surreal even if the event is already done. IT WAS REALLY THE BEST!!!PS: Thanks to the lady who was seated beside me because you made my concert experience better since I had someone to shout my heart with. I was kinda being embarassed to stand up but she did so I was inspired and stood up as well. I was embarrassed to ask your name but I do wish to know.

Ray Canero
VIP Seated

‘best night ever’

This is the first concert i attended and to be honest, I am just a supporter of OOR because I like their songs. However, to attend and watch them live even in Lower Box C was worth it because the performance was just out of this world. I watched how Taka, Toru and Ryota would dance, headbang and perform alongside Tomoya. I was almost in tears but I held it. But it was one of the best nights ever so when they come back, we will watch again.THANK YOU ONE OK ROCK

Emman Mabansag
Lower Box C

‘Best day and night of my LIFE ever’

Best day and night of my LIFE ever. Awesome concert. This is the firs t concert I have been to and all the pains, hunger, lack of sleep, its all worth it once they were all on stage. I shouted so loud, saying 'Dreams do come true.' They are really here in the country and its their first time. They were excited and the crowd was super hyper. It was very amusing for me as well since everyone was active. Even if we were all sweaty, we still sang, jumped and headbang. Taka was a great performer, including the rest of the band. Their passion in making music is very special and hands down, they are the best. Taka was also great when it comes to interacting with the fans and wow, it is really him speaking to everyone. It is a proud moment that they loved us and felt how much passion we have for their music and the love we have for them. I am so excited for their comeback and I will definitely prepare for it.

Clarisse B.
Lower Box C

‘I cant find the right words to say how happy I am’

Like most of us, it's my first time attending a concert and OOR being the first will hold a very special place in my heart. I can't find the right words to say how happy I am, I'm overflowing with emotions since last night I just find myself staring into thin air recalling whatever my eyes witnessed that night. I thought I'd never see them live but guess fate is with me. All the cost of getting there was all worth it. I'm suppose to be sitting but heck, I did stand up...jump and let their music flew me to places I've never known. One of the best things that ever happened to my life. Grateful that all this was made possible by P.O.O.R

Faye Dela Cruz
Lower Box A

‘… it was really amazing and super fun!’

It was my first concert and it was really amazing and super fun! Definitely memorable! i am super happy that they were able to perform here and they were happy with us. I was wonderstruck! It was really different to see it live because the feeling is more intense. Even if I was seated, I stood up and jumped without a care. It still hasn't sinked in to me that i really saw them live. Their performance was so awesome! Will definitely attend their second concert here (HOPEFULLY!) I am really glad and grateful that this concert became a reality because of this group. Mabuhay P.O.O.R.

Nina M.
VIP Seated

‘One Ok Rock took me and my friend to a paradise full of energy!’

It was the very first concert I attended and without a doubt, One Ok Rock took me and my friend to a paradise full of energy! When the concert started, I was dumbfounded since I can't believe I'm there standing and staring at them with tearful eyes as I hear and see them in flesh!! I suddenly jump as I indulged myself to their overwhelming music, I could feel it in my bones and it gave me an adrenaline rush as I got high and drunk with their solid performance! Their music is pure ecstasy and I'll treasure it in my mind, heart and soul. I will definitely wait for another bang of amazing performance of One Ok Rock.

Althea Pet
Lower Box B


*** - censored words XD You get the picture guys - MeiWell first of all, it was *** amazing like *** amazing. I was sorta shocked to see that much people following them like hell I was grinning ear to ear when I saw the line outside the arena. It was, all in all, so *** amazing. Truly.

Russ Perada

‘Best concert ever!’

Waited for years, saved up for tickets for months, lined up in MOA for hours. Got stepped on during the concert, looked like sh*t after the concert. But so worth it for an awesome night. Best concert ever!

Kriska Labrador

‘That night was the best night ever’

That night was the best night ever.. It was superb!.. The moment I saw Tomoya, Toru and Ryota on the stage, I said " oh my God, this is real" ...but wait one more , then Taka entered and I shout "Woooo, this is so awesome".. Actually Im alone in my seat, so Im shouting like crazy there but it's alright coz I really enjoyed the night...from beginning to end.! Hope there will be part 2

Cynthia Llanes
VIP Seated

‘Super enjoy’

Super enjoy and I lost my voice from all the shouting. When they played 'Heartache' and 'Wherever You are', I couldn't stop myself and even danced my GF. *Sorry to the girl we bumped to when we danced*. Thank you to ONE OK ROCK and when you come back, I'll be in VIP 1, I promise.

Carlo Tepace
Lower Box C

‘Its really them’

At first, I felt 'Its really them!' and when the entire concert started, I was stunned because I was there in the concert and I saw them perform with my four eyes. I was also stunned when I heard Taka's voice ~HEAVEN!. My problems were all erased and i felt that concert was a little short coz it wasn't for 2 hours. Regardless, it was worth it. I waited for this for 4 years and this is the first concert that I have been to. Memorable and unforgetable night it was.

Rei Chan
Lower Box C

‘If there was still a rank after ‘Best’, it would be ONE OK ROCK’

If there was still a rank after 'Best', it would be ONE OK ROCK. Taka's voice was just so beautiful! It was worth every penny spent and it is very hard to move on. I do hope they return back here in the Philippines.

Marites Manapat
Lower Box C

‘It was worth it’

1590 is real! It was worth it! Even now, I am still speechless (partly because I still dont have my voice back) because of ONE OK ROCK's performance that night. I am proud that i am one of the thousands of people who filled up MOA Arena. I forgot all my problems that day. There is a next time so I will see you next time ONE OK ROCK!

Mirage Lostvayne
Lower Box C

‘The crowd was magnificent’

From my seat, I can clearly see how filled the arena is. I was actually torn in taking photos, but when i saw everyone from the Upper and Lower Boxes cheering and clapping while enjoying the songs, I just kept my phone and enjoyed everything. When Wherever You Are and Heartache was played, all I can say is, the crowd was magnificent and made everything special.

Ingrid Benigay
VIP Seated


When Tomoya and Ryota went out on stage, I felt like I was going to cry and when they sang my favorite song - Wherever you are - I was stunned. I can't believe that all happened. Before, I watched them on video but now, I could watch them and very close to them too. Taka even went close to VIP 1 and I kept waving my hands to him. THIS IS THE FIRST CONCERT I'VED EVER BEEN TO! AMAZING!

Nielyn Ybanez

‘I don’t know what to say’

First Concert - Outside Bacolod .. I don't know what to say.. Still speechless.. Too bad was not able to avail VIP.. and too bad I was with myself that day .. but the feels, wow it was so amazing and divine....Even thou I'm alone..I've enjoyed the concert to the max.

Lao Ilagan
Lower Box

‘… the best concert I’ved been to.’

I'ved been to lots of concerts but ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila is the best concert I've been to. When 35XXXV Intro was being played, it wasn't still sinking in my mind that after 8 years of waiting and wishing, ONE OK ROCK is in the Philippines and holding a concert. Every song was breathtaking, voice-taking too and every f-kin' second of the concert worth those years of patience and my support to them. All my stress and depression went away because of that concert. At first, us in VIP Seated were uncertain if we will keep seating or stand to rock out with the rest coz it is very hard to rock out with the band but eventually, I stood up with my best friend and just jumped and rocked on with the band.ONE OK ROCK is my savior from bad days and bad moods, and their songs taught me a lot about giving up and holding on in life, even if i was headbanging, I was also crying. It was worth it!

Marnie Bautista
VIP Seated

‘January 19 was EXTREME’

January 19 was just extreme! It was very different from all the other rock live performances I have seen. I super love OOR and when the live was almost over, I just cried. I will never forget that night, especially when they said thank you and they will come back.

Marygrace Reyes
Lower Box B

‘the best concert I’ve attended’

'taken from her FB post'This is by far, the best concert I've attended. As soon as Taka held his microphone and Tomoya, Ryota and Toru grabbed their instruments, I can't help but scream, jump, smile and get teary-eyed at the same time. Two hours of hard core alternative rock performance from this amazing band will never be enough! It was crazy! We can't wait to see them again. Maybe next year? Thanks again One Ok Rock for granting our wish! P.O.O.R fans will forever treasure this day. どうもありがとうございます!

Zelle Opana
Lower Box B

It was really fun! I can't get over HAHAHA! It was overwhelming, you feel high and you want to cry at the same time, especially when the phone lights were raised up. It was really cool, especially as others got the initiative to start it. We were united at that very point. It makes me cry every time I remember that.I was really happy that I was with my college classmate, my brother and my bf for that concert. I am very happy it was with them did i enjoy this exciting concert. Despite the small mishaps, I enjoyed the show and i really hope the band comes back soon. Thank you Lord, thank you POOR admins, thank you PULP and AMUSE and everyone who helped make this concert come to life.

Shir Ley
Lower Box C


General feedback? THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME. Frankly, I don't regret spending money for this experience. Wish they had more songs from the older albums tho, but hey there were time constraints. That's all good. The sound production was awesome. The lights were also spectacular. EVERYTHING WAS GREATTTTT :)

Jiji Atienza

‘The concert was so freaking awesome!!!’

The concert was so freaking awesome!!! It was my first time and it was already my most memorable. When me and my friends entered, we felt like we were still dreaming but when it started... first song, we rocked like rockstars! I didn't care if I would lose my voice!!! HAHAHAH! So long as I could sing along with them, even if I would croak and croak in the middle of the live, GO! I really wish to see them again soon coz until now, I still can't get over with! And hopefully, next time I could meet and greet them! LOVE ONE OK ROCK FOREVER!!!

Dana Borja

‘Feeling IN LOVE’

I still cannot believe that I heard and saw them live! Feeling in love because of the super high feelings I have because of the entire experience! I was happy to meet other fans while in line - Hello to Amanda, Jade and Meng! - I almost missed the live because I wasn't feeling well but I tried my best to come even if it was a workday. But the moment I saw them, I shouted so loud! I was fangirling alone while others had their friends to jam and laugh with. It was an amazing experience really! Experiencing the live was the most important experience of them all. Thank you so much to the admins and co fans for the efforts of making this concert possible!

Alyssa Asumbra
Lower Box B

it’s a very hyper and unforgettable night

it's a very hyper and unforgettable night! I experienced a great opportunity to watch one ok rock live. It was very precious moment for me. Taka is just like a cute minion because of his height but when he perform on stage he transform as a titan very powerful voice... also toru's smile and lips make all the girls swoon for him. his signature growl is so amazing and most of all, his guitar skills were awesome. meanwhile, tomoya very simple guy with a cute smile but when we heard 3xxxv5 intro, he actually performs wild when hitting his drums. Ryota the bassist with abs, I found it quite unusual to see him remove his shirt at the start of the concert but he was still awesome.But most of all, the most memorable moment of my life at that point was meeting new people with the same love for music.

Julian Maloyo


At 2pm we r already at MOA but decided to take lunch 1st, we went early bcoz I want to wrote at our banner. When we reach d area of d P.O.O.R admins who holds the banner it's almost full but still I want to wrote evn a short message so I wrote "Taka daisuki -Fatima" (I evn wrote Taka's name in kanji wrong d 1st time so I had to get back to correct it). Then after dat we bought d official shirt as a remembrance, even w/ a little high price I was surprise dat d line is so long. We wait 4 d opening of gates for 4 hrs but its ok coz we got to know a lot of people. Inside d arena it still feels so unreal as if it was just a dream not until the boys get on stage and perform. The whole concert was a blast there were no dull moments evn w/ slow songs. The fans is so alive and pumped up so I guess OOR enjoy us as much as we do w/ them. I'm happy hearing fans sing in harmony w/ Taka the whole time. I hope our enthusiasm is enough for them to return here. We had mange to wait 10, 7, 4, 2yrs for them to perform here so I do believe 1 or 2 yrs of waiting again is a piece of cake! Until then let's continue supporting this "Subarashii" Band! Our beloved ONE OK ROCK wink emoticon

Elor Cabantac
Lower Box B

‘I had chills all night’

The concert was amazing.I had chills all night.With all the sing along, jump and headbang thing. I really don't mind the tulakan thing kasi I was almost in front,so enough to see them up close. Post concert depression is really real because after that night everytime I listen to their song and if that particular song was in the #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila setlist,my eyes instantly close and my mind, my heart were saying they were right here and the memories were playing along with me. Really did promise myself not to take videos and photos while they perform and I really did it.I never regreted it because they did say "There were memories which are better left to the imagination" and for me ONE OK ROCK LIVE IN MANILA was one of them.

Mary Almonia

‘Speechless to describe the feeling!’

Speechless to describe the feeling! Even our seats is little bit far away from the stage it was all worth it! I dont feel tired raising my hands, shouting how great they are, jumping just to feel the song. I don't feel tired at all. Water would be fine to restore energy. For sure im not the only one who wants more of OOR songs right after the concert. Kinda bitin. I feel so excited already for their next concert! I love their music, it was so inspring! I found them more inspring seeing their talent live and just few steps to be with them. It was awesome. My birthday celebration is really memorable because of them. More Power ONE OK ROCK

Carmela Maciar
Lower Box C

‘One of the best ways to start the year!’

One of the best ways to start the year! My expenses and efforts were all worth it. During the performance, I had to pinch myself every now and then to check if what was happening was really real. The band members were so cool and looks way better in person (Kyaaaaah!). They were so energetic; they really gave it all in order to satisfy us. Not all artists perform good in live, but OOR's concert was too good to be true. I stopped singing along (except for the second voices) for I enjoyed listening to Taka's raw voice. After the concert I felt really heavy; it seems like I do not want them to go yet (sepanx? haha). I wish they'll be back soon because by the time they left my visions, I missed them already.

Patricia Adille



Mel Montero

‘The concert was solid all in all’

The concert was solid all in all. Even now, I'm still hyped. Hopefully next time, we can fill MOA Arena.The 35XXXV album was very solid as well. Hopefully in the next live, it would be like their Japan concerts, lights and videos! I just found myself cursing each time they would move around the stage. It was really really cool! For those who would listen to their mellow songs, close your eyes. It is better that way.

Kenneth Imperial

‘The concert was very memorable’

The concert was very memorable! I just cant believe i was able to enjoy an event even if Im just by myself XD Even if Im seated on the far side (cant even see the boys faces, expressions, etc) their energy, music is so so mesmerizing. i've laughed, cried and even got a goosebumps on the entire concert, seeing how awesome my idols can be in live *v*

Christine Del Rosario
Lower Box C


DEFINITELY ITS A WONDERFUL AND UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE,, the long wait of almost 13 hours on lane and with just 2hrs of sleep is really worth it,, we're already tired, but their performance restores our energy,, haha,, we jumped, and keep rockin on the barricade,, haha,.. seeing them on the Flesh and just 2 yards far from you is definitely unexplainable experience,, that you wish for more and wish that the night won't last, Can't wait for their comeback tour, with more explosive performances , Hope to get a Pulp Royalty soon, haha!!!

Tony Villa

‘Thank you’

*copied from IG*more than watching an awesome performance, One Ok Rock live is being part of the heart-yanking-music, bone-etched-unforgettable and literally-jumping-elating experience. It was fun singing, headbangin', touching the sky with everyone. Thank you for finally coming here, it took some time but we can see how much you appreciate the passion of this small group that has been waiting, longing to be a part of one of your show I'm certain you feel the intensity! Tanoshikatta, Really!!! Til next time, and thank you for this token, a proof of a moment I'll remember forever, Maraming Salamat @oneokrockofficial @10969taka @toru_10969 @ryota_0809 @tomo_10969 @pulpliveworld @oneokrock_philippines#stillhighUp #Cloud69 #oneokrock #oneokrockliveinmanila #treasure #tanoshikatta #AHHH #arigatou #ALLTHISCOZMUSIChttps://www.instagram.com/p/BAwDsJRCMue/

Myla Pontipedra

‘Heroes do not always come in capes’

Heroes do not always come in capes. Sometimes they're in mics, guitars, bass and drums. Saving the world one song at a time. Superpowers come in the form of notes and words. January 19, 2016 will always be one of my favorite nights. To better able to finally watch them live (and upclose!), is some thing I am thankful about. I get to see the band whose songs speaks my life. Songs that uplift my spirit or tear my emotions. That night I finally heard Taka's heart-wrenching vocals that still echoes in my head until now. ONE OK ROCK proves that they are a lot better live. The dynamic energy and consistency fueled with talent and passion, the entertainment and showmanship to keep the fans in their high spirits throughout the night, I have witnessed and experienced them all. Filipino fans also did their share! The non-stop headbanging, clapping, moving, singing to the touching shows of flash lights during Heartache. Not a second of 35xxxv concert was dull. Cheers to the most memorable night of 2016! Arigatou ONE OK ROCK!


‘I really can’t fathom my emotions’

I really cant fathom my emotion after the live. Being tired and sleepless went away that time. I came from Nueva Ecija back then. I woke up at 2 am to prepare then left at 4 am. We arrived at MoA at 10 am and I said to myself 'This is it'. The long wait is over and when the live started, my knees were shivering.I was with my bf in the live and he enjoyed the con too even though he wasn't a fan. But he knows some songs from 35XXXV. He was amazed how OOR performed. I thought I was going to break into tears but I didn't. My feelings were overflowing back then.

Rozelle Sixto
Lower Box C

‘Pinoy fans are THE best!!!’

#MyHighs: Seeing them four performing live, Set list and the crowd. Pinoy fans are THE best!!!! #MyLow: Just not seeing their faces really clear. I hoped they turned on 1 of the monitors. They might have their reasons. But that's the only sad thing about being an upperbox person. :-)

Aleli Baluyut

‘Great and Unforgettable’

The concert was really great and unforgettable. It was worth all the waiting and the early travel. It was really a different experience especially when we sang along with the band and live.

May Manzano
Lower Box B

‘My first ever concert and hopefully not the last’

My first ever concert and hopefully not the last, ONEOKROCK really rock and own the stage with Taka's powerful vocals, Toru's cool guitar lead, Ryota's abs lol and Tomoya's powerful drums. *Goosebumps** I still remember the crowd going wild after Tomoya and Ryota's Intro.., until now, just remembering their smile in every songs, and how they were able to connect with us and show their emotions.. (Hindi mo maeexplain ung feeling eh, all the wait and pagod --- super worth it.) We will always love OOR. I love you, Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya.

Kim Abad

‘Super Awesome’

Deeper deeper, Clock Strikes, Suddenly and The Beginning: SUPER AWESOME! But all of their songs all have the same flare. Although The Way Back wasn't there, it was still the best night of my life. We even ran to the waiting area just to see them ride the van back to the hotel. It was adrenaline rush. I am very thankful and I thank my brother for giving me the chance to see ONE OK ROCK live.

Mayn Lingon
Lower Box B

‘I didn’t know what to expect’

So like I was in VIP 3 with two friends. I didn't know what to expect, I wasn't THAT big of a fan, it was my first concert, and one of the two friends is actually borderline a stranger to me. While waiting for the concert to start, we were able to have chaste convos with some dudes and gals, played some spin the bottle, and shamelessly looked for eye candy. Suddenly the music blasted and the next thing I knew, my best friend had passed out for a good couple of seconds. I did my best to enjoy myself but was a bit self-conscious and couldn't go all out. All of a sudden Deeper deeper, my favorite song, started playing and I just lost myself. Damn everything else and just let go!The best and most touching part was when they sung Heartache. I really felt myself getting emotional, specially after seeing that river of lights. It was the BEST night of my life and I wouldn't have given it up for anything.

Gabby DeloSantos

‘The Best!’

I didn't really take much photos that night but the memories, the crowd, and the energy! Argh! The Best! Goosebumps overload! And the best of all, this event allowed me to go be with my crush! Wahahaha.... just sayin'... the setlist is amazing! Especially Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer and Deeper Deeper!If Lower Box A was already ecstatic, what if you got into the VIP areas?

Ivee Adrales
Lower Box A

‘They enjoyed being with us’

They enjoyed being with us. But serious! If I am to be asked which part was the scene I liked the most? Every moment of the concert of course! The crowd is so real! ONE OK ROCK? They are freaking AWESOME! Definitely one of the best days of my life! Kudos for all the staff who pushed this concert for us!

Ichi Miranda

‘I’m still speechless’

My gosh! where would i start?? I'm still speechless about what happened! It was awesome, effin awesome! The show was truly priceless! I wasn't able to get a shirt nor a poster because I have limited budget at this time, but I am just really happy today and I know everyone really enjoyed it.I'll definitely be back in part 2 and next time, its going to be Royalty!

Pao Esguerra
Lower Box A


*If I can use one word to describe it? I’ll say EUPHORIA. It was a very intense moment that even the daintiest looking girls in their flowery dresses were singing the screamo parts! I was in VIP 1 and by the time Cry Out was sung, I was lost in the mosh pit and the ones I’m with were 2 rows away from me. I’ve been always present in all major rock concerts, but this is one of my favorite. The boys were attentive and responsive to all the fans and the energy was overwhelming! It was surreal to witness such extent of musical exchange. I’ll be forever grateful that I was part of that crowd!*

Goldie Jargue

As the lights of SM Mall of Asia Arena slowly closed and we were slowly ushered out of the Arena in a drizzling night, the realization that the most historic concert for Japanese music lovers has sunk in and its grip into the hearts of fans is quite strong. But with a clear resounding promise made hours earlier, ONE OK ROCK definitely gave their fans something to look forward to in the near future (if trends are to be considered, we will hear something from them in 2 years… maybe even earlier than that!)

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A post shared by Taka (@10969taka) on

We’ll see these boys again in the near future doing this exact same pose before us and maybe next time, we will hear Taka say ‘Mahal namin kayong lahat’ just like how we all melted when Tomoya said ‘Mahal Kita’. Rushi did point out to me this is the first time since the Asia Tour began did the band do a long bow before a foreign audience. I haven’t backtracked their recent performances but if its true, wow! We did a lasting impression! Pinoy fans are the best!


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