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Mei is here to welcome you all to the new look of Autumn Sky! I know its a bit early since usually you do layout updates every first day of the month but as you guys are well-aware, I don’t do normal when time strikes me. Anyway, I opted to give this place a new look to start off with my random projects lined up for the last week of February to March. Yeah, after ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila, I have indeed noted in my previous blog entry, I have some ideas lined up here in Autumn Sky and I cannot wait! In the next few days (especially when my internet finally decides I could update consistently without having to keep reconnect my net every 5 minutes), I will be posting several tidbits of those projects. Someone is really busy these days. Hahaha!!!

The layout is pretty much very straightforward with my usual set of options in my sidebar. I also just shifted the font of the titles of each entry to give it a more handwritten feel. The header is slightly modified. I got the sketch from a Pixiv user whom I follow coz of the sketches of the band and this is my ultimate fav (And its Takeru Satoh as Kenshin equivalent). The patterns are from Colorlovers and if I am asked, the reason its red, white and black with the mandala is it represents the elements of the 35XXXV Album of ONE OK ROCK. I’d be replacing this header once I receive the image. The photo of the girl here is my little OC. She is made by my sketch artist friend Sayu from Germany. This OC also appears in my thank you cards.

Now that I have this layout active and working well (minus the little issue with Publicize), I will be revising the pages of this page. I have been neglecting on that for a while and with my unstable net, I couldn’t get the changes active. I will do within the next few days coz I need to double check which is active and which is not active. Hahaha. That is one woe of owning a lot of social media and web pages, you dont know which is active and what is not in the long run. Hahahaha!

I’ll be posting something in a few hours or so. I just have to get myself some zzz. I have been busy this week and it is quite new for a change. Hahaha!


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