V for Valentines, M for Me!


For couples, Mei greets you a Happy Happy Valentines Day! For singles, Mei greets you a Happy Happy Singles Day!

Today is a day of love and while I may be single yet again for this year, it does not stop me from feeling all the love and spreading it to the public! LOL! To ONE OK ROCK fans, I spread it through the report and while I am indeed sad its all over, I know this won’t be the end of this PCD coz PULP Magazine is still going to share some love. Kinda amused people keep forgetting that slight tidbit but I know it will be great. From the photos sent to me as a media partner, I know the photos in that place? IT WILL BE PCD TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!

Despite my sadness on that, I am still gonna give out some love very soon! I’m yet again going to do some random stuff here soon which may be a little different from the usual shiz, but its a challenge and I do like my challenges.

Right now I am working on three different projects. One is for a campaign that I’m really happy to be a part of! It’s not everyday I do such shows but its an advocacy I try to live by since I started being a fan of ONE OK ROCK. Now that the concert is over, movements are now progressing to make their music known and that advocacy I am a part with? Pretty much related to it. I already drafted a part of my blog entry for it and I hope you guys will enjoy it, support it even!

Second one? Mei will be doing some reviews pertaining to music. I can’t say what it is yet since i have yet to start my research about it. Though I won’t be surprised if you guys will see loads of it in the next coming months. OOR will always be my favorite, but if it does come and go… LOL. Let’s see how this new venture will live shall we?

Finally, I’d be working on several mini ventures of mine while working on my day jobs. One is about a story I ended up devising out of pure amusement and boredom. I got inspired by a friend of mine and each time we talk, I end up getting more ideas for it. Still thinking of a title but it would be something like “Wintersent Dream” or something to that level. I’m still thinking!!!! Some cameos will be there. If i were to release it, I’m still lamenting on where to put it.

I am also working… on this

Surprise surprise isnt it? Contrary to popular belief, I could actually draw but with training grids. I fondly remember my high school days when I would be so bored and buy illustration boards and just work on some sketches. I learnt this trick due to a club I joined back then and I must say, it helps in concentration and well, it tests your patience coz you have to estimate where this line goes, if it would fit to the next grid or something. I gave some away – like a full board sketch of Rayearth and Syaoran of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle – and received some others. Though this is the first time I’ll do a live sketch of a person so let’s see how it goes.

If I did it without grids? Hahaha, It be a fail one XDD I assure you that. I could draw mini stuff but a real person? Nah XDDD. Though starting on that sketch now… its kinda hard coz Taka keeps staring right at you… sigh!

I’ll give you guys more love soon but for now, let this guy say his Valentines message to all!

Oh Tomoya XD Sketch/Calligraphy by @hellocaris Yeah, probably be working on a collab with her, but we'll see in the future shall we?
Oh Tomoya XD Sketch/Calligraphy by @hellocaris
Yeah, probably be working on a collab with her, but we’ll see in the future shall we?

With Tomoya saying that, I will say it again, I love you all and Happy Valentines Day!!!


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