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20 Years of Cardcaptor Sakura


Someone is finally doing something not ONE OK ROCK related. Hahaha. So much madness for one person is maddening! But thats how I like it! This Kami needs to sort out her priorities too it seems.

Anyway, this year, CLAMP celebrates the 20th year anniversary of one of its most iconic animanga series Cardcaptor Sakura. I remember seeing this anime in the local channel and back then, subs weren’t that popular and you would always watch it as a dubbed series. The series features young Sakura Kinomoto who finds a magic book in her father’s library and released the magic in the form of Clow Cards around the town of Tomoeda. The guardian of the book, Keroberos or Kero, told Sakura that she has to find them all or else danger would occur. Sakura reluctantly agrees and finds herself in all sorts of mishaps and become a magical girl like her friend Tomoyo Daidouji thinks of her predicament.

For the past year and even this year, Cardcaptor Sakura stuff has been growing again and recently, they announced that there will be a sequel to the well-loved manga (click here for the story). One of the new items that is up for grabs for this year’s anniversary is the 20th Anniversary Artbook!

The Artbook! Without the main plastic case (yup, this comes with a plastic case)
Back cover, featuring Sakura’s Sealing Circle and Clow’s Sealing Circle
The people behind CLAMP

Browsing the book, you will get to see the most well-beloved manga covers of the series since it began in 1996 in the magazine Nakayoshi (IS THIS MANGA THAT OLD!). Here are some of my favorites from this book:

Guide as to when each cover was used

Aside from the book, you also get a big poster-guide as to the story of Cardcaptor Sakura went. From when it was first published, the spreads in Nakayoshi, the goods given as limited edition freebies to its timeline. Here are the snapshots for it ^^

First page of the poster-guide-booklet

Freebies given throughout the years

Timeline :)

Nakayoshi covers and notable Cardcaptor covers in the manga

You also get this flyer showing the new improved look of the CLOW cards and the sealing staff which you can buy in Takara Tomy’s Online Store or in your favorite anime shop

Other merch ^^


Ah knowing that this manga is old makes me feel old but wow, is it really that long? I cannot wait to see the new manga though. It will be exciting! I do hope it doesn’t have the maddening plot twists of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and XXXHolic. That would make things completely complicated.

I will do further reviews on how exactly I got this specific piece and many others… god, I have so much backlog due to work… in a few days… Kami needs a break.


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