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ONE OK ROCK Merch Review


Well, seems my blog will never be that free of ONE OK ROCK related activity ^^v not that this writer is complaining but heck, this is just outrageous! Hahaha!

Anyway, with the recent tour of the fearless foursome in the US, I thought it be great to get some of their American merch. Last year, they had this super cool shirt which showed the cosmos and I desperately wanted one. However, when I had asked my little snowflake Jermaine if she found it on the first show, she said it was sold out. Then again, you would notice there are indeed some good pieces in the current merch list so I got some!

Here’s just a mini-peek on these items :)

My American merch plus my 35XXXV Japan Tour Film and Documentary. I got them all at the same time.

Original snapback… we didn’t have this here in Asia. I like the design though. Wish they still had the matching hoodie but it got sold out T_T[/caption

Next up is the baller. i have to admit this baller looks super cool!

When worn.

Back. You wouldn’t notice here but the bars signifying the album cover is in the side here for the US baller.

Finally, the shirt! I have to admit this shirt is very comfortable to wear though I was given a more larger size. its ok though. Little snowflake said it shrinks in the washing machine so mine likely has shrunk already. Love the front design though. Is this a sign of the next emblem of the incoming album?

Tour Dates for US and EU. So yup, you get to buy this shirt in Europe too! My French friend Benoit confirmed that to me when I asked.

Always buy original you guys XD


Ah ONE OK ROCK… how strong of a grip you have in this writer’s head. Now’s she’s planning to go to Shizuoka for the big tour… that’s no surprise that I’m not seen here often. Hahaha. That explains everything.

For the next update, I’ll do a one off for the reviews I missed and also the documentary review. Bet you weren’t expecting that!


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