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[Review] 35XXXV Japan Tour Film + Documentary: The Live


So we come again to this part of the blogging and it’s the 35XXXV Japan Tour Live and Documentary Film! Kami does like to make these types of reviews, especially if its about ONE OK ROCK. This band is really making a hit on this site and don’t get me started with Love for 10969.

Anyway, I purchased the Blu-Ray via HMV Japan (review to follow) and its pure 3 hours almost worth of ONE OK ROCK. We’ll divide this in parts because I have to admit, I went on a ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila roadtrip with this one since there are certain similarities. Plus I know you guys want to at least figure out what was happening in this live on the Japanese bits.


PS. Some bits here are just my understanding on the Japanese bits. I have to admit my Japanese is still in need of practice. Sigh.


The Basic Details

Back part ^^

Back flap without the back cover.

Inner flap… someone, tell me what font is used for that label!

Do you find this familiar Manila?


l love this shot very much. It reminds me of Manila :)

End of the mini-booklet. Toru looks so mysterious, Taka looks scary, Ryota is always cool here, Tomoya looks adorable!

The discs. Disc 1 is the live and the second is the documentary.

Official release: April 6, 2016
Prices: Y6800 (Blu-Ray) | Y5800 (DVD)
Disc Number: 2
Disc 1
01. Fight the night (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
02. The Beginning (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
03. Memories (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
04. 欠落オートメーション (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
05. Deeper Deeper (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
06. Stuck in the middle (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
07. Clock Strikes (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
08. Smiling down (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
09. Liar (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
10. Cry out (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
11. Good Goodbye (Acoustic Ver.) (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
12. Heartache (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
13. Paper Planes (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
14. 3xxxv5 (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
15. Take me to the top (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
16. Suddenly (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
17. 完全感覚Dreamer (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
18. Mighty Long Fall (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
19. アンサイズニア (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
20. One by One (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)
21. Decision (ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” LIVE)

Disc 2
01. ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” DOCUMENTARY


The live begins with Fight the Night. I actually love this song from either versions but how they played it was just incredible. The guys are slowly shown with white lit background in LED and it added to the emotion this song can bring. The lights also danced in this song to add more of the feeling as well. Definitely would want to see this completely live.

The Beginning came in next and boy oh boy!!! Manila + Japan love!!!! Taka is illuminated in light with a globe in the LED screen behind him. I think no matter where this band plays The Beginning, it would be chaos beyond reason and it is effective! Lights also dance in this specific performance, matching the aura per line. I really am reminded of Manila here, though a little bit suttle. The moshpit is also crazy! We never did this in Manila, haha. Next time. Several cool closeups of Tomoya, Toru and Ryota here. The fans are also singing along in some of the second vocals.

Memories begins with Taka calling for Saitama to shout and perform with them. Ryota is so adorable in the closeups seen here and even Tomoya!!! The pout is so deadly!!!! The LED screen and lights just add to this (I really want to watch this band in Japan! They are hell wilder in their Japan lives!!!) Moshpit is also alive here with some slamming action.

After Memories is Ketsuraku Automation. This specific single is included in the B-Side of the single of ‘The Beginning’. Definitely, this song is one of my absolute favorites. Its like Taka is rapping in this song. These lights are really freaky!!!! I would have loved to see this in Manila to be honest since this is one of my absolute favorites prior to 35XXXV. Next time. Taka also talks here to the crowd and move to the beat! Its actually not that often the band sings something from their B-Side singles so this is one of the firsts.

Deeper Deeper came in next and well, I don’t think this will be apart from their set-lists anywhere. This is a crowd favorite. Ryota here is super cool since the lights are on focus on him at first before smoke comes! THE HECK! MORE REASONS FOR MANILA TO HAVE THIS IN THE NEXT STINT! Toruka moments everybody!!!! Red, blue, violet, yellow and more dancing for Ryota and Toru! I like the effects of the lighting here since its like a sepia moment. Taka also poses ever so often here. Huhuhuhu, I miss Manila all of a sudden!!!!

Stuck in the Middle starts off with Taka removing his jacket and drums. Toru and Ryota also walk into their places in each side with Taka greeting them and say they are ONE OK ROCK. He also talks about how happy they were and call the crowd to raise their hands as the beats to this song are played. Fans start clappin as Taka asked and some bits of the moshpit are crazy!!! Ryota flashes his flexibility here and Toru also comes to life in this! Toru is too fierce!!!!! Both these two are also changing places often, but heck, its just too call to watch! Including the closeup for their backup vocals!

Clock Strikes is another crowd favorite and I have to admit, this really is starting to look like Manila all over again. In the background are somewhat like spheres similar to the lights in Manila’s lights then when they merged together, its a sphere or a sun. I let you guys decide on that. Taka then stands behind that sphere and acts as the hands of the clock before the song starts. The LED here is just top notch!

Before their next song, the band introduces themselves. Ryota starts off and greets Saitama, their final performance before their next one in September 2015. Tomoya follows Ryota and comments about the crowd and their passion. His closeup is just so cute!!! Toru follows and guh! WHY DID HE NOT INTRODUCE HIMSELF LIKE THIS TO US! He also says his towel won’t even dry him up coz it was hot! He also again talks to the crowd about their live and calls their support! Taka ends the introductions calling to Saitama and tells them they are not done yet. He also talks to them and calls to them to keep on cheering as they finish the live.

Smiling down comes in next and wow, I never thought they will perform this one from JinseiXBoku. Taka did say it has been a while since they performed this and with the background, heck! You remember JinseixKimi= here. Its one of their mellow songs. The closeups will make you melt. Just go check it out because it does melt people. Hahaha!

Liar is another surprise song they performed for this live (this live seems to break standards). This song from Niche Syndrome is preformed similarly on how they performed this for No Scared and Take me to the Top in Manila with the red lighting background.

Before the next song which is Cry Out, Taka speaks to the crowd again and its clear he’s exhausted but very thankful for the crowd’s support. He says their fans are awesome and they appreciate it. They also talk about the recording and thanks to their staff and team helping them. He also talks about the growth of the band and also performing back in Japan. I didn’t get most of the talk but you can feel Taka’s feelings as he talks to the crowd and I know as he said, they will try their best to make fans proud with the next album and hope the fans continue to support them. The background instrumental here adds to Taka’s speech, aww Taka! We will continue to support you guys!

He then says the next song is Cry out in English. The lights are adding that kaleidoscope feel which is seen in the band’s 10th year anniversary shirt. Manila saw this song performed and Japan also got the same feeling. They also did the vortex here in the moshpit and the slamming on Taka’s remark.

In Good Goodbye (Acoustic), Taka talks about their life in the US and the lives they were about to perform after that live. He even mentioned twenty-one pilots. I didn’t realize this song is actually quite good in acoustic. The vibe is similar to Wherever You Are in Acoustic here in Manila and Taka’s voice just rings around the arena. I just wonder why we never heard this in the Asia Tour! This is one song we would hear Taka belch out his high notes! Audiences are also silent, taking in Taka’s love. I really need to see a live of theirs in person in Japan!

After Good Goodbye is this heartwrenching song which is yet again performed in semi-acoustic similar to the studio jam session. Taka can be seen playing the first strings of the song with a guitar… ah Heartache! You remain a killer to our hearts no matter what version it is played! The lighting also does not help at all! It added to the ambiance this song fits very well. It feels like Taka is serenading you with this one of a kind song. I think any rendition of this song is really good, the keyboard + bass rifts just add that mysterious thing to this song.

Paper Planes is quite different without Kellin Quinn but hey, the band knows how to make things with a twist. The crowd does some of the lines, specifically the chorus bit and its Taka who tells the crowd to sing along. The tag team Toru-Ryota showdown is also on display in one bit and to my amusement, they exchanged guitars! Toru, don’t challenge us! We’ll sing like mad if you challenge us like that! AND WHERE DID THAT BAZOOKA COME FROM!!! WHY DID WE NOT HAVE THAT!! Taka even takes the drums as Ryota and Tomoya ready up the bazookas! WHY DID WE NOT HAVE THIS!!!!!! WHY!!! (to my amusement there were also bits here showing the spelling of Ryota’s name! We love you Sir Abs!!!) BUT WHY DID WE NOT HAVE THIS BAZOOKA! WHY!!! PART 2 MUST HAVE! I also found this song bit a laughtrip because Taka sang the bits “Na na na” in various voices – from boys, girls, moms, dads, to grandparents. Oh Taka, silly you as always!

35XXXV, Take me to the Top and Suddenly came next and… AM I BACK IN MANILA!?!?! The VFX is soooooo similar to Manila and the lighting too! It really doesn’t help that Taka is wearing the same tee in Manila! IT DOES NOT HELP AT ALL! Toruka fans would love the Suddenly performance since Taka and Toru go back to back on the first half.

Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer, I love Ryota in one closeup coz his smile is just a dream!!! Moshpit crazy too! The sphere balls appear in Mighty Long Fall! We really are back to Manila here~!

Encore bits, Answer is near… huhuhuhu why did we not have this!!!! Taka also appears before the crowd like in MLF for Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer, running around the ailes before the main stage!!! We must have this song Manila! WOAAAAHH!!! Taka also went on the middle moshpit and boy oh boy did the crowd go wild… and is that unmentionables again? Hahahaha! So tempting to go on moshpits again on their lives to experience him up close! You cannot get enough of this person at all!!!

One by One is one of my favorite songs from 35xxxv and it’s a miss we didn’t have this in Manila. VFX and lighting wise is similar to how NO SCARED was performed here. And the great finale is Decision. The band thanks everyone for coming and for loving ONE OK ROCK. Taka also showed to the crowd to keep supporting them and in English, Taka thanked everyone and said they love everyone. We love you too Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya!!! Lights also appeared before him just like in Wherever you are and he also began it singing without a mic. God we should do this here!!! I LOVED THIS BIT! IT WAS LIKE A SEA OF LIGHTS IN ALL SIDES LIKE BE THE LIGHT IN MLF AND MANILA’S HEARTACHE! WE MUST!!! Saitama just glowed in this song and I wanna be a part of this in the future may it be in Japan, Europe, America or in Manila! HECK! MANILA CAN DO THIS TOO! Taka looks like a god in the ending! LIGHTS YOU RUIN PEOPLE WITH YOUR MADNESS!


If you wish to experience ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila even for a little bit, best get this. Even if the song order is not similar, the performance of the songs in the Japan Tour is similar to how they performed it in the Manila live… VFX and Lighting is similar too! Order now!

*I sound like a sales agent for ONE OK ROCK merch. Hahaha!*

The documentary comes in the next update and the review for the store I got this from, date is on pending I must say due to some… interesting things!!!


PS. Ah so so, haha, happy remembrance day ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila!!!!!

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